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Panda Power now offers energy plans as well as bin collection. Get the provider's latest electricity and gas rates, learn how to access My Panda Power, how to contact customer care, and submit a meter reading with our comprehensive review of the energy provider.

Panda Power Ireland Synopsis
Fuel types: Electricity, Gas & Dual Fuel  100% renewable energy
Electricity sources: Renewables  Only provider that has a waste collection bundle
Customers: 65,000 total  Expensive energy prices

Who is Panda Power?

Panda Power launched in 2015 as an electricity-only provider. In February 2018 the supplier began supplying gas and dual-fuel plans as well. The company provides 100% renewable electricity from wind, solar, and wave energy.

It now has around 65,000 energy customers across Ireland. According to the latest information* from the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), the supplier had 2.6% of the domestic electricity market share and 1.77% of the domestic gas market share at the end of 2020.

If you are wondering if Panda power is any good, check out our Panda Power reviews page for information on what their customers think.

*Source: Latest CRU Energy and Water Monitoring Report

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Who owns Panda Power?

Panda Power's parent company is the successful recycling company Panda Green. It is in turn owned by the Beauparc Utility Group whose businesses include Panda, Greenstar, WSR, A1 Skips, New Earth Solutions, OZO, Mahons, Spanners, and Bioverda. In early June 2021, Australian company Macquarie agreed to acquire Beauparc from founder Eamon Waters and Blackstone Tactical Opportunities Fund.

What are Panda Power's Rates?

The provider has a range of different tariffs available for new customers. To help you find the best electricity deals, we've outlined the various Panda Power rates below in the following order:

Panda Power Electricity Rates

In addition to its standard electricity unit rate, the company also offers a discounted unit rate of 10% off with a €250 Welcome Bonus Offer. You'll find the Panda Power electricity unit rates according to meter type in the following table. All rates include VAT.

Panda Power Electricity Rates per kWh
Meter Type Standard Rate 10% Discount Rate
24 Hour 43.5564c/kWh 39.2008c/kWh
Day 46.9027c/kWh 42.2124c/kWh
Night 22.7483c/kWh 20.4735c/kWh

Last updated: May 2022

In addition to paying for the electricity that you use, you must also pay fixed costs. These include the following two costs:

  • Electricity standing charge — This covers the costs of maintaining the electricity network.
  • PSO Levy — This Government mandate supports generating electricity from sustainable sources.

The fixed electricity costs are in the following table.

Panda Power Fixed Electricity Costs
Meter Type Standing Charge PSO Levy Total Fixed Costs
24 Hour Urban €285.49/year €58.57/year €344.06
24 Hour Rural €348.76/year €58.57/year €407.33
Night Saver Urban €347.15/year €58.57/year €405.72
Night Saver Rural €451.52/year €58.57/year €510.09

Last updated: May 2022

Now that we've covered Panda Power's electricity rates, let's compare the total annual electricity costs for the average home, which consumes 4,200 kWh of electricity per year. In addition to the 10% discount off the unit rate, there is also an offer of €250 cashback for new customers who switch online.

Panda Power Annual Electricity Costs
Meter Type Standard 10% Discount 10% Discount + €250 cashback
24 Hour €2,173.43 €1,988.25 €1,738.25
24 Hour Rural €2,236.70 €2,051.51 €1,801.51
Night Saver Urban €1,809.82 €1,719.87 €1,469.87
Night Saver Rural €1,914.19 €1,824.23 €1,574.23
Find the Best Offer for Your Home.
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Find the Best Offer for Your Home.
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Calculations based on average consumption figures. Last updated: May 2022

The discounted Panda Power electricity bundle includes the following:

  • One year contract
  • Variable energy rates
  • Direct debit
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Online account management
  • Paperless billing

Panda Power Gas Rates

Unlike electricity, Panda Power gas rates don't vary according to location or meter type. In addition to its standard offer, the company offers a discounted gas offer with a 30% discount off the unit rate only.

You can find the standard and discounted Panda Power gas rates below. We have also calculated the estimated annual gas bill for the average household, which consumes 11,000 kWh of gas annually.

Panda Power Gas Rates
Cost Type Standard 30% Discount
Unit Rate 11.8701c/kWh 8.3091c/kWh
Standing Charge €153.34/year €153.34/year
Carbon Tax 0.841c/kWh 0.841c/kWh
Estimated Annual Cost €1,551.55 €1,159.85

Calculations based on average consumption figures. Last updated: May 2022

You'll get the following with the discounted gas bundle:

  • One year contract
  • Variable energy rates
  • Direct debit
  • Online account management
  • Paperless billing
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Panda Power Dual Fuel Rates

With the Panda Power dual fuel bundle, customers can get 45% off gas and electricity unit rates. We compare the estimated annual bill for the average home on the standard offer with the discounts applied in the table below.

Panda Power Annual Dual Fuel Costs
Meter Type Standard 45% Discount
24 Hour €3,724.98 €2,291.78
24 Hour Rural €3,788.25 €2,355.04
Night Saver Urban €3,361.37 €2,240.58
Night Saver Rural €3,465.74 €2,349.26

Calculations based on average consumption figures. Last updated: May 2022

The discounted dual-fuel bundle consists of the same items previously listed in the electricity and gas rates.

Panda Power Waste Offers

Panda waste customers can get a discount on their energy rates and money off their waste bills with Panda. This offer comes in the following two forms:

  • Triple Utility Saving Bundle — This is for dual fuel customers. Get 10% off your gas and electricity unit rates, 2 months of free waste service, as well as €350 cashback.

  • Utility Smart Saving Bundle — Only available for customers with a smart meter. Get 45% off both electricity and gas, as well as 2 months free waste service.

How do Panda Power prices compare to other energy suppliers?

In the table below, you can see how the cheapest Panda Power dual-fuel offer compares with other suppliers.

Cheapest Duel Fuel Offer per Supplier
Supplier Best offer Price per year
Bord Gáis Energy 31% Electricity discount
40% Gas discount
Electric Ireland 26% Dual fuel discount €2,052.00
Energia 39% Electricity discount
38% Gas discount
Flogas 40% Electricity discount
35% Gas discount
Iberdrola 30% Duel fuel discount €264 Cashback €2,180.02
Panda Power 45% dual fuel discount €2,291.78
PrePayPower Standard €2,599.03
SSE Airtricity 33% dual fuel discount €2,168.23
Compare the Energy Market Call  01 903 6528  Ad  Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm

*Figures are for illustrative purposes only. All discounts and cashback have been applied to the price. Calculations based on average consumption figures for an urban home with a 24-hour standard meter. Last updated: May 2022

Panda Power Price Increase

Like all energy suppliers in Ireland, Panda Power's standard gas and electricity prices increased by an additional 14.7% and gas by 14.9% on 1 May 2022. With this price increase, the average electricity bill increased by €290 per year, and the average gas bill increased by another €207 per year. Customers on discounted plans will see a slightly less increase in their bills.

In regards to the price increase, the company's Managing Director Brendan Traynor stated the following:

Due to global factors beyond our control wholesale gas and electricity costs have continued to rise substantially and unfortunately the expectation is that these costs will remain high for the foreseeable future. While we have done our best to absorb these costs, regrettably the decision to increase prices is unavoidable at this time.

electric prices

Let's not forget Panda Power customers received four price increase notices in 2021 alone. The last one was in October when Panda Power had increased its standard electricity rates by 11.3%. At the time, this added around €172 to the average annual electricity bill. All of this compounded by the previous increases of June (9.8%) and April (7.5%) for the average annual electricity bill.

In the last year, this means their customers saw a total average price increase of €767 for their electricity while the average annual gas bill was around €435 higher than it was at the start of 2021.

How do I Login to 'My Panda Power'?

Similar to other suppliers such as Energia and SSE Airtricity, you can access the Panda Power login via a section called “My Panda Power”. By registering online, you will be able to easily access all your energy account details and be able to complete the following actions:

  1. See your account details.
  2. Pay bills.
  3. Submit your Panda Power meter readings.

To register and be able to use Panda Power’s login page, simply head to the provider's website, then click on “My Panda Power” in the top right corner. The page should look similar to the image below.

My Panda Power login screenshot
source: My Panda Power

Here are the steps you will need to follow from there:

  • Click on the “Register Here” letters in green, directly under the sign-in button.
  • You’ll then need to enter your Account ID.
  • Enter your contact details.

Your Account ID should be on any Panda Power bill you have received, or in your welcome pack. If you have trouble finding it or are having other issues trying to register for a “My Panda Power” account, then get in touch with the Panda Power customer care team.

Unlike the Panda Power Waste division, there currently is no App available for their energy customers, but we hope they add one in the future. Energy apps are much more comfortable for mobile phone users, letting them manage their accounts, and submit their Panda Power meter readings on the go.

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Problems with your Panda Power Login Account?

If you are having issues with your Panda login, you can do one of two things:

  1. Email them at to request your account number and PIN.
  2. Connect with their Live Chat Service to enquire about your Panda account. The service is available Monday to Friday, 8h30 am to 5h30 pm.

Panda Waste Login It is important to note that the Panda login page for waste is different from that of Panda Power.

Fuel Mix: Panda Power Electricity Sources

The company provides 100% renewable electricity. The electricity is sourced from wind, solar, biogas, and wave energy. Other Irish suppliers that provide 100% renewable electricity include Energia, SSE Airtricity, Pinergy, and Iberdrola. Let's hope more providers will follow suit to assist Ireland in meeting its 2050 carbon emission targets according to the Paris Agreement.

Panda Power Contact Information

The main Panda Power contact number is 01 8298989. You can also reach sales and customer service teams by email or by post. Panda Power's customer care representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8h30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The table below shows you the correct contact number to dial according to your query. You can also get the full Panda Power contact information on our dedicated webpage.

Panda Power contact information
Contact method Contact detail
Phone Customer Care Team 01 8298992
Phone Loyalty Team 01 7739996
Compare Rates Between Suppliers 01 267 8669
Email address (customer care)
Email address (to switch)
Mailing address 24 Ballymount Road Upper, Ballymount, Dublin, Ireland

Customers can also reach out to Panda Power via Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

If you would like to save time, have a look at some of the most common questions and answers about the provider below before contacting Panda Power.

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Panda Power FAQs

How do I submit a Panda Power meter reading?

There are multiple ways to submit a Panda Power meter reading. You can access the Panda Power login section and submit via your personal "My Panda Power" account. You can also call in your meter readings via the Panda Power contact number. You will need to provide your Account ID Number to submit your meter readings in both cases.

How do you pay Panda Power?

Customers can either pay via direct debit or on receipt of a bill. You can access the Panda Power login section and use the secure online payment feature to pay with either a credit or debit card. You will need to provide the following details to pay your bill online:

  • Your Account Number
  • An invoice number
  • The amount you wish to pay

How do I cancel my subscription to Panda Power?

If you are staying at your current property, you can simply close your account by signing up with a different energy provider. The new provider will inform Panda Power that you are leaving and take care of the switch for you.

If you are moving home, you should contact Panda Power on 01 8298989 to close your account.

No matter if you are moving or switching to a different supplier, you may be liable for exit fees should you close your account whilst in a contract.

Does Panda Power offer PAYG?

The provider does not provide PAYG tariffs to the general public except in genuine cases of financial hardship and for customers with energy payment arrears.

PAYG is sometimes unsuitable for Vulnerable and Critical Care customers as it violates government-mandated protection for consumers in these categories (such as energy suppliers being unable to disconnect them during the harsh winter months). If you think you might need a PAYG meter, give Panda Power a call and check.

Does Panda Power offer business energy?

Yes, Panda Power Ireland provides energy for small, medium, and large businesses across the country. Simply go to the provider's webpage and click the tab in the top left corner that says "Business Energy" for further details on the matter. Identify the size of your business and click the blue button in its respective box that says "Get a Quote".

Does Panda Power charge an exit fee?

The company charges an exit fee of €50 per fuel if you wish to cancel your contract after the 14-day cooling-off period. If your contract has ended and you are placed on the standard rates, you will not be charged an exit fee for leaving.

How do I switch my energy to Panda Power?

Switching to Panda Power is relatively easy and can be done online or by calling. You'll need to have your MPRN number for electricity and/or your GPRN number for gas. If you do not have these numbers, you can find them on any previous bills, or by calling ESB Networks for your MPRN, and Gas Networks Ireland for your GPRN.

You will also need to provide your bank details (if you’re going to set up a Direct Debit), and a current meter reading. Feel free to compare the market before with our complete guide on switching providers in Ireland before doing so.

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