Initially, Panda Power was an electricity-only provider, and in 2018 entered the gas market. Panda Power’s main selling points are that it is a green electricity supplier and sources energy from renewables such as wind, solar and wave energy.

Who are Panda Power?

Panda Power Ireland belongs to the same group as successful recycling company Panda, and was launched in Ireland in 2015. Panda Power’s contribution to the Irish gas and electricity market is quite novel in that it combines waste, gas and electricity services, the first offer of its kind in Ireland. The company is owned by Eamon Waters and its businesses include Panda, Greenstar, WSR, A1 Skips, New Earth Solutions, OZO, Mahons, Spanners and Bioverda.

For more information on what Panda Power customers actually think of their energy supplier, check out our Panda Power reviews page.

The Panda Power website makes the bold claim that they can save you up to €560 in one year (saving based on standard rates).

By 2019 year-end the CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) put Panda Power’s electricity market share at 2.3%, up from 1.5% in 2018, with no reports available yet on their gas market share to date.

Part of theBeauparc Utilities Group, Panda Power put their customer base at 280,000 in 2020.

Panda Power Rates

Panda Power doesn’t notify you when your contract is up, at which point you could automatically be switched to the standard tariff and end up paying more, so do have a look round at other available offers. Make sure to call Panda Power before your contract is up to negotiate a discounted renewal contract, and then compare their offer to other providers' packages.

All Panda Power contracts have a 12 month duration and bills can be paid either online, by Direct Debit, or at any Postpoint. Partial bill payment is also possible, to help you budget more easily.

At Selectra we’ve done the number crunching for you, and below you’ll find Panda Power’s standard rates. We found the cheapest tariff is the dual-fuel discount bundle with savings of around €600. The deal features 28% off both gas and electricity standard rates, as well as €125 cashback.

Note that if you are already with Panda for waste management, you should opt for the Triple Discount Utility Savings Bundle and you’ll score a massive 28% off your waste bills as well.

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Panda Power Bundles

If you’d like to take a look and see how the different bundles Panda Power offer stack up, we have all the information below. For comparison purposes, the EAB (Estimated Annual Bill) is calculated on an Urban 24-hour tariff and all final prices include VAT.

Panda Power Dual Fuel Cashback Bundle

Contract duration

12 months

Electricity discount

28% plus €125 cashback

Gas Discount




Previously, Panda Power had separate cashback and discount bundles for dual fuel, but have now united the best parts of each deal to produce one of the cheapest dual fuel deals around. With 28% off both electricity and gas standard rates, as well as €125 cashback, this deal is a tough one to beat.

Panda Power Electricity Discount Bundle

Electricity rates


Unit Price

Day Unit Price

Night Unit Price

Standing Charge


Yearly Average

Cheapest Offer?

Yearly Average with Discount and Cashback

Urban 24hr






28% Electricity Discount & €100 cashback


Rural 24hr






28% Electricity Discount & €100 cashback


Urban Day/Night







28% Electricity Discount & €100 cashback


Rural Day/Night







28% Electricity Discount & €100 cashback


Panda Power Gas Discount Bundle

The following table breaks down Panda Power standard gas rates. We also include the annual spend with the discount applied, which is 30% off your unit rate.

Gas rates


Panda Power

Unit Rate


Standing Charge


Carbon Tax kWh


PAYG Service Charge


Yearly Average Bill


Best Discount

30% off gas unit rate

Discounted Yearly Bill


Last Updated: September 2020

Panda Power Utility Savings Bundle

With this bundle, you’ll get 28% off your electricity and gas unit rate, as well as 28% off your waste management services with Panda.

Contract duration

12 months

Electricity discount


Gas Discount




Exit Fees

Panda Power charges a €50 exit fee per fuel if you wish to cancel your contract after the 14-day cooling-off period, which is in line with what other Irish energy providers charge.

Does Panda Power offer PAYG?

Similar to other smaller energy suppliers, Panda Power does not provide PAYG facilities to the general public except in genuine cases of financial hardship, and for customers with energy payment arrears.

PAYG is sometimes unsuitable for Vulnerable and Critical Care customers as it violates government-mandated protection for consumers in these categories (such as energy suppliers being unable to disconnect them during the harsh winter months). If you think you might qualify for or need, a PAYG meter, give Panda Power a ring and check.

How can I switch to Panda Power?

Switching to Panda Power is relatively easy and can be done online or by calling. You'll need to have your MPRN number for electricity and/or your GPRN number for gas, your bank details (if you’re going to set up a Direct Debit), and your current meter reading.

What are MPRN and GPRN numbers?An MPRN number is a Meter Point Reference Number and a GPRN is a Gas Point Reference Number. You can find them on any previous bills, or by calling ESB Networks for your MPRN, and Gas Networks Ireland for your GPRN.

Before you switch to any new provider, you can examine each provider in depth on our provider’s webpage, or compare energy supplier’s best offers.

Panda Power Login

Panda Power’s online offering, My Panda Power, is a basic and straightforward portal where you can pay your bill or submit meter readings. You can also submit meter readings and pay bills without registering, which is a great option for when you’re in a rush.

There is currently no App available for Panda Power but we hope they add one in the future. Energy apps are much more comfortable for mobile phone users, letting them manage their account and submit meter readings on the go.

My Panda Power login screenshot
source: My Panda Power

To register and be able to use Panda Power’s Login page, simply head to the main panda power page. Then click on “My Panda Power” in the upper-righthand corner. The page should look similar to the image above.

Then click on the “Register Here” letters in green, directly under the sign-in button. You’ll then need to enter your Account ID, followed by personal contact details.

Your Account ID should be on any bill you have received from Panda Power, or in your welcome pack. If you have trouble finding it or are having other issues with trying to register for a My Panda Power account, then get in touch with Panda Power customer service.

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Fuel mix

Panda Power provides a 100% renewably sourced electricity fuel mix, one of only four energy providers in Ireland to do so. The other 100% renewable energy providers are Go Power, Just Energy Ltd, and Energia. Go Power exclusively supplies industrial and commercial customers. So if switching to a green supplier is important to you then switching to Panda Power could be a good option.

The most recent information available on the fuel mix used by Panda Power is from 2017 and we've provided it in the chart you can see below.

Panda Power is part of the Beauparc Utility Group, which deal in renewable energy, waste management and recycling. An interesting tidbit about Beauparc is that they also own Bioverda, a company which generates electricity through extracting methane gas at landfills. Other sources for Panda Power's renewable energy are wind, solar, biogas, and wave energy.

Contact Panda Power

Panda Power's sales and customer service teams can be contacted in whichever way is more convenient for you. You can get in touch with them by telephone, email or by post. Representatives are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Panda Power contact information
Contact method Contact detail
Phone number 1890 686 868
Email address (customer service)
Email address (to switch)
Mailing address Panda Power, Ballymount Road Upper, Ballymount, Dublin 24

Customers can also reach out to Panda Power via Facebook or Twitter (PandaPowerLtd).

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