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Pinergy was formed in Ireland in 2012, and launched in 2013. It is an electricity supplier to the residential and business markets and is a leader in smart energy technologies to help users reduce their consumption.

In 2017, Pinergy launched its Energy Services division to help its customers make the most of micro generation technology like Solar PV and Wind generation. In addition,Energy Services offers advice to help customers on the latest lighting, heating and Electric Vehicle charging solutions.

By 2018, Pinergy announced its entry into the SME market with its Pinergy Smart Business offering which helps reduce consumption across multiple sites and locations of businesses or farms. Business customers highly rate the ability to access data on their energy consumption to help them reduce it.

In 2019, Pinergy launched its Electric Vehicle (EV) home charging solutions. Uniquely customers are able to separate the cost of EV charging from their normal domestic electricity supply. Pinergy claim that 32% of their customers in their first year reduce their consumption byat least 20% and that on average customers reduce their consumption by 8%.

Top Up

A meter with a card being inserted and three piles of coins beside it

We highly recommend using Pinergy's App to top up, as not only can you make the usual once-off top up, you also have some other really useful options. You can top up your Pinergy account:

You can schedule automatic top ups where a set amount is debited from your account when your credit is depleted and reaches a certain balance, meaning you’ll never run out and be put on emergency credit. You can also schedule top ups by amount and date, which you could set to go out on payday, for example.

If you lose your receipt after topping up, you can either call customer service and they’ll give you your top up code, or go back to the Payzone you bought credit from and they’ll give you a copy of the receipt with the code. Both of these services are free of charge.

Once Off Payments

As well as offering a quick top up option after registering, Pinergy also offer one-off top ups on their website and their App, where you needn't have registered beforehand. In order to make one you’ll need to input the premise number (the number on the front of the PAYG electricity card), the amount to pay, and the email address associated with the account.

The nice thing about once off top ups is that you can help out friends or family who might be in a bind, so at Selectra we always highly rate the availability of this option.


Deciding on whether to switch to Pinergy is a simple process as they only have one tariff, a standard PAYG rate with a one-year contract. In short, the benefits of PAYG are that it is easier to monitor your consumption and you won’t get hit with any surprise bills, while on the negative side the rates and standing charges are significantly more expensive.

As such, there is no discounted rate for signing up to Pinergy PAYG, but they do offer 20 LED bulbs and a welcome credit of €20.

LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and use less than a third of the electricity of traditional bulbs. Lighting your home can account for up to a quarter of your electricity bill, while using LED bulbs can bring it down to 10%, meaning you could still see a reduction of 15% in your electricity usage.

If you switch to Pinergy they will also sort you out with a smart meter and and In Home Display (IHD) free of charge.

Electricity Pricing
Tariff Unit Price Day Unit Price Night Unit Price Standing Charge PSO PAYG charge Yearly Average Discount? Yearly Average with Discount
Urban 24hr 21.42c €145.58 €47.40 €136.71 €1229.33 €20 Welcome Credit 1209.33
Rural 24hr 21.42c €192.10 €47.40 €136.71 €1275.85 €20 Welcome Credit €1255.85
Urban Day/Night 22.3c 12.47c €197.61 €47.40 €136.71 €1111.89 €20 Welcome Credit €1091.89
Rural Day/Night 22.3c 12.47c €248.61 €47.40 €136.71 €1162.89 €20 Welcome Credit 1142.89

Last Updated: December 2018

Exit Fee

Exiting a Pinergy contract early can be much more expensive than exiting a non-PAYG contract, so you need to be really sure before calling it off. If you cancel after the 14 day cooling off period, you could be liable for:

Fee Reason
€80 This is the installation fee you’ll only have to pay if you cancel within 30 days of installation.
€11.25 Per month remaining on the contract.
€180 If you don’t return your meter.
€50 If you don’t return your IHD.

Note that regarding the the €11.25 per month remaining fee, if you cancel your contract after one month you could have to pay a staggering €123.75 (in fairness if you cancel with two months left you’ll only have to pay €22.50 and not the standard €50 other energy providers charge).

Lost Card

If you lose your card, call customer service and they’ll sort you out with a new one for €2.50. They’ll also give you your card number if you don’t have it, so you can still top up at Payzones or on Pinergy's website while waiting for your new card to arrive.

We recommend taking a photo of your card when you get it, with the number visible (it’s a 19 digit number) and emailing it to yourself so you can access it online anywhere at any time.

Emergency Credit

If your credit descends to €2, you’ll hear an alarm and a low credit message will also appear on your In Home Device. Unlike other PAYG electricity meters, you’ll actually have two options, which are either Ignore or E-Credit.

If you press the E-Credit option you’ll be given €10 emergency credit.

As with all other Irish PAYG electricity suppliers, friendly credit is available if your emergency credit runs out and it's after 5pm, it’s the weekend or a public holiday - your supply will not be cut off until 9am of the next day outside of these days.

Do remember that if you’ve used emergency credit, and friendly credit, you need to bring your balance up to €2 with your next top up in order to restore your electricity supply. So if you used up your €10 emergency credit and €1 of friendly credit, you’ll then need to top up by at least €13.


Pinergy make it easy for customers to contact them by offering several channels of communication, including telephone numbers, emails, a postal address, and an online contact form.

Department Telephone Number
Customer Service 0818 363 749 (0818 Energy)
Customer Service from Abroad 01 215002502
Sales 0818 363 749 (0818 Energy)

Send a letter to...

Pinergy, Suite 1, Beaver house, Beech Hill Office Campus, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4, D04 Y8X5.

Send an email to...

Social Media

Pinergy Facebook  Pinergy Twitter  Pinergy Youtube  Pinergy LinkedIn


Customers who have been dissatisfied with Pinergy all agree that they are expensive, as tends to be the case with PAYG unfortunately. You’d really need to think hard about your reasons for switching to PAYG and compare the pros and cons with traditionally billed energy.

Nonetheless many customers were very satisfied with Pinergy, citing their friendly customer service and quick response time to queries or issues. Despite the higher charges for PAYG electricity, many customers commented that they had been able to save money using the 20 LED bulbs €20 credit offer, and being able to monitor their usage better, and felt that this would help them to make better savings in the long run.


Pinergy currently offer an app which can be used with both Android and iOS platforms.

Pinergy Smart (Android & iOS)

Google Play rating: ⭐⭐½
iTunes app store: ⭐⭐⭐½

While Pinergy don’t have an online customer account portal, they do have an impressive app with a much wider range of functionality than that offered by other suppliers’ apps. Apart from the expected functions such as being able to check your usage, top up and check your balance, you are also able to track your CO2 emissions, compare your electricity usage with other similar households, and if you live in shared accomodation everybody can make individual contributions to the same account.

Pinergy app screenshot
source: Google Play

This means that Pinergy would be ideal for students or people living in shared accomodation, no more arguing about the bills or nagging to transfer amounts to one account in order to pay bills, and when a housemate is away for a period of time it’ll be clear what usage can’t be attributed to them and they won’t be charged for it (although they should still contribute a percentage of the standing charge).

The app is very attractive and easy to use, there is even a traffic light system to tell you at a glance how your balance is fairing (green is a good amount of credit, orange is running low, and red you need to top up). The top up options are also really well thought out.

Customers who used the app were not happy about differences between balance information on the App and the IHD, as for some reason the App takes 24 hours to update, meaning that customers can get confused about what their actual balance is. Issues with the app on Samsung devices version 8 and upwards were also common.

Happy customers really loved the automatic top up action (we also love this) and that they could easily check out their daily usage.

One gripe we have with this app here at Selectra is that it doesn’t provide the option of synchronising with Smart Plugs, unlike Electric Ireland’s App which quite frankly would seem a bit of a no brainer if you’re encouraging customers to monitor their usage and reduce it (with LEDs, for example).

In Home Display

A digital electricity monitor with Pinergy written on it
source: Pinergy

Pinergy’s IHD is an attractive and diminutive device with a touch screen and a well organized list of options displayed in an easy to read format with large associated symbols.

It has a charger and can be left plugged in or disconnected and taken to the sofa so you can sit down and enjoy a cuppa while checking out your consumption.

If you’re at all familiar with smartphones then you’ll find it a doddle to use as it was obviously designed with this user experience in mind. The top of the screen features a network icon and the time, just like a mobile, as well as the date and the title of what menu page you are on.

You can use the IHD to check your payment history, compare your usage to the previous day, receive messages, view your tariff details and manually top up with credit purchased at any Payzone.

Fuel Mix

Pinergy's fuel mix figures for 2017 year-end show a higher use of coal than the all-island average of 9.8%, and an elevated level of peat at 12.3% when compared with the average figure of 4.9%. We would like to see figures for coal trending downwards over the years to come, due to the fact that is neither renewable or clean, although peat is classified as a slow-renewable.

Pinergy's 23.3% renewable energy fuel source is a good effort, especially from such a new company. Interestingly, Pinergy's fuel mix is exactly the same as Flogas'.

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