When looking for business energy, comparing different business energy companies is a must since they can vary greatly from quote to quote. Electric Ireland business energy can provide you with energy security and reasonable prices for your business and is most certainly an option worth considering. In our Electric Ireland business energy guide, we’ll walk you through what the Electric Ireland business tariffs have to offer.

What Is Electric Ireland Business Energy?


Electric Ireland is a household name and the biggest supplier of domestic energy in Ireland. Electric Ireland is also a major supplier of business energy, with almost 100,000 businesses as customers. Electric Ireland business has packages for new start ups, small to medium sized businesses, and even large businesses, covering all of them with tailored energy solutions.

Who Is Electric Ireland Business For?

Electric Ireland business has a range of deals for their business customers so whether you’re a startup or a large industry, you can find the right deal for your business energy needs! Let’s have a look at what Electric Ireland offers for each size of enterprise:

  1. Start Ups
    For start ups, Electric Ireland Business offers flexible payment options to help you manage your costs as a new business. With their Equaliser payment option you can equally distribute your energy bills across 12 months so you always know what’s coming. You can also opt for a payment holiday so you only pay over 11 months rather than 12!
  2. Small to Medium Sized
    Small to medium sized companies are those that Electric Ireland Business class as having monthly bills of less than €5,000. When it comes to SMEs, Electric Ireland Business works with them more than any other provider so you can count on their experience to give you a great service.
  3. Large Companies
    With energy bills ranging upwards of €5,000, larger companies and industries need a bit more than just a continuous energy supply. Electric Ireland Business offers one-to-one support and constant monitoring, especially for more energy intensive businesses who might require a half-hourly meter.

What Does Electric Ireland Business Energy Offer?

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Electric Ireland Business offers both electricity and gas deals for their business customers so you can always find the right supply for your business, whether you’re a hairdresser or a restaurant.

What’s Included with Electric Ireland Business Energy?

Electric Ireland Business has the complete range on offer for all businesses. From your regular business electricity and gas, to energy efficiency tools to best manage your energy account, Electric Ireland Business can help you and your business reduce costs and stay green:

  1. Business Electricity
    Electricity with Electric Ireland Business is very similar to their domestic electricity. You’ll get a constant supply of electricity and you’ll be billed according to your usage during the day. Electric Ireland Business is also well equipped for dealing with whatever type of meter you have, whether it’s a standard business meter or a half-hourly meter for more energy intensive industries. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get an Electric Ireland Pay As You Go tariff.
  2. Business Gas
    If you already have your electricity with Electric Ireland Business, you can usually get a discount on your business gas if you bundle them together like a dual-fuel tariff. With Electric Ireland Business, you don’t have to pay a deposit or any upfront charges for your gas and you can choose your payment date.
  3. Microgeneration
    With Electric Ireland Business, you can also benefit from Electric Ireland’s microgeneration scheme. If your business has installed solar panels or any other renewable energy solution, you can earn money back on exporting your excess electricity to the grid. You can even get Electric Ireland solar panels installed on your premises and get a discount with an SEAI grant!
  4. Energy Efficiency Tool
    Electric Ireland Business offers an energy efficiency management tool called Wattrics. Wattrics allows you to monitor your business energy usage in real time and gives you a full breakdown of your carbon footprint as well as audits to show you where you could save energy in the future.
  5. Online Account Management
    For all their business customers, Electric Ireland Business offers an online account management service to keep up with your energy bills and to fully manage your account with them. They also provide a full energy report for you to access at any time to understand your usage better. This will be your Electric Ireland login as a business customer.
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How Much Does Electric Ireland Business Energy Cost?

Business energy rates are notoriously difficult to calculate and compare since almost every quote you’ll receive will be bespoke and this is the case with Electric Ireland Business too. Not only this, but finding Electric Ireland Business reviews is also very difficult. However, there are ways of getting a rough estimate of how much you're likely to be spending, especially if you know how much energy your industry uses on average.

Why are bespoke quotes used with business energy? The reason why bespoke quotes are used is because different businesses have different energy needs. For instance, a hairdresser will need a constant supply of electricity during the day, whereas a restaurant is likely to be more intensive during the evening.

What Factors Does Electric Ireland Business Consider in Quotes?

When it comes to Electric Ireland Business quotes, there are a number of factors that they include in their calculations. This means that even during a contract, there can be changes such as to tax and other levies that might affect your company’s energy bill:

  1. Wholesale Market Costs
    If you’re on a variable business tariff, the amount you’ll pay each month will go up and down according to the wholesale price of energy. This means that you might pay less than those on fixed tariffs if the price drops, but it also means that you might pay more if the prices soar. The opposite of this is having a fixed price tariff where you pay the same rates for your entire contract.
  2. Network Charges
    You will quite often have network charges where the costs of having your business connected to the grid will be deducted as a standing charge. Since Electric Ireland Business works closely with ESB networks, these standing charges might be cheaper than elsewhere.
  3. Taxes
    You will also need to take account of taxes and levies on your business energy. The business rate of VAT is currently set at 9% and you should watch out for the PSO Levy and carbon tax that can also add costs to your business energy bill.

Electric Ireland Business offers fully fixed, variable or even hybrid business tariffs, meaning that the price you pay for your energy rates can vary from month to month or can be fixed completely.

How Do I Contact Electric Ireland Business?

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If you want to get in touch with Electric Ireland Business, you have a number of different contact methods available. Generally speaking, business customers have much more options to choose from when it comes to contact, and as a customer, you will have access to one-to-one support.

What Is the Electric Ireland Business Contact Number?

The quickest way to get in touch with Electric Ireland Business is to use their contact number. Electric Ireland Business has a few contact numbers to choose from, depending on what you need them for:

Contact Number Opening Hours
Sales 1800 30 50 70 9am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri
Small and Medium Enterprises 1800 372 787 9am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri
Industrial and Commercial 1800 200 513 8.30am - 5pm Mon-Fri

What Is the Electric Ireland Business Email Address?

If you’d prefer to contact Electric Ireland Business via email instead, you can send them an email to [email protected]. If you’re interested in signing up with Electric Ireland Business, you can send an email to [email protected].