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Looking for the Flogas contact number? We all need to get in contact with our energy supplier at some point but it can be harder than it should trying to find the right phone number! Luckily, we've put together all the Flogas contact numbers and social media so you can get in touch with Flogas as quickly as possible!


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What Are the Flogas Ireland Contact Numbers?


With such a variety of different products, it can be a bit of a headache figuring out which number you need to call or other ways you can get in contact with Flogas. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling all of the Flogas phone numbers, email addresses, and post details on one page.

Here is a summary of all of the providers' contact details below. To ensure you are contacting the right department, you can find further information on the role of each department by scrolling below or by using the navigation bar.

If you are calling for an emergencyIn case of an electrical or gas emergency you should not contact your energy supplier and should instead call the 24hr emergency numbers of 1800 372 999 (ESB) for electricity and 1800 205 050 for gas (Gas Networks). For LPG emergencies, the Flogas contact number to call is 041 214 9600.

Flogas Phone Numbers
Department: Phone Number:
General Queries Phone Number

General Queries Fax

041 214 9500

021 450 6784

Gas Network Queries 1800 464 464
Business Electricity Enquiries 041 214 9555
Flogas Cork Office Number

Flogas Cork Office Fax

021 450 6688

021 450 6784

Flogas Ballyhaunis Office Number

Flogas Ballyhaunis Office Fax

094 963 0883

094 963 0040

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How Do I Contact Flogas Ireland for Gas, Electricity and LPG?

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For any general queries you may have, you can contact Flogas through the number 041 214 9500. The company’s main fax number is 021 450 6784.

For those customers who are running low on time or call credit, you can arrange a callback from Flogas through the online request callback form on its website. You’ll simply need to fill in your name and telephone number and click on the “Request Callback” button.

For all other queries, see the contact information details in the following three categories below:

How Do I Contact Flogas for Natural Gas?

If you’re unsure of whether your home is close enough to the gas network or would like more information about getting connected, 1800 20 060 94 is the number to call.

The general email which you can also use for your gas queries is [email protected] while for other gas-related queries dial the Flogas contact number of 041 214 9500. Faxes can be sent to the general fax number.

If you happen to live nearby, Flogas’s head office is located in Drogheda, close to one of its largest LPG terminals. There are also other Flogas terminals located across the island of Ireland in Ballyhaunis, Belfast, and Cork but all enquiries in the Republic of Ireland are dealt with through the Drogheda Office, while Northern Ireland queries go through the Belfast office.

How Do I Contact Flogas for Electricity?

Flogas electricity is the newest department and as such, apart from the email address, shares many of its contact information with the gas section. For all electricity-related queries dial the Flogas phone number of 041 214 9500 or send a fax to 021 450 6784. Emails can be directed to [email protected].

How Do I Contact Flogas for LPG?

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If you are trying to get in touch with Flogas to order a bulk gas delivery, note that you can also do so via the online bulk gas delivery form.

LPG customers with existing Flogas accounts can also pay LPG bills online. The Flogas phone number for LPG queries is 041 214 9600 and the department’s fax number is 021 450 6784. LPG customers should use the general email address, [email protected], for any email queries. Alternatively, check our useful information guide for answers to everything related to LPG in Ireland.

LPG customers who receive deliveries from Flogas’ Cork and Ballyhaunis depots can also get in touch with their local Flogas LPG office to resolve any issues or queries they might have. You can find those details below.

Is There Flogas Contact Information for LPG Cork Office?

Flogas LPG customers in Cork can contact the local office by phoning 021 450 6688 or by sending a fax to 021 450 6784. Queries sent in writing should be addressed to:

Flogas Cork Address
Tivoli Industrial Estate
Co. Cork
T23 PO84

Flogas Contact Information for LPG Ballyhaunis Office

Customers with Flogas for their LPG needs in Ballyhaunis can get in touch with the Flogas Ballyhaunis office by calling 094 963 0883 or by fax on 094 963 0040. The address for any queries in writing is as follows:

Flogas Ballyhaunis Address
Co. Mayo
F35 K576


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How Do I Contact Flogas by Post?

For anyone looking to get in contact with Flogas’ head office via the post, send a letter to:

Flogas Postal Address
Knockbrack House
Matthews Lane
Donore Road
Co. Louth
A92 T803

What Is the Flogas Email Address?

Flogas has several email addresses you can use to contact a specific department at the energy supplier. Flogas uses both standard email addresses and also contact forms. Although contact forms seem a bit silly, you will usually get a better response using them since they allow the company to filter so they can get customers to the right department. Here's a list of the Flogas email addresses available:

Flogas Email Addresses
Department: Email Address:
Gas and LPG [email protected]
Flogas Electricity [email protected]
Online Callback Request Callback form
Online LPG bulk Gas Order Form LPG bulk order form

How Do I Contact Flogas Ireland via Social Media?

Many energy companies have different sets of teams working the phones and social media, so it stands to reason that sometimes you may be better off sending a direct message, than spending an age on the phone getting passed to different departments.

The company maintains accounts on the following platforms which you can try contacting. The Flogas Facebook page in particular, typically responds to messages within minutes. The Flogas contact information via social media platforms is as follows:

Flogas Facebook Flogas Twitter Flogas Linked In

How Do Business Customers Contact Flogas?

Customers who are either already with, or thinking about joining the company for their business electricity needs can use the Flogas phone number of 041 214 9555. For all other Flogas Ireland contact numbers for your business, the details are the same as for residential customers.

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