Vodafone is an international telecom giant famous for being a large mobile network operator, but did you know that they provide broadband services and a streaming subscription service (Vodafone TV) as well? Read on to find out everything Vodafone Ireland-related.

Vodafone Ireland Synopsis
Product types: Broadband, mobile, phone and TV  International provider
Customers: 284,000  Offers all telecom products
Connection Type: Cable fibre & mobile broadband  Poor customer reviews

About Vodafone

A gold world globe with broadband connection points on it

Vodafone has been around even longer than mobile phones! The telecom giant was originally part of a company called Racal, which produced radar and electronics in Britain from 1950 onwards.

The actual Vodafone subsidiary of Racal was founded in 1983 and built Britain's first cellular network, which launched in 1985. By the 90s, Vodafone had branched out into acquiring other companies and growing partnerships worldwide.

In a hostile takeover that resulted in the largest merger in the world at that time, Vodafone acquired Mannesmann AG in 2000. Vodafone nearly doubled in size after the takeover, with the Mannesmann group then having 130,860 employees and a revenue stream estimated at €23.27 billion.

About Mannesmann AG Mannesmann AG was a German company that specialized in steel products, engineering, the automotive sector, and telecommunications. The telecommunications division, which was enjoying great success at that time, was absorbed into Vodafone, while the other divisions were then resold to other companies after the deal.

Vodafone Today

Today, Vodafone is one of the largest mobile communication providers worldwide, present in 26 countries and with partnerships in an additional 55 countries.

Should you decide to join Vodafone, you won't be alone! The company has approximately 640 million Vodafone mobile customers, 21 million Vodafone broadband and mobile broadband customers, and 14 million Vodafone TV customers.

About Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone began its operations in Ireland by purchasing Eircell, the mobile provider division of Telecom Éireann, in 2001. Eircell had previously begun operations in Ireland in 1986 as the Mobile and Broadcast division of Telecom Éireann.

After the sale, Eircell was initially known as Eircell Vodafone until a rebrand in 2002 saw the name changed to Vodafone Ireland.

The company claims to have 90% 4G coverage in Ireland.

In 2009 Vodafone Ireland bought BT Ireland, thus leaping into the role of one of the primary broadband providers in the country.

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Vodafone Broadband, Mobile, and TV Deals

A gold ethernet cable plug

Vodafone is currently one of Ireland’s largest broadband, TV, and mobile providers and has an expansive range of products to match.

Enter any of the Vodafone stores or check out the Vodafone webpage and you will find the following offers:

  1. Home Broadband
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Bill pay mobile plans
  4. Pay-as-you-go mobile plans
  5. Vodafone TV

We examine the various plans available under each category, including some product bundles available.

Vodafone Home Broadband Plans in Ireland

Vodafone currently has various broadband-only offers available, which you can find detailed in the table below:

Vodafone Broadband Only Deals
Plan Name Monthly Price Internet Speed Up To Contract Length
Unlimited Mobile Broadband 40 100 Mbps 12 Months
Simply Broadband 35 100 Mbps 12 Months
500 Fibre Broadband 35 500 Mbps 12 Months
Gigabit 1000 45 1 Gbps 12 Months

Prices correct at date of update 09/08/2022

What is Vodafone's Internet Speed? Your broadband speed will vary according to the broadband available in your area. Before joining, you can verify the speed by visiting the Vodafone Broadband Speed Test page. You can also visit our broadband speed test page for a precise measure.

You can also opt to add the following extras to your Vodafone broadband Ireland plan:

  1. Vodafone Always Connected for €5 a month: This pocket USB keeps you connected via Vodafone's 4G mobile network from just about anywhere in the country.
  2. Super WiFi for €5 a month: This WiFi booster will allow you to connect your device to the internet from anywhere inside your home. There is no need to stay close to the router to be connected with this monthly extra.
  3. Broadband Voice for free: Get free calls to Irish landlines using Broadband Voice. This plan uses the internet to make calls, also known as VoIP calls (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
  4. Vodafone Broadband and TV for an extra €20 a month: Get over 80 TV channels, including 32 in HD.

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Vodafone Phone Offers & Plans

Mobile with Sim card

If you are looking for the latest smartphone, know that there are a multitude of Vodafone phones available that you can obtain at large rebates if purchased in conjunction with one of the Vodafone plans.

As there are too many types of phone choices available for us to list, we would encourage you to either visit one of the Vodafone stores to peruse the options. Alternatively, you can visit the following provider's web pages:

  1. Pay as-you go mobile phones.
  2. Bill pay phones.

If you already have a mobile phone and are interested in finding the best sim-only plan, we break down the Vodafone sim-only plans below. As there are a lot of choices for mobile plans in comparison to their Broadband offers, we divide the company's offers as follows:

We look in detail at the two categories of mobile plans available below.

Vodafone Bill Pay Plans

Vodafone has three main mobile sim-only plans. They are the following:

  • RED Unlimited Sim Only
  • RED Unlimited Max Sim Only
  • RED Unlimited 30 Day

All Vodafone bill pay plans are 12-month contracts (asides from the 30-day plan) with reduced rates for the first six months and increasing thereafter.

To compare more easily, we summarize the inclusions and prices of each of these plans in the table below.

Vodafone Sim Only Plans Details
Package Price Mobile Broadband Features Included Call Pack Features Contract Length
RED Unlimited Sim Only

€25 per month, first six months
€35 per month thereafter

Unlimited 4G data

Unlimited calls and texts in Ireland and Europe.
100 minutes to other international countries.

12 months
RED Unlimited Max Sim Only

€35 per month, first six months
€45 per month thereafter

Unlimited 5G data

Unlimited calls and texts in Ireland, Europe,
and Selected Countries (Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the US)

12 months
RED Unlimited 30 Day

€35 per month
30-day rolling contract

Unlimited 4G data

Unlimited calls and texts in Ireland and Europe.
100 minutes to other international countries.

1 month

Prices correct at date of update 09/08/2022

Vodafone Prepaid Plans

Vodafone’s pay-as-you-go plans are the same for both new and existing customers, although new customers who switch can get money off a new phone as well.

The three Vodafone prepaid plans available are:

  • Chat Extra
  • Chat Extra 5G
  • Vodafone X

Customers can avail themselves of either of these three Vodafone pay-as-you-go plans. We summarize each of the offers in the table below.

Vodafone Pay As You Go Plans Details
Package Price Mobile Broadband Features Included Call Pack Features Contract Details
Chat Extra

Top up every four weeks

10Gb 4G data

Unlimited calls and texts in Ireland and Europe.

The offer re-activates every time you top up by €20 or more
Extra Unlimited 5G

Top up every four weeks

Unlimited 5G data

Unlimited calls and texts in Ireland and Europe.

The offer re-activates every time you top up by €25 or more
Vodafone X

Top up every four weeks

Unlimited 4G data

Unlimited weekend minutes.
100 minutes weekdays.

The offer re-activates every time you top up by €20 or more

Prices correct at date of update 09/08/2022

What are the Vodafone Top Up Offers?

Any Vodafone sim-only prepaid plan will require you to top up when your credit is running low. The Vodafone Ireland top-up options are as follows:

  • Via the 'My Vodafone' app. You will have to access your Vodafone login account from the app to top up.
  • Via the Vodafone top-up online website.
  • Set up an 'Auto top up'. You will need to link either your bank account or your card for this top-up option.
  • Contact Vodafone and speak to one of their agents. Simply dial '1741' from your mobile and select the number '2' option.
  • Visit a Vodafone store and purchase a top-up voucher.

Vodafone TV plans

Mobile with Sim card

Vodafone TV offers over 80 TV channels, as well as the option to add on “Sky Sports” for just €1 per month for the first 12 months. Should you continue with the Sky Sports feature after the first 12 months, the price goes up to €40 per month thereafter. Other interesting Vodafone TV features are:

  • Record, rewind and restart live TV
  • Dedicated Kids Zone
  • Free TV Anywhere App - watch TV from anywhere (connect up to two devices)
  • Record, rewind and restart live TV
  • 7 Day Catch-Up TV - never miss a show

Currently, Vodafone TV is only available in conjunction with a broadband plan. Prices start at €55 per month for the first 12 months, and €80 per month thereafter.

What are the Vodafone TV channels? Visit the providers' webpage for an updated list of TV channels available with their plan.

It’s a fibre-optic-based TV service and installation is free. You will need the Vodafone TV box, unlike with online streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime video. This addition of the box is what allows you to pause, record, rewind, store TV shows, and watch Netflix.

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Does Vodafone provide services for businesses?

Vodafone Ireland does provide services orientated towards businesses. Business customers can avail of broadband or business mobile tariffs.

The Vodafone Gigabit Broadband package is priced at €60 for the 12 months, and €85 per month thereafter (ex VAT). This package offers speeds up to 2 Gbps and is unlimited.

Like the residential Vodafone broadband plan, you can add a cloud-hosted communications package for €5 per month. The Broadband Voice add-on works to replace traditional call management systems. It connects any desk phone with everything in the cloud.

The Vodafone business mobile tariffs come in four flavours, and all have unlimited mobile data included, starting from €40 for the cheapest plan.

Business owners may also want to examine Three Ireland, Digiweb, Sky, Imagine Broadband, Magnet Networks, or Pure Telecom business packages to determine which suits you best.

Vodafone Ireland Reviews

With over 1,300 reviews for Vodafone Ireland on the Trustpilot.ie website, the company gets a score of 1.3 out of 5 stars. Unfortunately, 91% of the reviews were classified as "Poor" or “Bad” on Trustpilot.

Customers who were not satisfied with the company's services spoke about appalling customer service, a lack of communication from the company regarding cancelling contracts, as well as issues with billing and broadband installation.

Their customer service is appalling. Finally after a year I'm free of their broadband service. Changed to sky and everything back working. Their broadband support service is a joke.

TrustpilotPatrick O Toole

Those who had a positive experience with the provider wrote about great experiences with staff in Vodafone stores, easy painless signup procedures, fast broadband speeds, and efficient technical support.

What is the Vodafone Customer Care Number?

There are various ways you can contact the supplier.

Vodafone’s head office is located in Leopardstown, Dublin. For written queries, you can send a letter to:

Vodafone Ireland,
Dublin 18,

If you prefer to phone, the Vodafone Ireland customer care numbers can be found in the table below, and a thorough breakdown of their full contact details in this Vodafone contact guide.

Vodafone Ireland Contact Numbers


Landline number

Mobile number

Vodafone mobile and broadband customer care

01 203 8232


Vodafone mobile pay as you go

01 203 8232


Vodafone Support for Technical Issues

01 203 8232


You can also contact Vodafone via social media. Check out their social channels on Facebook and Twitter

What is My Vodafone?

My Vodafone is your online Vodafone account, which enables users to access a range of features and management settings for free. My Vodafone is not something that is automatically created when you take out a deal, and so you must head over to the Vodafone.ie website, and register for an account. To do so, you will need a few basic details to hand, such as the email address or Vodafone mobile number. After following the on-screen instructions and verifying your account, you will have access to a range of features, including:

  1. Easy access to Live Chat
  2. Update your personal details
  3. Track orders and repairs
  4. Pay your bills
  5. View your usage and limits
  6. Check your balance
  7. Access troubleshooting articles and support

If you prefer to manage your account on the go, then the My Vodafone app is just the thing for you. Providing access to the above features and more, this app is available to both Apple and Android users. Vodafone Ireland customers have received this application with very positive reviews, with users on the Google Play store giving it 4 out of 5 stars from over 27,000 reviews, and Apple users awarding it a total of 4.5 out of 5 from almost 50,000 reviews.

Lost Your My Vodafone Login?

While losing access to your My Vodafone account can be frustrating, the vast majority of the time access can be regained. The simplest way to get started, is to head over to the My Vodafone login page. Once you are there, select either "I forgot my password", or "I don't know my username". You will then be asked to enter your email address, phone number, username, account number or security pin, depending on the nature of the retrieval.

After following the on-screen instructions, you should receive a notification with your account details by email or text. If this does not come through, contact Vodafone customer service.

Vodafone Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel Vodafone Broadband?

To cancel Vodafone Broadband, you may be required to give 30 days' notice. If you are outside your 14-day cooling-off period, the contract terms and conditions will apply and you may incur a cancellation fee. You can contact Vodafone at 1907 and they will assist you.

How do I check my balance on Vodafone mobile?

You can log in to "My Vodafone" online or on their app to check your Vodafone mobile credit. From either of these places, you can check your credit balance. Alternatively, you can also free text BAL to 50233, and Vodafone will send you a message with your account balance.

How can I top up my Vodafone mobile?

The easiest way to top up your Vodafone mobile or mobile broadband is to head to the company's dedicated Top-Up page.

You will need to provide your number and choose the top-up amount you would like to add. This can be for any Vodafone mobile or mobile broadband number you like.

What to do if my Vodafone Broadband is down?

Here are some quick tips on how to fix your internet when your Vodafone Broadband is down:

  1. Verify that your modem is switched on.
  2. Verify that the 'Power', 'Internet', and 'Wi-Fi/Wan' lights are on and not flashing.
  3. Verify that the wires are correctly connected.
  4. Set up a Wi-Fi connection from the device you are trying to connect.
  5. You can reset the modem to its factory settings if your broadband is still not working after all this.

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