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Energia Ireland: Electricity & Gas Information

Interested in finding out more about Energia Ireland? A well-established gas and electricity supplier, Energia also invests in Irish energy infrastructure, particularly in renewable energy. Read on to find out all about Energia.

A Short History

Energia is part of the Viridian Group, which also owns Power NI. Energia was established in 1999 and began operating in the electricity market in the Republic of Ireland in 2000, initially catering to just business customers.

The company then entered the Irish gas market in 2009, after deregulation. In 2014 Energia began supplying residential customers and currently supply 100% renewably sourced electricity. The company has offices in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Belfast, and is one of Ireland’s Top 50 businesses.

Did you know? Electricity generated by Energia’s 22 owned and invested wind farms, contributes a sizeable 21% towards Ireland’s wind power generation supply.

Energia currently has 85,000 business customers and over 670,000 residential customers. The company is the fourth biggest residential gas and electricity supplier after Electric Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy and SSE Airtricity.

amount of capital in renewable energy resources for all of Ireland. In fact, in 2019 Energia opened the largest anaerobic digestion power plant in Ireland in Dublin, in collaboration with Panda, bringing Energia’s current contribution to 25% of all-island electricity production.

Switch to Energia online

Switching to Energia can be done so online in a matter of minutes and with a minimum of fuss. If you’d prefer not to switch online, you can arrange a callback or just call them directly. We’d recommend switching online in order to avail of the €50 cashback offer.

They do have a slightly odd system when switching online where you need to enter in a promotional code on their page for their electricity and dual fuel deals (not gas) in order to avail of their offered rates.

Make sure you do this as you can get significant savings off their standard rates, and remember you need to sign up for online billing and direct debit as well. The promotional codes are on the Energia registration page.

One handy option Energia have which other providers don’t, is the ability to make part or total payments towards your energy bill before you get it, through FastPay. Do note that if you’re paying through Direct Debit, you shouldn’t use the FastPay service to make payments against bills already issued, as the entire amount will be debited from your account regardless.

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Switched to Energia but had a change of heart?

After switching to Energia or renewing your contract, you have a 14-day cooling-off period, under EU law, under which you can cancel at any point free of charge.

If you cancel after 14 days, you’ll be subject to a €50 termination fee per fuel contracted (so €100 if you contracted a dual fuel option). We don’t recommend doing this unless you find a much better offer that more than makes up the difference.

Login to your online account

After signing up to Energia you'll be able to access your online account. Energia has separate login accounts for business and residential customers, and online facilities include being able to view bills, payments, submit meter readings and estimate your next bill.

The ability to estimate your next bill is a really useful option, allowing you to keep track of your spending and make sure you stay within your budget.

In addition, their paperless billing option (bimonthly) is different to other companies in that once you’ve signed up with them online unless you specifically request a paper bill, they’ll never send you a paper version. This is very much in keeping with their green ethos.

Energia also says that by registering online you may be entitled to an online billing discount, and after contacting their sales team we can confirm that you’ll be given a 4% discount off the standard unit price.

For a more in-depth look at Energia online login, how to register and troubleshooting, check out our Energia login article.

Pay As You Go services

PAYG Energia does not provide PAYG services to the general public, only to customers who need help managing their debts, or customers experiencing financial hardship (proof required). If you fit one of these categories and you’d like to learn more, call Energia to find out if you can get PAYG with them.

In the meantime, you can have a look at Energia's prepay meter tariffs and/or check out more information on their PAYG code of practice (includes information on topping up and lost cards).

PAYG is the most expensive way to pay for energy.Call us and we'll help move you to a cheaper tariff, fast. Call 1800 816 036 or get a free callback now.

Customer Reviews

Energia’s engagement with their customers’ complaints is quite high and they do make an effort to change services where possible in order to please their customers.

Customers who were dissatisfied with Energia said that they disliked receiving two separate bills when they were on a dual fuel contract and that Energia doesn’t remind people to submit meter readings, whereas several other companies in Ireland do.

On the other hand, there are a lot of reviews from happy customers, who really liked that there was a discount for existing clients who renewed their contracts, but stressed that you had to look up information on the discount and ask for it, as opposed to it being automatically applied.

Their customer service is also highly rated, with many customers giving it a five-star rating, due to their helpful and attentive staff. We’d say this is a really big plus, the last thing you want to be worried about if you’re having issues is dealing with somebody who got out of the bed on the wrong side that morning.

Energia Extra

Two blue hands clapping

While a good effort and something for nothing is never a bad thing, Energia Extra’s rewards program is missing our favourite option, which is the ability to get points on your supermarket card and apply them to your energy bills, as with Bord Gáis Energy Rewards and Electric Ireland Rewards.

It would also be great if they didn’t have a separate login for Energia Extra and instead had an all-in-one login, like Bord Gais Energy with MyBGE.

They offer discounts at retailers (e.g. stationery, web design, golf), spa and hotel deals, and competitions. Login here and have a look at what’s on offer, and remember you’ll need to register in order to claim any rewards.

Remember that Energia extra is not an automatic inclusion into your online offering, so find your account number and get on it in order to avoid missing out on any deals.

Cosy Homes Scheme

Under the Cosy Homes Scheme, and in order to reduce energy waste, Energia provides:

  • Boiler servicing.
  • Boiler replacement.
  • Help with applying for grants.
  • Installing and improving insulation and lining.
  • Solar panel installation.
  • Smart thermostat (Netatmo) installation.

Boiler servicing

For peace of mind and sheer practicality, arranging your boiler service with Energia could also be a handy option. Your boiler must be serviced at least once a year to keep it in tip-top condition.

Not servicing your boiler might lead to dangerous faults developing, and can also affect its efficiency, as many of the parts are cleaned and tested during a service. A well-maintained boiler is a more efficient boiler, and a more efficient boiler means more money in your pocket and less on your bill.

The Energia gas boiler service is well-priced at €85 (currently reduced from the standard price of €99), and is, of course, carried out by an RGII registered gas installer. You can book your 28-point boiler service using the online enquiry form to arrange a callback, or by calling 1850 300 700.

There are in fact three Energia boiler care packages:

  1. The Bronze package, priced at €85
  2. The Silver package, priced at €139
  3. The Gold Package, priced at €169

We break down what is included in each package below.





28 point diagnostic check




30 Day Warranty




Safety check




Replacement of parts and labour


Yes (up to €250)

Yes (up to €1000)

24/7 Boiler breakdown helpline




Boiler replacement

For boiler replacement, Energia will replace your older boiler with a condensing boiler (currently recognised as the most efficient boilers on the market). Energia will then add zoned heating controls as well during installation, and while the normal price for installing the boiler and two heating controls would be an eyewatering €3681, Energia customers can get it done for €2184, a massive saving of €1497.


Grants that Energia can help you with include SEAI’s Better Energy Home Scheme, and the Irish Government’s Home Renovation Incentive. Basically they’ll handle all the paperwork for you, and let's be honest - nobody likes doing paperwork!

For insulation and lining, they offer four options:

  1. External wall insulation.
  2. Cavity wall insulation.
  3. Dry lining/internal wall insulation.
  4. Roof or attic insulation.

We do recommend looking into insulation, as it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy waste and your bills.

Solar panels

For solar panels, they offer to install flat panels on your roof for your hot water needs. The normal package costs €6149 but Energia customers can get it for €4650 (including discounts and grants).

Hot water is a massive cost to any household, and we do love solar energy here at Selectra Ireland, but it really depends on your disposable cash and the size of your household whether this would be a worthwhile investment or not - you'll also need to consider how long the warranty lasts and the cost of replacing any fuel cells or batteries. Have a look at our guide on solar panels, do the math, and decide for yourself.

Smart Thermostat (Netatmo)

Energia provides the Netatmo smart home thermostat, as well as installation, for €249, but you can also sign up for the Netatmo package and get it for free. It’s worth noting that the Netatmo was voted the best buy in the smart thermostat category by Which?, the prestigious UK based consumer association.

To take up any of these Cosy Homes Scheme offers, they can’t be contracted online so either fill in this form to receive a callback or directly call the supplier for more information.


Energy Bioenergy is the largest anaerobic digestion plant in Ireland and is the fruit of a collaboration between Energia and Panda. The Bioenergy plant began operations in Huntstown Dublin in 2019 after an agreement worth €50m was signed between the two companies.

What is an anaerobic digestion plant?Anaerobic digestion is a common natural process whereby biological materials such as plant material, is digested by micro-organisms. The materials are contained without air, hence “anaerobic”. This digestive process produces biogas which is then harvested and can be used as a gas or to produce electricity.

Panda will supply Energia with 70,000 tonnes of organic waste which is to be converted into electricity. Remnants of the anaerobic digestion process will be used as organic fertilizer.

Fuel Mix

Energia isa 100% renewable energy supplier and creates a quarter of Ireland's wind power supply, drawn from 40 wind farms that Energia operate across Ireland. They are also involved in the development of new wind farm projects, aiming to better harness Ireland's large wind power capacity and increase the availability of renewable energy.


Energia provides several well-thought-out avenues of contact and can be reached via telephone, e-mail, contact form, or in writing at their registered address.

We've included the general avenues of contact below but if you would like to get in touch with the relevant department as soon as possible, we would suggest checking out our comprehensive Energia contact page.

Customer Service

For more information on the cosy homes scheme or any issues related to your billing, direct debit payments, or any other matters, get in touch with the customer service department by calling 1850 405 405. Representatives are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can also contact customer service via Facebook or Twitter (@EnergiaEnergy), as well as by sending an email to or writing a letter addressed to the following: Energia/Viridian Energy Limited, T/A Energia, Mill House, Ashtowngate, Navan Road, Dublin D15 H70K.


To switch to Energia without needing to be transferred from customer service, call the switching department directly on 1850 300 700. Lines are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you're thinking about switching your energy provider, we recommend you give us a call here at Selectra. Our energy experts can help you save hundreds of euros per year by comparing tariffs in your area to find the best price.

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