Iberdrola is the second energy provider in Ireland to leave the energy market amidst the energy crisis. But what does this mean for its customers? What were Iberdrola Ireland rates and reviews? Read on to find out everything about the Irish energy supplier.

Iberdrola Is No Longer Operating in Ireland

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The energy provider announced it stopped supplying electricity and gas to its Irish customers as of June 8th, 2022.

Consequently, under the supplier of last resort measures, all Iberdrola electricity customers have been moved to Electric Ireland and their natural gas customers to Bord Gais Energy.

We answer the most common questions Iberdrola customers may have about the CRU’s supplier of last resort measures.

Will My Electricity and Gas Get Cut Off?

No! Iberdrola customers will not notice any change in their electricity and gas supply at home even if the company is leaving. The supplier of last resort is in place for exactly this purpose: to ensure no one is left without energy.

Iberdrola clients now have their electricity by Electric Ireland and their gas provided by Bord Gáis.

Should you encounter difficulties with your electricity at home, you will need to contact Electric Ireland directly to resolve the issue. For any gas-related problem, please contact Bord Gáis Energy for assistance.

How Much Will I Be Paying for My Electricity and Gas?

Your Iberdrola tariff ended when the company ceased to operate in Ireland on 8 June 2022.

Iberdrola electricity customers are placed on Electric Ireland’s standard tariff which is currently priced at 28.12c kWh. Gas customers are on Bord Gáis’ standard gas rate of 9.83c kWh. Remember that each company will add standing charges regardless of your electricity and gas usage.

Typically, standard rates are the most expensive tariffs an energy provider will have; however, they do offer more flexibility.

Changing Suppliers To avoid being on the energy supplier’s highest price plans, the CRU recommends switching providers every 12 months. This is to benefit from welcome bonuses and higher discount rates many companies offer new customers.

Do I Have To Stay with Electric Ireland and Bord Gáis?

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No! However, if you didn’t change providers prior to June 8th, you now have to wait the initial 20-day period before being able to switch either energy supplier. This mandatory cooling-off period is part of the supplier of last resort measures.

After this period ends, you will have the freedom to select an electricity and gas supplier of your choice. It is very likely that both companies will contact Iberdrola customers to offer you a different plan to their standard tariffs.

You are under no obligation to accept their offers, instead, we would recommend that you take the time to compare the market before settling on any new plan.

With the ongoing global energy crisis, prices can vary greatly between suppliers and it is worth taking the time to shop around before settling on a new provider.

Will I Still Receive My €200 Energy Government Rebate?

Yes! If you haven’t received your €200 electricity payment yet, Iberdrola announced it will be applying the credit to its customers’ final bill.

What is the energy rebate scheme? Given the continuous rise in the cost of electricity in 2022, the Government announced it will award a €200 one-off payment to every household in Ireland, some 2.1 million homes.

What Were the Iberdrola Rates and Tariffs in Ireland?

electricity bill

As Iberdrola is longer operating in Ireland, we list here its last offers for electricity, gas, and dual-fuel plans. In addition to its standard rates, the supplier also had discount plans and cashback offers available.

Check out Iberdrola’s last tariff information below. All prices include VAT at 13.5% and Nightsaver tariffs are calculated at 50% day usage and 50% night usage.

Iberdrola Electricity Rates

Iberdrola began selling electricity to the Irish public in June 2019. The Iberdrola Ireland website puts a strong emphasis on a commitment to supplying 100% green electricity. Iberdrola also promised “simple tariffs and bills”.

The supplier had two different electricity-only tariffs. You can find the electricity rates for these different plans below.

Iberdrola Standard Tariff

For the average household, the standard tariff was one of the most expensive Iberdrola electricity-only offer. The main advantage of the standard tariff was that it allowed you to cancel or change plans at any time without any penalties.

Iberdrola Ireland Standard Tariff
Rate Unit Price Day Unit Price Night Unit Price Standing Charge PSO Yearly Average
Urban 24hr 38.73c N/A N/A €287.85 €56.24 €1,970.65
Rural 24 38.73c N/A N/A €344.33 €56.24 €2,027.13
Urban Night N/A 43.91c 22.48c €331.12 €56.24 €1,781.36
Rural Night N/A 43.91c 22.48c €387.57 €56.24 €1,837.81

*Last updated July 2022

Iberdrola Green Online Saver

This Green Online Saver tariff was the cheapest Iberdrola electricity-only offer. It provided a 26% discount off the standard electricity unit rate, as well as €192 cashback. This plan could be managed online. Customers had to pay via direct debit. If you terminated the one-year contract before it ended, you would be charged a €50 exit fee.

Green Online Saver - 26% Discount
Rate Unit Price Day Unit Price Night Unit Price Standing Charge PSO Yearly Average
Urban 24hr 28.66c N/A N/A €287.85 €56.24 €1,377.80
Rural 24 28.66c N/A N/A €344.33 €56.24 €1,434.63
Urban Night N/A 32.49c 16.64c €331.12 €56.24 €1,421.42
Rural Night N/A 32.49c 16.64c €387.57 €56.24 €1,477.87

*Last updated July 2022

Iberdrola Gas Rates

Initially, an electricity-only provider, Iberdrola began supplying gas as well in Ireland, thus enabling both existing customers and prospective customers to avail themselves of dual fuel or gas-only options in addition to electricity.

As with the electricity tariffs, customers could avail of discounted gas rates. Iberdrola Ireland offered a discounted gas plan. The Gas Discount Saver tariff provided 32.5% off the standard rate.

You can find the gas rates in the table below.

Iberdrola Ireland Gas Rates
Tariff Unit Price Standing Charge Carbon Tax Yearly Average
Standard 9.806c €167.82 0.808c €1,335.29
Gas Discount Saver 6.619c €167.82 0.808c €984.72

*Last updated July 2022

Iberdrola Dual fuel Prices

For those who wiere nterested in a dual fuel option, the discount is set at 30% for both fuels with a cashback discount of €264. This meant that, depending on whether you were on an Urban or Rural, 24 hour or Nightsaver tariff, your estimated annual bill (calculating 4,200kWh electricity consumption and 11,000kWh gas) would have been as follows:

Estimated Dual Fuel Spend per Year
Tariff Offer Urban 24hr Rural 24hr Urban Nightsaver Rural Nightsaver
Dual Fuel Standard   €3,305.94 €3,362.42 €3,116.65 €3,173.10
Dual Fuel Online Saver 30% discount + €264 Cashback €2,496.73 €2,553.22 €2,123.57 €2,180.02

*Last updated July 2022. Calculations include Cashback.


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What Were Iberdrola Ireland's Exit Fees?

As tends to be standard with Irish energy suppliers, there was a €50 exit fee per fuel. As contracts with Iberdrola Ireland have a duration of 12 months, if you switched suppliers within that period you would be liable to pay an additional €50 per fuel with your final bill. However, you could switch tariffs or suppliers within the last 49 days of your contract and you wouldn't be charged an exit fee.

You couldn't be charged an exit fee if you decided to exit your contract within the first 14 days of it, also known as the “cooling off” period.

Iberdrola Ireland Reviews: What Did Customers Say?

Let's look at two of the more important customer review websites in Ireland to examine people's reviews of the services offered by Iberdrola in Ireland.

Iberdrola Reviews
Reviewer Rating Details
Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Happy with quality customer service.
Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Negative comments about the Iberdrola Ireland price increases.

Iberdrola Ireland Reviews on Trustpilot

Speech bubbles

On the customer review site Trustpilot, Iberdrola Ireland had an impressive overall score of 4.7 out of five stars. Of the nearly 2,900 customers who have left Iberdrola reviews, 92% rated the supplier as either excellent or great. Only 6% of the Iberdrola reviews have a poor or bad rating.

Customers generally praised the supplier for its high-quality customer service, often mentioning representatives by name and noting that they were "professional" and "courteous".

My call was answered straight away without any delay. I was speaking with Chloe and she was very professional, pleasant and sorted my query without any problems.

Marie Fleming - Trustpilot, May 2022

The relatively low number of complaints generally pertain to technical issues with the app or online account system, as well as untimely billing.

Iberdrola Ireland Reviews on Google

On Google, Iberdrola Ireland has a slightly lower overall rating of 4.2 out of five stars. However, this is based on only 388 reviews.

I've been an Iberdrola customer for gas and electricity for four years. I continually find the customer service support at Iberdrola to be excellent - easy to get to speak to a human, and they are really well trained, knowledgeable and helpful. If I have to move elsewhere to get a better tariff, I will miss the fantastic customer experience.

Eimear Cahalin - Google Reviews, April 2022

The main complaint from clients leaving a poor review for Iberdrola Ireland are the high prices and high bills. An Iberdrola representative has replied to all the comments left online by customers.

The fact that the provider took the time to answer these comments is a further testament to the excellent customer service they give.


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What Was the Iberdrola Ireland Login?

If you were an existing client, Iberdrola provided an online login account for its customers. If you had already registered for an online account, you could follow these steps to log in:

  1. Access the Iberdrola Ireland homepage.
  2. Click the button that says "Log in to My Account" in green letters in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your account and click where it says "Continue".
  4. Enter the password for your account and click "Continue".

If you were a new Iberdrola Ireland customer and would have liked to create an online account, you could register online. However, this shouldn’t have been necessary as Iberdrola Ireland states on its website that when you switched, you would automatically be set up with an online account. You would receive your Iberdrola login information via email while you were waiting your final bill.

If you did need to register, you would need your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) and your Iberdrola account number.

You could find the MPRN for your household on any previous electricity bill. Iberdrola would have provided you with your account number upon registering, on any Iberdrola bill, or in your welcome pack. If you had any issues finding your account number you could contact Iberdrola customer service.

Iberdrola Online Billing

In line with its green philosophy, Iberdrola operated on a paperless principle. Bills could be viewed or downloaded from the “Bills & Payments” section of its website.

There was also an energy usage section that details your annual consumption and consumption per billing period. Bills were issued bimonthly and would appear in the “Bills and Payments” website section. If customers have opted for Direct Debit billing, payments will leave their accounts 14 days after a bill is due.

Iberdrola Ireland App


As with most modern energy suppliers, Iberdrola provided a smartphone app with similar functionality to the online account. Customers who preferred to use the app while they were out and about will find its functions included:

  • Submit meter readings online
  • Chat when you need help (app version of webchat)
  • View bills and payments

As Iberdrola was such a new addition to the Irish energy market, there were very few reviews available for the app, which is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

In Google Play, the Iberdrola app has 100 reviews and an overall score of just 3 out of five stars. In the App Store, the app has over 157 comments with a better score of 4.1 out of five stars.

Google Play Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
App Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Users on both platforms had mainly complained about the inability to log in to their account with the app. Those who could enter their account details with the app seem quite happy with the ease of its use.


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Looking to Switch Energy Providers?

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What Was the Iberdrola Contact Number in Ireland?

Iberdrola used to provide several avenues of contact. However, since their departure from the Irish energy market, there is only one department open to handle all Iberdrola queries. We list the contact information in the table below.

Iberdrola Ireland Contact Information
Contact method Contact details
Iberdrola Phone number 1800 300 370
Email address [email protected]
Mailing address Customer Service Team, Iberdrola, PO Box 13051, Dublin 2
Compare the Energy Market and Save! Call  01 267 8669  Ad 

You can get further information about all the Iberdrola contact details in our dedicated guide.

About Iberdrola Ireland

Although Iberdrola Ireland may have seemed like an absolute newcomer, they had been operating in Ireland for roughly 20 years through ScottishPower. This was due to ScottishPower owning and operating the Barnesmore wind farm in County Donegal as well as an additional five wind farms across Northern Ireland and the south.

We look in further detail at the various aspects of the energy provider below.

Who Was Iberdrola Ireland?

Iberdrola Ireland Synopsis
Fuel types: Electricity, Gas & Dual Fuel  100% renewable energy
Electricity sources: Renewables   Excellent customer reviews
Customers: 31.67 million worldwide  Expensive energy prices

Iberdrola Ireland was the Irish branch of the Spanish energy giant Iberdrola. Irish customers may have been more familiar with one of its UK branches, ScottishPower.

Did you know?Iberdrola is the top renewable energy producer in Europe and is also the cleanest electricity supplier in the USA.

Who Owns Iberdrola?

Iberdrola is a large multinational corporation with thousands of shareholders across the globe. We breakdown the details of the current largest shareholders in the table below.

Iberdrola Significant Shareholders
Shareholder Name Percentage of Shares Held
Qatar Investment Authority 8.69%
Blackrock, Inc. 5.16%
Norges Bank 3.36%

Source: Iberdrola Share Capital

When Was Iberdrola founded?

Iberdrola Ireland’s parent company, Iberdrola Spain, was created in November 1992 by a merger between two large Spanish companies, Hidrola and Iberduero. Globally, Iberdrola supplies energy to over 100 million customers and is the number one producer of wind power.

Where Is Iberdrola located?

Iberdrola is located in Bilbao, Spain. The company has more than 34,000 employees that work across dozens of countries and four different continents. In Ireland, the main Iberdrola office is located in Dublin.

What Is Iberdrola Ireland's Fuel Mix?

Iberdrola has committed to providing electricity only from 100% renewable sources and as such has a 100% renewable fuel mix. The company’s move to the Irish market has also been accompanied by stating plans to invest over €100 million in Irish wind farms. The company will be renewing three of its existing Irish wind farms to increase their efficiency.

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