Energy Providers in Ireland

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• 100% green energy!
• Well-priced gas and electricity offers.
• Popularity steadily increasing and with reason!
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• Be Energy Ireland stopped trading in December 2020.
• All customers were transferred to Flogas.
• Be Energy customers can find out what to do next in our easy-to-follow guide.
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• Originally part of Ireland’s government-owned gas network.
• Has a wide range of gas and electricity offers.
• It is Ireland's largest residential gas supplier!
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• Bright Energy stopped trading in January 2022.
• Customers have been transferred to Electric Ireland.
• Bright Energy customers can find out what to do next in our comprehensive guide.
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• 100% renewable electricity.
• Company is owned by the communities it services.
• The company only has one tariff and no exit fees.
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• Most recent energy supplier on the Irish market.
• Electricity-only tariffs.
• Produces its own 100% renewable energy.
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• Formerly part of government-owned ESB.
• Provides electricity and gas at competitive prices.
• Offers smart pay-as-you-go (SPAYG) plans.
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• Long-established as an LPG provider.
• Flogas also supplies natural gas and electricity at low prices.
• Started supplying electricity in late 2019 with its takeover of Just Energy.
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• Technology focuses provider
• Australian-owned electricity-only offers.
• Find out what sets Glowpower apart from other electricity suppliers in our comprehensive review!
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• Stopped trading in Ireland in June of 2022.
• Originally from the Spanish peninsula.
• Read our Iberdrola guide to see what happens next for its former customers.
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• Their parent company Panda manages recycling.
• Gives discounts to customers with Panda for recycling.
• Offers both fuels, electricity and gas plans.
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• A Pay-As-You-Go-only electricity supplier.
• Focuses on encouraging smart meter use to reduce energy waste.
• They provide a snazzy In-Home Display to be used in conjunction with a smart meter.
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• Pay-As-You-Go-only electricity and gas supplier.
• Highly-rated by its customers.
• Now also offers pay-as-you-go broadband plans!
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• Part of the global SSE family.
• SSE Airtricity supply both electricity and gas.
• It also operates in both the UK and Northern Ireland.
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• Recently joined domestic electricity supply market.
• Electricity-only tariffs.
• Produces its own 100% renewable hydro-powered energy.
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