Panda (also known as Panda Green or Panda Greenstar) is an Irish waste management company. The Panda group has been operating in Ireland under various guises for close to 30 years. Find out everything you need to know about the provider, from its prices to its waste calendar and login details, in our complete Panda waste guide.

About Panda waste management

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The difference between Panda and other waste companies is that Panda waste management is committed to recycling for both households and businesses. If that’s not enough, they also provide skip rental services where they recycle 100% of the waste in the skip.

What started as a local recycling service, Panda waste has since grown into Ireland’s leading commercial and domestic waste management company.

Panda is well viewed in the Irish community. As its tagline indicates, it’s “an animal for recycling” and often collaborates with local companies on other green initiatives.

In fact, it works with so many different local companies in waste management-related products that people often don’t know they are dealing with Panda.

The group has also expanded its services internationally into the UK, Netherlands, and USA markets.

To simplify which partners Panda waste manages, we break down everything you need to know about the company’s operations in Ireland below.

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Who owns Panda waste Management?

Panda belongs to the Panda group, which is the parent company of the energy provider Panda Power. The Panda Group is in turn owned by the Beauparc Utility Group.

The Beauparc Utility Group is 100% Irish-owned with its origins in 1990 in county Meath. Originally having just two employees, the group now has over 2,300 employees and operates internationally.

Are Panda and Greenstar the same company?

In a way, yes. Panda and Greenstar are now the same company.

Greenstar, another well-known waste-recycling company, was acquired by the Panda group in 2016. Despite its takeover though, Panda has kept the Greenstar logo on their recycling trucks and use of its name. This brings a little bit of confusion to customers who desperately search the web for a Greenstar calendar, phone number, or bins.

If your household is still serviced by a Greenstar recycling truck, Panda is who you need to contact for any queries, comments, or questions you may have about the service.

Who owns Greenstar Recycling?

Greenstar Recycling has been managed by Panda since 2016. This includes all the counties where the company has operated, such as Greenstar Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny, Wexford, Gorey, to name but just a few.

Is Panda part of Greenstar?

No. It is the other way around. Greenstar is now a part of the Panda waste management group.

Who owns Greenstar Recycling?

Greenstar Recycling has been managed by Panda since 2016. This includes all the counties where the company has operated, such as Greenstar Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny, Wexford, Gorey, to name but just a few.

What other companies are managed by Panda waste?

Greenstar bins and recycling isn’t the only other Irish waste company Panda waste has acquired over the years. The table below summarizes the various companies acquired by the Panda Group, also known as the Beauparc Utility Group.

Note that, like with Greenstar, Panda has adopted a similar strategy to maintain the original company name and its logos visibility. As such, if you are looking to contact any of the companies listed below, it is the Panda waste phone number you need to dial.

Companies managed by Panda waste group
Waste Company Name Year Acquired by Panda Activity description
A1 Skips 2010 A1 Skips offers residential and commercial waste collection across Dublin, Louth, and Meath.
Bioverda (previously Irish Power Systems) 2017 Energy producer, mainly from biomass and waste.
Irish Packaging Recycling (I.P.R.) 2007 Ireland’s largest household recycling facility. Converting 335,000 tons of recyclable material every year.
Greenstar Recycling 2016 Residential bin collection in nine different counties. Nationwide for commercial waste collection.
Mahon’s Recycling 2014 County Meath, waste management business.
Ozo Waste 2014 OZO waste specializes in commercial waste collection in the Dublin area.
Spanners Limited 2012 Commercial vehicle maintenance services.
WERS waste 2019 Residential and commercial waste collection, recycling, compost, and environmental services throughout the province of Connaught.
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Find the Best Offer for Your Home.
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Panda waste collection

First, let's look at what waste is collected by Panda. It is extremely important to separate your refuse properly. Panda waste will potentially not collect your bin should it be done incorrectly. Furthermore, if the bin is considered to be heavily contaminated, it may be treated as general waste and you will be charged accordingly.

Did you know? Putting the wrong item in the wrong bin can contaminate items that have been correctly recycled (e.g. damp rotten vegetables in a cardboard and paper bin). You can also be fined between €10-25 for putting the wrong type of waste in the wrong bin.

The company is well aware that recycling can get confusing once it gets beyond simple glass/paper/organic bins. Therefore, let’s have a look at the list of items that go into the different waste bins.

  • Black bins (general waste bin):
  • Aero board/Styrofoam
  • Coffee cups (Paper & Polystyrene)
  • Food contaminated material
  • General refuse
  • Hoover dust/contents
  • Nappies
  • Wax-paper wrappings
  • Wooden material
  • Brown bins (compost bin):
  • Food (cooked and raw, kitchen scraps, out-of-date food without packaging, etc.)
  • Teabags and tea leaves
  • Bones (from meat, poultry, and fish)
  • Garden waste (clippings, plant trimmings, leaves, cut flowers, weeds, etc.)
  • Wet cardboard and paper
  • Paper Towels or napkins
  • Green bins (recycling bin):
  • Aluminum
  • Tetra Pak
  • Plastic (drink bottles, cleaning bottles, tubs from butter yoghurt and salad, fruit and vegetable trays, milk cartons, soap or shampoo bottles)
  • Soft plastics (bread & pasta bags, cling film, crisp packets, plastic bags, salad bags, sandwich containers, etc.)
  • Tins and cans (from soup, pet food, drinks, canned food, etc.)
  • Letters, brochures, cardboard, egg boxes

Important Remember that recycling items, such as plastic containers and tin cans, should be clean and dry. If the item you are looking to throw away is not on any of the above lists, then it doesn’t go in your Panda waste bins. Still have doubts about which bin to use? You can always view the full list of materials on Panda’s webpage. Do NOT place any hazardous materials (paint, batteries, etc.) in any of the bins.

Panda skip and skip bag plans

Doing some home renovations and not sure what to do with the waste? Skip and skip bags are the perfect solutions for such do-it-yourself projects or for clearing out your home. They allow you to securely dispose of general waste, demolition waste, and even soil for garden improvements.

Here are the different skip types available from Panda waste:

  • Skip bag: This allows you to fill it in your own time and call when it is ready to be collected.
  • Mini skip: Up to 2.5 cubic yards in size. It can hold light general waste.
  • Midi skip: Up to 4 cubic yards size. Medium size ideal for larger jobs.
  • Standard skip: 6 cubic yards. A standard builder’s skip for large projects.

Panda waste prices for skips will vary per county. Contact the supplier directly to determine the right skip option for your project.

Panda waste calendar


Once you know what to put in each bin, you can find out when your waste is being collected by examining the Panda waste calendar.

There are four different ways you can access the Panda waste calendar:

  1. Log in to the ‘my Panda’ online portal and click the ‘Collection Calendar’.
  2. Download the Panda waste app to see your bin collection calendar.
  3. Request to receive reminder messages the day before the bin collection pick-up.
  4. Contact the Panda waste live chat service.

We look in further detail at some of these services.

My Panda waste login

My Panda’ is the name given to the company’s online portal. Registering to the service will give you access to the following features and services:

  • Panda waste login features
  • Manage your account online
  • Pay your bills online
  • View billing history
  • Verify your bin weight history
  • Access the Panda waste calendar

Registering for a Panda waste login account is very straightforward. Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow:

  1. Head to the company’s website
  2. Click on ‘my Panda’ located on the top right-hand corner
  3. You will be asked to provide a valid email address
  4. Check your inbox as Panda will send you a verification code to validate your email address
  5. You will then be able to select a password for your account
  6. To complete the process, you will then need to enter your Panda waste account number

Panda waste app

A screenshot of the Android app for Panda waste

If you prefer, Panda waste has an app available on both Android and the Apple store. Reviews for the app are relatively high in comparison with ratings for other service provider apps, at 3.8 out of 5 stars for Android and 4.7 out of 5 for Apple. The app provides a few extra features on top of the same services as the My Panda waste login account, including:

  • Reminders the night before bin collection day
  • The ability to pay invoices
  • Account management
  • Bin weight history

Using paperless billing via the app or My Panda login account is more environmentally friendly and very much in keeping with the Panda ethos.

Customers leaving positive reviews for the Panda waste app were particularly enamoured of the bin reminder service. Some unhappy users cite that payments would appear on the online login section of Panda’s website before they would appear on the app.

Very easy to use keeps you updated on collections and easy to make payments
Geraldine Noone - October 2021 - App Store

Where does Panda waste operate?

With the acquisition of other waste management companies like Greenstar recycling, A1 skips, Ozo waste, and Wers waste, Panda now covers a lot of the Republics’ counties for residential waste collection.

Here is a list of the counties you can obtain waste collection services from Panda Green. Keep in mind that the truck that comes to your door may bear a different logo and name like the ones mentioned above.

Counties serviced by Panda waste
Carlow Kildare Louth Tipperary
Cork Kilkenny Mayo Waterford
Donegal Laois Meath Westmeath
Dublin Leitrim Roscommon Wexford
Galway Limerick Sligo Wicklow

In other words, Panda waste collection services are available for homes in every county on the Island except for six: Cavan, Clare, Kerry, Longford, Monaghan, and Offaly.

Did you know? Much like the energy and broadband sectors, bin collection is an open market in Ireland. There is more than one provider offering waste collection services in each county. Therefore, as a consumer, you can compare the market and choose which waste provider you prefer to work with.

How much does Panda waste cost?

To get an idea of Panda waste prices, we compare its prices with a few other important bin collection companies.

As prices vary per county, we use Dublin’s bin collection costs as an example.

Bin collection prices for Dublin
Waste Provider General waste limit Monthly cost Exceed price per kilo
Allied recycling 240 Liter waste €25 20c
City Bin Company 42 Kilos waste €17.99 20c
Greyhound Recycling 42 Kilos waste €18.50 34c
Panda Green 42 Kilos waste €18.50 28c
Thorntons Recycling 40 Kilos waste €17.99 20c
Find the Best Offer for Your Home.
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Find the Best Offer for Your Home.
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It is important to note that some of these prices are per bin, while others include up to all three bins (compost, waste, and recycling bins). This is something to keep in mind as, at first glance, there appears to be a great discrepancy in the monthly waste prices between providers.

Panda doesn't see environmental waste management as an add-on to their operations but as an integral part of everything they do.

For example, in May 2019, Panda offered to recycle all election posters free of charge, a welcome measure against the unpopular posters and their impact upon the local environment.

Panda waste offers

Customers who are already with Panda for waste management can get an extra €100 a year off their energy bills if they switch electricity and gas to Panda Power. If you're not already a Panda Power customer, check out our Panda Power Reviews page to see if you should switch.

What is the Panda waste phone number?

Are you looking for the Panda waste phone number? The provider makes it nice and easy with just the one contact phone number of 01 829 8992. You can always visit our dedicated page for Panda Power contact information for full details.

Bear in mind that this is the sole phone number for Panda whether it is for residential, business, energy, recycling, or waste query. This means you will have to go through an elaborate automated menu to reach the correct department for your query.

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Other Panda waste contact information

Should you not wish to use the Panda waste phone number, you can always contact the company with the following alternative methods:

  • Other Panda waste contact information
  • Start an online chat (available Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm)
  • Request a call back via their ‘get more support’ webpage
  • Through their Facebook page
  • Through their Instagram account
  • Send a written request by post to the following address:
    Panda Greenstar
    Ballymount Road Upper,
    Ballymount, Dublin 24

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