Energy management involves the strategic planning and implementation of measures to optimize energy usage and reduce costs while minimising environmental impact.In our Arden Energy business guide, we’ll walk you through how Arden Energy is assisting businesses in Ireland with electricity supply and energy management services.

What Is Arden Energy Business?


Arden Energy is a leading electricity supplier and energy management services provider in Ireland. It empowers customers by giving them control over and management of their energy usage and costs.

Arden Energy provides straightforward and transparent information on energy consumption and expenses, enabling businesses to understand their usage patterns and identify opportunities for savings.

  • Facts about Arden Energy
  • Founded: 2014
  • Founder: Arden
  • Headquarter: Dublin
  • Industry: Environmental Services, Consulting, Energy & Utilities
  • Employees: 2-10

Who Is Arden Energy Business For?

Arden Energy caters to a wide range of customers and businesses. Their services are beneficial for organizations of varying sizes and industries that are seeking to optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability efforts.

Whether it's a small local business, a mid-sized company, or a large enterprise, Arden Energy offers solutions tailored to meet the unique energy management needs of each client.Arden Energy provides services to a wide range of businesses across various industries. Here are some examples:

  1. Manufacturing

    Arden Energy assists manufacturing companies as energy suppliers in optimizing energy usage, identifying energy-saving opportunities in production processes, and implementing energy-efficient technologies to reduce operational costs.

  2. Hospitality

    Arden Energy helps hotels, resorts, and hospitality establishments manage their energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient lighting, HVAC controls, and smart systems, resulting in cost savings and improved sustainability.

  3. Healthcare

    Arden Energy works with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to optimize energy usage, implement energy-efficient equipment, and integrate renewable energy sources, ensuring uninterrupted and sustainable energy supply while reducing operational expenses.

  4. Retail

    Arden Energy provides energy management solutions to retail businesses, helping them identify energy-saving measures for lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC systems, leading to reduced energy costs and improved environmental performance.

  5. Commercial Real Estate

    Arden Energy assists property owners and managers in optimizing energy usage across commercial buildings, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and leveraging renewable energy sources to achieve sustainability goals and attract environmentally conscious tenants.

  6. Data Centers

    Arden Energy helps data centre operators optimize energy efficiency by implementing advanced cooling systems, energy monitoring solutions, and renewable energy integration, resulting in reduced energy consumption and operational costs.

  7. Education

    Arden Energy supports educational institutions in managing their energy consumption through energy audits, efficiency upgrades, and renewable energy integration, enabling schools and universities to reduce costs and promote sustainable practices.

  8. Agriculture

    Arden Energy offers energy management solutions to the agricultural sector, helping farmers and agricultural businesses optimize energy use in irrigation, heating, and cooling systems, resulting in cost savings and improved sustainability.

What Does Arden Energy Business Offer?

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Arden Energy empowers companies to regain control over their energy consumption. With a dedicated energy engineer assigned to each customer, they provide ongoing support in managing on-site energy usage.

The energy engineer offers valuable advice on reducing consumption without negatively impacting business operations, ensuring efficient energy management practices are implemented.

What’s Included with Arden Energy Business?

From small businesses to large corporations, Arden Energy being one of the known energy suppliers offers electricity supply, energy monitoring, smart metering and customized energy management services to help organizations optimize their energy usage, reduce costs, and improve sustainability practices.

  1. Renewable Energy

    Arden Energy sources electricity from renewable energy generators in Ireland, ensuring a genuine renewable energy offering to their customers. If you are a business involved in solar energy, wind, hydro, or biomass energy projects, Arden Energy provides support in project planning, design, and offers the best cost for electricity exported to the grid, fostering sustainable energy development.

  2. Smart Metering

    Arden Energy's smart metering solutions enable businesses to gain better visibility and control over their energy usage, leading to improved cost management, enhanced energy efficiency, and greater sustainability.
    Arden Energy offers comprehensive smart metering solutions to businesses. Here are some key features:

    • Accurate Energy Monitoring
      Arden Energy provides smart meters that enable real-time and accurate monitoring of energy consumption. This data helps businesses understand their energy usage patterns and identify opportunities for optimization.
    • Cost Management
      Smart metering allows businesses to track their energy usage in detail, empowering them to manage and reduce energy costs effectively. By identifying energy-intensive processes or equipment, businesses can make informed decisions to improve energy efficiency.
    • Remote Monitoring and Control
      Arden Energy's smart meters enable remote monitoring and control of energy usage. This functionality allows businesses to remotely access and manage energy-related data, such as meter readings and power usage, providing convenience and flexibility in energy management.
    • Energy Efficiency Insights
      Smart meters provide valuable insights into energy usage patterns, helping businesses identify areas of high energy consumption and potential energy-saving opportunities. By understanding when and where energy is being used, businesses can implement targeted efficiency measures.
    • Billing Accuracy
      Smart metering ensures accurate energy billing based on actual consumption data, eliminating the need for estimated bills. This leads to fair and transparent billing practices, reducing billing disputes and ensuring businesses are charged accurately for the energy they consume.
    • Sustainability Tracking
      With smart metering, businesses can track their carbon footprint and monitor the impact of energy-saving initiatives. This information supports sustainability reporting and helps businesses align with environmental goals and regulations.
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How Much Does Arden Energy Business Cost?

Calculating and comparing business energy rates can be challenging due to the bespoke nature of almost every quote received, and the same applies to Arden Energy Business. Each quote takes into account unique factors specific to the business, making it difficult to provide standardized or easily comparable rates.

However, obtaining an exact estimate for business energy costs in Ireland can be challenging, having knowledge of average energy consumption within your industry can provide a rough estimate of your potential spending. By understanding typical energy usage patterns, you can gain a general idea of the expected energy costs for your business.

What Factors Does Arden Energy Business Consider in Quotes?

The cost of Arden Energy's services can vary depending on several factors, including the specific solutions required, the size and complexity of the business, and the scope of the energy management project. Arden Energy considers several factors when providing quotes for their services. Some of the key factors they may take into account include:

  1. Business Size and Energy Consumption

    The size of your business and your energy consumption profile play a significant role in determining the scope of the project and the resources required. Arden Energy will consider your energy usage data to assess the complexity of the project and estimate the level of support needed.

  2. Energy Management Objectives

    Understanding your specific energy management objectives is crucial for Arden Energy to provide an accurate quote. Whether you aim to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, integrate renewable energy sources, or achieve sustainability goals, communicating your priorities will help shape the proposed solutions and associated costs.

  3. Existing Infrastructure and Systems

    The state of your current energy infrastructure, equipment, and systems will be evaluated. Arden Energy will assess if any upgrades, retrofits, or installations are necessary to achieve your energy management goals, which can influence the cost estimate.

  4. Project Scope and Services Required

    The specific services you require from Arden Energy, such as energy audits, smart metering, efficiency upgrades, renewable energy integration, or ongoing monitoring, will be considered when determining the overall cost. The complexity and duration of the project will also be taken into account.

  5. Regulatory and Compliance Considerations

    Depending on the industry and location of your business, there may be specific regulatory requirements and compliance standards related to energy management. Arden Energy will consider these factors and ensure their solutions align with applicable regulations, which may impact the overall cost.

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How Do I Contact Arden Energy Business?

Contacting Arden Energy is convenient and offers multiple options to suit your preferences. As a business customer, you have access to various contact methods, ensuring personalized and one-to-one support. Whether through phone, email, or online channels, Arden Energy provides a range of contact options to assist you efficiently.

Where is Arden Energy Business Based in Ireland?

Arden Energy head office is based in Dublin, Ireland. Their listed address is stated as below:

Unit H 1st Floor,
The Liffey Trust Centre,
117-126 Sheriff Street Upper,
Dublin 1
D07 N795

What Is the Arden Energy Business Contact Number?

For prompt communication with Arden Energy Business, using their contact number is the most efficient approach. Arden Energy Business offers multiple contact numbers, allowing you to select the appropriate one based on your specific needs. This ensures streamlined and convenient access to the support and information you require.

Contact Number
Team +353 1 517 5793
Lo-Call 1800 940 151
Website Chat Live

What Is the Arden Energy Business Email Address?

If you prefer to communicate with Arden Energy Business via email, you can reach them at [email protected]. By sending an email to this address, you can conveniently connect with them and address your inquiries or concerns effectively.