Which Is the Best Alarm System in Ireland?

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When it comes to your home security system there’s no taking chances. You want to get the best for your property so it can be well protected from burglary and break in. So what is the best alarm system in Ireland and how can I know which is best for my home? In our best alarm systems guide, we walk you through all your need to know for which is the best alarm system in Ireland!


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What Different Alarms Systems Are There?

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Understanding which alarm system is best for your home is tricky. Especially if you haven’t had experience with getting an alarm installed before or you’ve had one for years and need to update it, it’s important to get all the information about the option out there beforehand.

The best alarm system that you’ll ultimately decide on will depend a lot on your property. Since each property is different, you might benefit from a particular system or setup that will perfectly suit your home. This is why most alarm providers will give you a bespoke quote when you look to sign up.

What is a bespoke quote? A bespoke quote is simply a price for your alarm system that is tailored to your and your property’s needs rather than based on any set prices. An alarm provider will usually assess your home based on its location, size, and age, and give you a final price for everything you might need to secure your home.

You should compare different quotes from different alarms providers to make sure you get the best price!

Which Are the Three Different Alarm Systems in Ireland?
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In general, you’ll find three different types of alarm systems that are available in Ireland. Each alarm system type has different features that allow you to secure your home so you can have peace of mind:

  1. Wired Alarm System
    A wired alarm system is a traditional home security solution that uses wired connections to connect the sensors to the control panel. This type of alarm system requires installing wires, but is a reliable and stable connection for monitoring and response.
  2. Wireless Alarm System
    A wireless alarm system is the easy-to-install option for securing your home. Since you don’t need wiring, wireless alarm systems can be installed in under 24 hours and operate on a dual connection system in order to ensure reliable protection even in the event of a lost broadband or mobile connection. With a wireless alarm system, you can have a secure home without sacrificing convenience and flexibility.
  3. Monitored Alarm System
    A monitored alarm system is a comprehensive security solution that provides 24/7 monitoring and protection for your home. In the event of a break-in, medical emergency, or fire, trained professionals respond immediately to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones. With a monitored alarm system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is always protected.


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Which Is Better Wired or Wireless House Alarm?

Alarm providers typically don’t offer completely wired alarm systems anymore. Most of these will be old systems that most likely haven’t been updated in a while. However, it is common to have a hybrid wired alarm system with some wireless components or just a completely wireless alarm system.

What’s the Difference Between a Wired and Wireless Alarm System?

There are a few differences between how wired and wireless alarm systems are set up besides just the presence of wiring. The components work in slightly different ways to make sure that the alarm system works efficiently in order to keep your home secure:

Component Wired Alarm System Wireless Alarm System
Power Plugged into your mains Runs on a battery
Sensors Connected through wiring in the walls Connects over a secure wireless connection
Monitoring Uses an ethernet connection or landline to connect to the monitoring centre Uses a mobile connection to connect to the monitoring centre

More likely than not, your alarm system will be more hybrid. Your wired alarm system might communicate with the monitoring centre over a mobile connection, and you might keep your wireless alarm sensor plugged in to keep charged.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Wired Alarm System?

A wired system, although not popular or standard from modern alarm providers, does have some advantages over a wireless system. It also has a lot of drawbacks that can make it a good reason to seek an upgrade:

Advantages of a Wired Alarm System

  • More Reliable Connection
    Wired alarm systems have a much stabler connection that is not susceptible to interference or signal loss. Since it’s all connected up with wires, the connection is usually stronger and more instant.

  • Faster at Response
    The wired connection usually will have a quicker response time in the event of an alarm trigger due to the wiring. This makes them a little bit more secure since there’s no lag.

  • No Battery
    Since there’s no battery, you don’t have to worry about replacing it every now and then like a wireless alarm system. This makes them safer since you don’t have to worry about a break in happening when the alarm is out of battery.

  • More Secure
    Wired connections are also less vulnerable to tampering or hacking which makes wired alarm systems more secure.

Disadvantages of a Wired Alarm System

  • Hard To Install
    Wired alarm systems require a more complex installation, often involving the drilling of holes and running of wires throughout the building. This can also take a number of days and can cause problems if your home has awkward wiring.

  • More Expensive
    Wired alarm systems are usually more expensive to install than wireless systems due to the cost of materials and labour involved. They are also more expensive to repair which might require an electrician.

  • Impossible To Move
    After you’ve installed a wired alarm system, it’s almost impossible to move it somewhere else. If you’re planning on having work done on your property, you might encounter problems with making your wiring for your alarm still working.

  • Pain To Upgrade
    Wired alarm systems require regular maintenance to ensure that all connections are secure and working properly. This can be more time-consuming and costly compared to wireless systems.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Wireless Alarm System?

A wireless alarm system is by far the most popular among both alarm providers and customers. It’s generally much easier to install but it does come with some disadvantages that you should take into consideration:

Advantages of a Wireless Alarm System

  • Easier to Install
    Wireless alarm systems are much easier to install than wired alarm systems. It can be done quickly in under 24 hours without needing to install complicated wiring or drilling.

  • Cheaper
    Wireless alarm systems are much cheaper to install than wired alarm systems since you don’t need to worry about labour costs or needing to hire an electrician to break down your walls.

  • Easy To Move About
    Wireless alarm systems are also much easier to move about than wired alarm systems. Since it’s all connected through a wireless connection, you don’t have to worry if you move it about making it much more flexible.

  • Less Maintenance
    You don’t need to worry about maintenance with wireless alarm systems. If something does go wrong, it will usually be one component which will just require a quick fix, rather than the whole alarm system going down.

Disadvantages of a Wireless Alarm System

  • Risk of Interference
    Wireless alarm systems are at risk of either accidental or malicious interference from other devices. It’s possible your system could be tampered with or hacked into which isn’t a risk with a wired system.

  • Battery life
    You will need to replace the alarm’s batteries from time to time which makes them a little less reliable. If the battery is running long, it could make the alarm system less reactive and forgo some of the security. You need to make sure your alarm is properly charged and ready in the case of a break in.

  • Signal Range Restrictions
    Sometimes the wireless signal might be restricted by distance making it difficult to move the alarm system components about. It might be that the alarm only has a strong signal in an awkward place in your home. If you have a larger property this can also be a big problem.

  • Problems with Compatibility
    Occasionally, there could be some compatibility issues when it comes to installing your alarms system. This might lead to the components not working well together and decreasing the reliability.

Which Is Better?

All in all, it’s clear that there are advantages and disadvantages to both a wired alarm system and a wireless alarm system. However, with most wired alarm systems having been phased out and most alarm providers focusing on wireless alarm systems, they are currently the best ones you can get on the market.


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How Good Is a Monitored Alarm System?


A monitored alarm system can work with both a wired and wireless system and provides extra security for your property. With a monitored alarm system, your property will alert you to a break in or a burglary. There are two types of monitored alarm systems that you can have:

  1. Self-Monitored
    Self-monitored alarm systems will send you an alert to your mobile device if the alarm is triggered. It will also activate any security camera recording that you might have so you have evidence to give to the police.
  2. Professionally Monitored
    A professional monitored alarm system is where your property is surveyed by a professional team who can judge the severity of a break in or any incident at your property to get you the right response. This is usually offered as a monthly subscription and is part of the alarms package by most alarm companies.

Is a Monitored Alarm System the Best?

A monitored alarm system is by far the most secure and will keep your property safe in your mind as well as physically. If you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription for a professional monitored alarm system, you can still enjoy similar benefits with a self-monitoring alarm system instead.

Which Alarm System Is Best for My House?

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The type of alarm system you get installed depends on what type of property and whether you rent or own your own home. Since every home is different, you should make sure your alarm provider comes and assesses your home so they can give you a quote on what you need.

Which Alarm System Is Best for Homeowners?

If you’re a homeowner, having a wireless alarm system will enable you to have a quicker installation without needing to drill holes in the walls or risking any damage. It’s also recommended to consider a professionally monitored alarms system since your home will have the best security and can also protect your family members from any medical emergency or even fires.

Which Alarm System Is Best for Renters?

If you’re a renter, a wireless alarm system can give you the same protection as a homeowner without needing to make any alterations that might need a landlord’s permission. It’s also useful since you’ll be able to take your alarm system with you if you move out. Renters should also consider a self-monitoring system so they can be alerted to a break in without needing to pay a monthly subscription.

Which Alarm System Is Best for Larger Properties?

If you have a larger property, an alarm provider might suggest having multiple wireless systems or might need to include a little wiring to make sure the connection is reliable and strong across the entire property. You might also want to consider a larger alarm provider that will have experience in larger properties.


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Who Is the Best Alarm Systems Provider in Ireland?

The best alarm provider in Ireland is difficult to assess since every quote will be bespoke and will vary from property to property. This is why you should get multiple quotes when comparing providers to ensure that you are getting the best value for money and not overspending on unnecessary extras.

Who Are the Alarm Providers in Ireland?

Here’s a list of all the alarms providers in Ireland:

  • Verisure
  • Network Security
  • Action24
  • Top Security
  • AM Security Solutions
  • Homesecure
  • Securigard
  • Gokonnect
  • ESP Security
  • Security-systems
  • Smartzone

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