Panda Power reviews: should you switch?

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Panda Power offer clean 100% renewable electricity, gas and home refuse services, but what do customers actually think about the company and how satisfied are they with the services provided?

Unlike with some other Irish electricity and gas providers, Panda Power does not have any reviews on Feefo or Trustpilot. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to track down reviews. Keep reading to find out popular opinion below.

Google reviews

On the Internet search giant Google, Panda Power has racked up 42 reviews and an average of 2.3 out of 5 stars.

While at first glance such a rating seems less than impressive, customers do tend to write reviews most often when displeased with a provider rather than when they are pleased, so ratings, in general, can be somewhat skewed.

Issues that customers were displeased about when it came to Panda Power’s services included:

  1. Billing issues and large estimated bills
  2. Dissatisfaction with customer care
  3. Issues when trying to switch
  4. Unfriendly letters
  5. Problems signing up
  6. A lack of clarity regarding additional charges

When it came to customers who were happy with Panda power, the reasons cited were:

  1. Friendly and helpful customer service
  2. Good tariffs
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Negative reviews sample:

“Really bad customer service , Did not deal with my situation  ! I got my gas meter locked and was not informed nor by email nor by post.they said the letter got returned so I did not receive it.they said they tried to contact me on my phone but didn't reach out that was their escuse .I got charged for locking and unlocking fee that I was not informed on either .They are money takers . When I signed up after few months they put their prices really up so my bills were huge . I really advice you to avoid avoid avoid Panda Power .Other gas and electricity providers are much better they deal with their customers much better than these guys . Avoid ,never will I be going back to them .”

“Worst customer experience ever. Tried to switch. Sends a huge amount of estimated bill. Not helpful while contacting customer care.”

Source Google reviews

“Power are my existing supplier in my current house and I wanted to give them the new business.  After one email that wasn't answered and then two phone calls that were answered by an overflow service, nobody has come back to me since. This is appalling service and clearly not a one off failing.  I have now signed up with Electric Ireland where the experience was seamless and massively better. One star for Panda Power is far too much.”

Source Google reviews

Positive reviews sample:

“They helped me with my query in a very timely manner. Very helpful. Would recommend to everyone. 5 stars simply is not enough.”

Source Google reviews

“Great Customer service! Very friendly and helpful when looking for information, could not recommend them enough! If only every customer care team could be like these.”

Source Google reviews

“Very shocked to see such bad reviews here. I've always been giving such great customer service when dealing with anything and they've always been so helpful! 10/10 guys, keep up the good work. 👍”

Source Google reviews

Other reviews?

There are currently no other reviews available for Panda Power, apart from some sporadic posts on in which customers said they had always been happy with Panda Power and particularly liked that the company contacted them in advance of their discounted deal ending.

Another customer also noted that they experienced difficulties when trying to cancel their switch to the company within the 14-day cooling-off period.

This section will be updated if and when more reviews become available. In the meantime, it is also worth noting that Panda Power’s parent company is Panda, and both belong to the Beauparc group, in which case reviews for those companies could also shed some light on Panda Power’s leanings.

Selectra’s verdict

A green lightbulb

Without a larger sample of reviews, it can be quite hard to get a balanced picture of a company. However, there are enough similarities between some available reviews to get an idea of some issues and benefits associated with being a Panda Power customer.

In general, Panda Power customer service agents are well-liked, both friendly and responsive. However, it does appear that there is some disorganisation and miscommunication in the company, given the issues that customer have had when trying to switch or get through to the relevant departments.

An issue that repeatedly came up was customers who had switched to Panda Power because they had the cheapest deal, only for prices to later rise. We take this opportunity to remind you that the majority of electricity and gas tariffs in Ireland are variable tariffs.

This means that tariffs will need to be adjusted according to market rates, and as such, prices can and will increase or decrease. While suppliers may hold out for as long as possible, given the trend in increasing fossil fuel prices, in the end, prices will always need to be increased (usually several times a year).

As such it is entirely possible to sign up on a cheaper tariff with a company and for the tariff to then be increased just a month later. If you’d like to avoid this situation, then you should check the news to see if a supplier has increased its tariff within this previous six months, as this would be an indication that the advertised unit price should be maintained for at least another few months.

Or, you could always opt for a supplier with a fixed price tariff. Check out our list of Irish energy providers and the tariffs they offer before you make a decision to switch.

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