Wiser Bins, otherwise known as Wiser Recycling, is an Irish waste management and recycling company operating within County Cork. Primarily Wiser Bins focuses on the task of refuse and recycling collection services for both the domestic and commercial markets, with few services or activities outside of that scope.

Wiser Bins Prices and Packages for Households

Wiser Bins provide a relatively simple three-bin system, with several options relating to bin size along with varying Wiser Bins prices to match.

  • The two-bins system with recycling and waste is available throughout their coverage area
  • The three-bins system includes recycling, waste, and food waste within urban areas
  • The four-bins system includes recycling, waste, food waste and glass, but is only available within certain urban areas

Exactly what “certain urban areas” is defined as is unfortunately not elaborated further upon on their website.

All of their packages come with handy payment options of one, three or six month periods, although there is no additional discount for proceeding with a multi-month payment as opposed to paying for an individual months service. Let’s take a look at the specifics of the current Wiser bins prices and plans.

Product Bin Types Bin Sizes X1 Month price X3 Month price X6 Month price
240 L x4 Bins General, Recycling, Food, Glass x1 240L General
x1 240L Recycling
x1 140L Food
x1 240L Glass
€ 27.75 €83.25 €166.5
240 LITE x4 Bins General, Recycling, Food, Glass x1 240L General
x1 240L Recycling
x1 140L Food
x1 240L Glass
€23.75 €71.25 €142.5
360 L x2 Bins General, Recycling x1 360L Waste
x1 360L Recycling
€46.66 €139.98 €279.96
140 L x2 Bins General, Recycling x1 140L General
X1 240L Recycling
€23.75 €71.25 €142.5
140 L x3 Bins General, Recycling, Food (Where Available) x1 140L General
x1 240L Recycling
x1 140L Food
€23.75 €71.25 €142.5
240 L x2 Bins General, Recycling x1 240L General
x1 240L Recycling
€ 27.75 €82.25 €166.5
240 L x3 Bins General, Recycling, Food (Where Available) x1 240L General
x1 240L Recycling
x1 140L Food
€ 27.75 €83.25 €166.5

What can go in my Wiser Recycling bins?

Knowing which item is correct for which bin is an important aspect to wrap your head around, as putting the wrong items in the wrong bin could potentially land you a fine or affect your carbon footprint. Here is a shortlist of what is acceptable for each bin:

Recycling Waste Food Glass
Paper & Cardboard General Refuse (Nappies etc) Kitchen Food Waste Glass Bottles
Steel & Aluminium Cans Netting from Fruit/Veg Fruit & Veg Glass Jars
Catalogues/Phone Books Aluminium Foil Tea Bags, Bread, Cakes & Biscuits -
Plastic Bottles and Containers Animal Waste Eggs & Dairy -
Cartons, Cereal Boxes & Tetra Paks Ashes & Hoover Contents Meats & Out of Date Food -

Further recycling information can be found here.

Remember that your recycling should be cleaned, and packaging should be compressed where possible. This keeps your bins hygienic and saves on space.

Wiser Bins Commercial Information

The offerings to commercial clients, particularly Wiser Bins Cork and West Waterford customers is a little broader than the domestic offering. This includes the collection of general business waste, recycling, glass and food, in addition to cardboard waste collection service, and a bin capacity range of 140L, to a huge 1100L bins for clients with larger waste disposal needs.

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Wiser Bins secure online portal also enables clients to view detailed invoices, make payments, view collection schedules and history, send requests and more, eliminating the necessity of having to spend time calling.

Unfortunately, Wiser Bins doesn’t go into a great amount of details about the specifics of what plans, services and prices they can offer, but they do welcome potential new customers to discuss details further by either calling them, sending an email, or arranging a callback.

Contact Methods

Wiser Bins operates from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, closing for the weekends. It is important that you know what your options are if you have any queries or complaints.

Contact Method Contact Details Method Availability
Postal Address Unit R1 The Plaza, Market Green, Midleton Co. Cork Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Email Address [email protected] Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Phone Number 021 463 0601 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Callback Option Available via the submission form on the website contact section Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Contact Form Available on the website contact section Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Does Wiser Bins have an app?

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Unusually for this era, Wiser Bins does not yet appear to have an app on either the Google Play or Apple App stores, so for those who prefer to check their accounts on the go, or who have limited access to a computer, this may be something worth considering. Furthermore, Wiser Bins is lacking a social media presence, which is generally a modern standard for both reaching customers with notices, and an option for issue resolution.

Domestic customers can also manage their accounts and pay bills via the online portal or “Pay a Household Bill” sections. To access this you would require your Wiser Bins login details of:

  1. Your customer number
  2. Your pin

After inputting these details, select if you are seeking to pay a household or commercial bill from the drop-down box, and select “Log In”.

If you have forgotten your pin, select the “Pin Retrieval” button. This will take you to a page where you must input your customer number, a preferred email address or phone number, and again select if you are a domestic household or commercial customer. After clicking “Submit”, you will receive details to your email or phone regarding your account recovery and new Wiser Bins login details.

Click the “Remember Me” button on the Wiser Bins login page once you have inputted the correct details to save time on inputting these again in future.

So, how do Wiser Bins Weigh up?

Overall, Wiser Bins appears to be a relatively no-frills waste collection and recycling company, and certainly a potential contender to consider if you are moving home. They may miss out on the modern tech side of things for customers, but they do make up for this in their range of waste disposal options and packages.

Existing clients of Wiser Bins have given them a 2.2 out of 5-star rating on their Google business page, with many citing the reliability of their collections services being somewhat hit-and-miss, but there are certainly reviews that also argue the opposite point, and praise the quality of the customer service that they have experienced.

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