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Flogas, originally known as Flogas Limited, began operations in Ireland in 1978 and in the UK in 1984. It currently operates in both Ireland and the UK, supplying electricity and natural gas across a wide range of sectors, including the residential sector. It is also Ireland's second largest provider of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Flogas rates & prices

When considering switching to Flogas for your natural gas or electricity needs, keep in mind that there is also the option of contracting a gas PAYG tariff. For customers who wish to order LPG from Flogas Ireland, we suggest you take a look at our Flogas LPG page. 

Below we provide details on current Flogas rates and tariffs for natural gas, electricity and PAYG. Note that discount percentages are only applied to the unit rate, not the entire bill. As such you'll still pay the full rate for the PSO or carbon levies, standing charges etc. If you're considering switching to Flogas Ireland, don't forget to compare tariffs and prices of other electricity and gas providers.

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Flogas natural gas prices

Unlike many other energy suppliers in Ireland, switching to Flogas for gas can net you a 25% discount and a family cinema pass. The majority of providers tend to give smaller discounts on gas alone, so this is certainly good news for prospective Flogas Ireland customers.


New customer with DD

New customer no DD


Unit Rate




Standing Charge




Carbon Tax kWh




Best Discount

25% off

7% off


Discounted Yearly Bill




Last Updated: October 2020

Flogas electricity prices

In the table below, you'll find the standard electricity rates for Flogas Ireland. These rates are available for all customers, no matter the payment method. This tariff has no fixed term and does not include an exit fee.

Cost Type

Urban 24hr

Rural 24hr

Urban Nightsaver

Rural Nightsaver

Standard Unit Rate



25.16c day/ 12.20c night

25.16c day/ 12.20c night

Annual Standing Charge





PSO Levy





Est. Annual Bill (EAB)





Last Updated: October 2020

Flogas Ireland recently launched its first discounted electricity tariff, the Green Future Electricity offer. It includes a 31% discount off the standard electricity rates. If you choose to terminate the 12-month contract before it ends, you will have to pay an exit fee of €50.

Cost Type

Urban 24hr

Rural 24hr

Urban Nightsaver

Rural Nightsaver

Discounted Unit Rate



17.37c day/ 8.42c night

17.37c day/ 8.42c night

Discounted Annual Standing Charge





PSO Levy





Est. Annual Bill (EAB)





Last Updated: October 2020

So how do Flogas electricity prices compare to other suppliers? Even with the new discount, other suppliers still come out cheaper, with Energia providing the best electricity offer.

Cheapest Electricity Offer per Supplier
Supplier Best offer Price per year
Energia 41% Discount
€35 Cashback
Electric Ireland 5.5% Discount
€265 Cashback
BE Energy 28% off unit rate
20% off standing charge
Bord Gáis Energy 32% Discount €832.11
Panda Power 28%
€100 Cashback
SSE Airtricity 10% Discount
€200 Cashback
Bright Energy Standard €851.22
Flogas 30% Discount €869.24
Iberdrola 18% Discount
€100 Cashback
Glowpower 26% Discount €943.99
Community Power Standard €1,032.65
Pinergy €100 Cashback €1,179.93
Prepay Power Standard €1,261.03

Calculations based on average consumption figures for an urban home with a 24-hour meter. All discounts and cashback have been applied. Last updated: November 2020

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Flogas exit fees

Exit fees from fixed-term contracts are €50, which is a fairly standard fee in the Irish energy supplier market. If you cancel switching to Flogas within 14 days of beginning the switch, you do not have to pay an exit fee. If you pay the more expensive standard rates, you will not be charged an exit fee for leaving Flogas Ireland.

When did Flogas start offering electricity?

From mid-2018, Flogas Ireland began expanding into the commercial electricity market, and so it looked like a residential electricity offering could have been on the cards in the future. 

This was confirmed in November of 2019 when Flogas acquired Just Energy’s customers, a move that was completed by 2019 year-end.

Just Energy exited the Irish market to concentrate on its other international branches, while Flogas Ireland is now branching out into the residential electricity market, beginning with customers who were previously with Just Energy for their electricity needs.

New electricity tariff offerings were published on the Flogas website in December 2019 and new electricity customers started switching in January.

Why switch?You should always seek to compare and change electricity and gas suppliers every 12 months to take advantage of discounts for new customers. Doing so can save you between €300 - €400 a year!

Why choose Flogas?

Blue gas flame in a transparent cube

If you switch to Flogas Natural Gas for your natural gas supply (12-month contract), you can get a discount of up to 25% off the standard natural gas unit rate and a free family pass to the cinema. In addition, you’ll pay the lower annual standing charge of just €48.84.

The family cinema pass can be claimed after the 14-day cooling-off period and is conditional on signing up for Direct Debit payment.

If you don’t opt into Direct Debit, you can still get a 12-month contract with a 7% discount off the standard unit rate. However, you will not get any discount off the standing charge and will have to pay the full yearly fee of €110.73.

You can switch online or by phone. To find the best rates for your home, you can also give us a call on 1800 816 036. Our energy experts will compare tariffs in your area and help you find the cheapest offer available.

Flogas PAYG

Flogas Natural Gas also offer a PAYG option, for customers who’d like more control of their consumption. If you’d like to talk about signing up for it, contact the Flogas Customer Services team or you can also switch online.

The majority of Irish energy suppliers do not offer opt-in Pay As You Go services, but rather reserve prepaid energy for customers experiencing financial difficulties or having trouble paying their bills. In fact, Flogas and Prepaypower are the only Irish energy customers to offer PAYG gas to new customers.

Credit can be purchased at any Payzone outlet for a minimum of €10, and the maximum amount of credit the gas card can hold is €250. New customers will also receive €25 credit for switching to a 12 month PAYG contract.

There is also a €110.69 installation fee for a PAYG meter unless you’re switching as part of a repayment scheme or can show proof of financial hardship.

If you run out of credit, there is a €5 emergency credit option available. If you’ve chosen to get a PAYG meter installed as part of a debt repayment scheme, 22% of your top-ups will go towards paying it off.

Flogas login: Access your online account

Screenshot of Flogas online payment page

Flogas’ online offering is quite different to other energy providers’ in that to log in you navigate to either your LPG account information or your natural gas account information, and you are taken to a page where you have several different options (such as pay a bill, submit a reading, order a gas refill etc.).  As of today (13th February 2020), an electricity section has not yet been added to the online login section.

You then have to enter quite a bit of personal information in order to continue with the process you have selected.

Online account options

Natural gas and LPG customers can manage their Flogas energy accounts online. You can do the following through your online Flogas account:

My Account Natural Gas

  • Let Flogas know you're moving
  • Pay your bill
  • Contact Flogas
  • Submit meter readings

In addition to the above actions, LPG customers can also order bulk gas.

There is no app currently available for Flogas Ireland customers (there is a “gas finder” app available for UK customers only), and while we think it’s great that they have provided customers with online options for common tasks, the current system is a little messy and time-wasting. We’d really like to see all these options grouped under a unique login, such as the one available to Flogas UK customers.

Make a Payment

A card being slotted into a card payment machine

Flogas Ireland provides many ways for their customers to pay. As we mentioned above, you can pay online. However, other options available include:

Direct debit bill pay or payment plan (budget plan) options, where either the full amount of your bill is taken out of your account 14 days after the bill is issued, or a payment based on yearly average use divided by 12 (months) is taken out on the last working day of each month - this helps spread the payment of larger winter bills.

Post Office - you can pay your bill at any post office with the paypoint sign using a Flogas Natural Gas Easy Pay card or your bill. If you don’t have an Easy Pay card you can order one from customer accounts team.

By cheque, bankers draft or postal order sent to their address and made out to Flogas Natural Gas. You’ll also need to include your account number, name and address.

Internet or telephone banking, depending on the options your bank has provided you with.

If you’re experiencing any cash-flow issues and finding it difficult to pay your bills, get in contact with the customer accounts team as soon as you can and they’ll sort you out with a repayment schedule, in order to avoid disconnection.

Flogas reviews

On customer review site Trustpilot, Flogas Ireland has only four customer reviews and an overall score of just 2.6 out of five stars. Three customers gave Flogas bad review scores, and one customer gave the supplier a poor score. Not a single customer has left a positive review so far for Flogas Ireland.

The few issues that were reported all pertained to problems with LPG deliveries. It's also apparent that these customers had poor expierences when dealing with Flogas Ireland customer support.

Don't sign up before checking our supplier review.Switching to the wrong supplier could cost you hundreds of pounds a year. Talk to one of our energy advisers to get the best deal in your area. Call 1800 816 036 or get a free callback now.

Fuel mix

Flogas' fuel mix figures for 2019 show that its usage of coal for fuel generation is significantly higher than the all-island average of 2.6%, as is its peat usage at 10.4% when compared with the average figure of 4.%. Coal is not a renewable or clean energy source and so we'd like to see that figure trending downwards over the years to come. Peat is classified as a slow renewable and doesn't present the same issues as coal.

It's heartening to see the 34.8% renewable energy fuel source, although at first glance this figure may seem low when compared to the island-average of 54.0%. However, the all-island average for renewables does tend to be skewed by the presence of 100% renewable energy providers.

Flogas jobs

If you are interested in working with Flogas Ireland, positions to be filled are advertised directly on the suppliers website. Positions on offer can vary from RGI installers to sales coordinators, billing administrators or customer service agents.

The majority of positions on offer are located in Drogheda, where Flogas’ head office is based.

Flogas is also a DCC business and as such, graduates can also find work with the company through the DCC graduate programme. DCC plc is a FTSE 100 company specialising in international sales, marketing and support services.

Contact Flogas Ireland

Flogas Ireland has a wide range of telephone contact numbers available to the general public, as well as options for contacting them via email or in writing. You can get in touch with the company via the general enquiries number of 1850 306 800. If you have a more specific query we would recommend checking out the more detailed dedicated Flogas contact page.

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