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Just Energy Ireland Limited is part of the Just Energy Group, which also trades in North America and the UK (as Green Star Energy), and began trading in Ireland in 2017. It entered the market just before BEenergy who only supply electricity, making it Ireland’s newest dual fuel energy provider and has some interesting products such as fixed rate tariffs and green energy tariffs. They are currently the only energy provider in Ireland who offer a fixed-rate tariff.

NEWS (November 2019)After months of wondering what would happen to their energy contracts, Just Energy customers can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the CRU has given its official blessing to Flogas taking on Just Energy's customers. The takeover is predicted to finish by 2019 year-end and will also mean a move into the dual-fuel energy market for Flogas, who previously provided only natural gas and LPG.

NEWS (MAY 2019)Just Energy is ceasing its operations in Ireland. After less than two years in the Irish market, Just Energy is stopping its Irish operations to focus on core operations in the UK and North America. If you are a Just Energy customer you will be contacted by them with information about what will happen to your account. It is not yet clear whether Just Energy will wind down business or sell out to another supplier.

Just Energy reviews

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Due to Just Energy being in its infancy when it comes to the Irish energy market, it’s difficult to pin down just how good they are as of yet . Some customers have complained of experiencing billing issues and labelled their customer support unhelpful.

Billing and customer support are core functions of residential energy companies, so any issues in these areas can be very worrying. Accurate billing and good customer support are fundamental to smooth energy sector operations, and more recent reviews of Just Energy point to a much more positive customer experience, with their customer support praised as being prompt and friendly.

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Just Energy login and app

The online login portal and the App were both designed to have exactly the same functionality and a very similar appearance, a modern and soothing palette of muted greens and dark blues. Both are well organized and seem easy to use. The app and the portal allow you to:

  • Submit meter readings.
  • Pay bills.
  • Edit account details.
  • View estimated readings.
  • Receive notifications.
  • View and/or download bills.

At Selectra, we appreciate that Just Energy is making the customer experience as consistent as possible to make it easier to use, and to encourage their customers to make use of important functions such as submitting accurate meter readings. For such a relatively small company, their app has the same functionality as the larger companies’ ones.

Just Energy Ireland (Android & iOS)

Google Play rating:⭐⭐⭐½ iTunes app store: No rating available yet

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Receiving notifications is quite a useful option in the mobile app in particular, as it will show up on your notification panel at the top of your phone, and as such you’re likely to read it sooner than if you just used the online portal. This hopefully means being surprised by your bills or government levy changes will be a thing of the past.


Customers were generally happy with the app and said it was easy to use, with some minor glitches like login errors and the messaging system temporarily malfunctioning.

Just Energy rates and tariffs

Just Energy advertise three main tariffs for residential consumers; Unlimited Energy, Rate Saver and Green Saver. There are then different flavours of each tariff, meaning you could actually say there are seven tariffs:

  • Unlimited Energy (Spring Green)
  • Rate Saver 12 months (Spring Green)
  • Rate Saver 12 months
  • Rate Saver 24 months
  • Green Saver 12 months
  • Rate Watch Variable (Spring Green)
  • 1 year fixed discount

All the Spring Green Tariffs follow the tariff they’re applied to with the exception of being from 100% renewable energy sources.

On fixed rates please remember that carbon taxes, public service obligation fees, and VAT are subject to change as they are set by the government.

All tariffs benefit from additional discounts of:

  • a €10 per annum per fuel discount applied to customers who sign up for online billing.
  • A €50 per annum discount per fuel for Direct Debit customers.
  • For dual fuel customers, there is also an additional €20 yearly discount (€10 per annum per fuel).

Altogether this means electricity only customers could save €60, and a sizeable €140 discount for dual fuel customers.

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Unlimited Energy

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Customers can choose this tariff for their dual fuel energy needs, or electricity only (not gas only). The basic premise is that Just Energy calculate a bespoke rate for you based on your average annual consumption. You’ll then pay that rate divided by twelve each month, regardless of overall energy price increases.

This rate is not available for customers who use PAYG meters.

Some examples of the rates you could be paying, for dual fuel customers, are:

  • €103.99 for low energy consumers (single households, living in apartments).
  • €139.00 for medium energy consumers (couples living in semi-detached houses).
  • €163.44 for high energy consumers (families living in detached houses).

To take advantage of this tariff, you must sign up for Direct Debit billing and online billing, as well as submit monthly meter readings. In addition, if at the end of your contract your electricity consumption is 420kWh below your previous annual consumption for electricity, or at least 1100kWh under for gas, you’ll receive a €50 credit per fuel upon renewal.

This rate would be great for customers who prefer to spread out their hefty winter bills, and the fact that your rate is guaranteed for 12 months means a bit more cushioning against increased fuel prices - although it also means you won’t be able to benefit from any possible energy price decreases.

Rate Saver

With this tariff your rates will be fixed for twelve months with 100% renewable energy (Spring Green Option), for twelve months (standard option), or for 24 months (standard option). This tariff is available for gas and electricity, electricity only, and gas only customers.

Green Saver

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The green saver rate offers the same discounts as the other tariffs and is for dual fuel, electricity only, or gas only customers. For the energy conscious, it has the added benefit of Just Energy investing on your behalf to offset 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Each Irish household generates 1 ton of CO2 per year on average, so this is a welcome development which will help push Ireland closer to meeting its goal to reduce carbon emissions. It's also nice to know that not only will you be offsetting the CO2 generated by your household, but also another household's emissions! In addition, they’ll also plant two trees for each customer on this tariff.

At Selectra we are highly impressed with the innovative and environmentally friendly aspects of this tariff and would recommend it as a good option for people who want to switch to green energy supplier.

1 Year Fixed Discount

This is a fixed discount against Just Energy’s standard unit rate on their standard tariff for 12 months.

Exit Fee

Just Energy charge a €50 exit fee, which is in line with other Irish energy suppliers. However they also provide the option of switching to another Just Energy tariff for free, which is a welcome addition. They also charge the same exit fee for their 24 month tariff, rather than doubling it for customers who exit in the first year, which we have observed other suppliers do.


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A big plus for us is that Just Energy will notify you up to 30 days before your contract expires, and discuss your renewal options - rather than letting you default to their standard tariff rate with zero discounts, as other providers are guilty of doing.

If you choose not to renew, change your tariff or switch providers, and end up just staying with them, you’ll still be automatically moved to the standard rate (Rate Watch Variable). This would definitely not be the best option as without discounts or cashback the standard rate tends to be the most expensive rate. Therefore we heavily recommend you either renew, switch tariffs, or switch provider to make sure you are on the cheapest tariff available.

Remember to compare your renewable tariff against other providers’ offers every 12 months, in order to see if it’s necessary to switch to get the cheapest option.


There is no PAYG option available with Just Energy for the general public. However, customers who are undergoing financial difficulties or have made an arrears repayment agreement with Just Energy, may qualify for free PAYG meter installation. Please contact them if you think you might qualify and would like to see about getting a PAYG meter installed.

Your PAYG gas card is provided by Gas Networks Ireland and handed to you by your registered installer, whereas your PAYG electricity card is provided by Just Energy. If you should lose your gas card you can pick up a replacement at any Post Office or at selected Payzone outlets. On the other hand, if you misplace your electricity card you’ll need to call Just Energy’s Customer Services in order to arrange for a replacement.

As is the case with most energy suppliers, there is an emergency credit option available of €5 on each meter. They also provide a “friendly credit” option, where if you run out of credit after 4pm on a weekday, or 5pm in summer, at the weekend or on a bank holiday, your supply won’t be cut off until the end of these periods. This option only applies to electricity, not gas, so make sure you’re well stocked up with credit on your gas meter, especially in winter.

How to activate emergency credit Once your balance has gone below €5 and you receive a low credit warning, you can activate emergency credit on your gas meter by inserting your card and pressing the red “A” button, and on your electricity meter by pressing the “0” button.

Both meters can be topped up at any Payzone outlet - note that with new gas cards you should insert your PAYG card into the gas meter to register it first before attempting to top it up. There is no online top up facility for Just Energy electricity PAYG meters, unlike other suppliers, but somewhat to be expected as PAYG is not an option offered to the general public with Just Energy.

Just Energy fuel mix

Just Energy's Fuel mix is 100% renewable and they form part of the growing contingent of energy suppliers in Ireland who only deal in Renewable Energy. Other renewable energy providers include Energia, Panda Power, and SSE Airtricity.

Just Energy contact

Are you trying to get in touch with Just Energy? You will need to contact the newly appointed provider, Flogas. Head to our complete Flogas contact guide for more information.

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