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Context is key when it comes to sorting out your energy bills in Ireland. With so many tariffs and different options available, helping us know exactly what your needs are will make us reducing your costs a breeze. Fill in out form below, but don’t worry if you’re unsure, we can help you fill in the gaps!

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🔥 Need advice with home heating?

At Selectra, we specialise in helping you reducing your energy bills, but we can also help with your heating and boiler needs too! Although we don’t offer boiler grants or heating solutions, we know who do. And you might as well as stay to see if we can’t reduce your bills too!

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🚚 On the move?

If you’re moving house, you can avoid all the hassle of calling round to change all you utilities by simply letting us give you a call! We can get you set up with everything you need with catered advice to your situation in just one call! Fill in our moving house call back form to get started!

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🛡️ Need home security?

If you’re looking for a new alarms system, look no further! At Selectra we can help you get started with a brand new monitored alarm system with one of our partners. Fill in our call back form to discuss it further with one of our agents!

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