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MPRN number: what is it and how can I find it?

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An MPRN number is a number you may be asked for by ESB or if you are trying to switch electricity supplier online. But what exactly is it, why do we need it and where can you find it? Read on to find out.

What is an MPRN number?

The letters MPRN stand for Meter Point Reference Number. In plain English, the MPRN is a reference number that stands for the location your house is connected to the electricity number, your meter.

MPRN numbers are fixed to a certain location, so if you change out your electricity meter, to a smart meter, for example, the MPRN number won’t change. Similarly, if you move home, you will have a new MPRN number.

There are 11 digits in an MPRN number and each electricity connection has its own individual number. The first two digits indicate the system operator (usually 10 in Ireland), the next 8 digits are sequentially generated, and the final digit is a “check” digit (which is used to detect simple errors in a series of digits).

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What do I need an MPRN number for?

If you wish to change electricity supplier, you will not be able to do so without an MPRN number. Not knowing the MPRN number of your residence will also be an issue if you need to contact ESB at any point to report a fault.

What’s the difference between an MPRN number and a GPRN number?

An MPRN number indicates the location of your home’s connection to the electricity network, and a GPRN (Gas Point Reference Number) shows where your home is connected to the gas network.

How to find your MPRN number

The MPRN number is quite a long number so the majority of people will not know it off by heart. If you have access to any current or previous bills for the property you are living in or moving to, you can find it quite easily.

Depending on which supplier you are with, your MPRN number may be located in different sections of the bill, but it is always labelled MPRN number and followed by eleven digits. Your GPRN number can also be located in the same manner, keeping in mind that a GPRN number is seven, and not eleven, digits.

How do I find my MPRN number without a bill?

If you can’t find any previous bills or have recently moved home and don’t have access to any bills, there are other ways to find out your MPRN number. For rental properties, try contacting the landlord. For purchased properties, try contacting the previous inhabitants. If the property is a new build and part of an estate, the builder should have the number.

If all of the above fails, then you may need to contact ESB Networks. ESB will have your MPRN numbers stored in the MPRN database under your current or new address. You can contact ESB by calling 021 2386555 or LoCall 1850 372 757, Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6 pm, as well as Saturdays from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm.

If you do not wish to contact ESB Networks by telephone, you can also send an email to, and ESB should respond within two working days.

If you’re having difficulty finding your GPRN number and all the above have failed, then you will have to contact Gas Networks Ireland.

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Is my MPRN number on my meter?

Unfortunately, your MPRN number is not normally on your meter. Some people may even get confused by looking at their meter and observing that there may be a “meter number” on it.

To clarify, we remind you that the MPRN number refers to the location of a connection to the electricity network, while the meter number usually refers to a serial number of a specific meter. If you call ESB to find out what your MPRN is you may be asked to provide the meter serial number or the address, to help them identify your meter's location.

Note that the GPRN number can also not be found on your gas meter.

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