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The cheapest Eir TV and broadband is the Up to 500 MB Fibre for €44.98 a month! With the launching of Eir TV, Eir takes to the stage to compete with other large entertainment competitors such as Virgin Media, and Sky. Let's take a look at your Eir TV packages, their prices, and things you may need to watch out for.


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What Is Eir TV?

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Eir TV brings both on-demand and live content into your home via the introduction of its set-top box. This device allows you to access over 100 channels, record up to 500 programmes, access a huge variety of apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and even use their 7-day catch-up facility to replay shows from the last week.

At this time, Eir TV can only be accessed by those who have traditional fixed-line Eir broadband, and not Eir mobile broadband. While this can help to streamline your bills and services by having them all grouped, it does mean that should you wish to change broadband provider, you would also have to seek another TV service provider, such as Sky or Virgin Media.

What Are the Eir TV and Broadband Bundles?

Eir TV currently offers three packages to the public. Similarly to many of the big providers such as Virgin Media, each of these packages relies on a fibre connection, and as such offer very competitive internet speeds, as well as a smooth service. These work like your Eir Bill Pay phones where you only pay a monthly direct debit.

Eir TV and Broadband Bundles
Up to 500 Mb Fibre500 Mb Fibre1 Gb Fibre
€44.98 Per Month€49.98 Per Month€54.98 Per Month
Unlimited BroadbandUnlimited BroadbandUnlimited Broadband
Amazon Prime IncludedAmazon Prime IncludedAmazon Prime Included
Apple TV 4K Box IncludedApple TV 4K Box IncludedApple TV 4K Box Included
Over 50 Channels and App AccessOver 50 Channels and App AccessOver 50 Channels and App Access
Apple TV +Apple TV +Apple TV +
12 Month Contract24 Month Contract24 Month Contract

Get the latest TV and Broadband package for your home.
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Get the latest TV and Broadband package for your home.
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Specific plan availability may vary depending upon your area, and current connections. This can be checked by using the Eir broadband checker so you can make sure you're eligible for Eir fibre broadband. Alternatively, head over to www.eir.ie, or simply input eir.ie within the URL bar of your browser. If your Eir broadband is down for some reason, you can investigate by using Eir Support!

Eir TV itself is priced at €14.99 per month and is treated as an add-on to your broadband package. If you already have Eir broadband, you should seek to contact Eir customer service to discuss adding this package to your plan and organising the delivery of your device. Be sure to pay your TV licence if you opt for the Eir TV plan, even if you will only watch from your computer!

If you are a new customer, simply select one of the Eir TV and broadband bundles, or add Eir TV as an extra when proceeding through the checkout for a broadband package. You might also be able to add this to your Eir business packages too.

Need to stay in touch with your family? These Eir TV packages also include unlimited off-peak local and national calls!

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What Eir TV Channels Are There?


Eir TV is largely geared toward entertainment, with 55 of its channels classified within this category. Additional channels come under the following branches

  • News - 11 Channels
  • Kids - 12 Channels
  • Documentary - 12 Channels
  • Sport - 9 Channels
  • Radio - 9 Channels

For a full run-through of which specific channels are available, check out this full Eir TV Channels guide.

Complete Eir TV Channels guide
RTÉ ONE HDRTÉ 2 HDVirgin Media One HDVirgin Media One +1Virgin Media Two
4E4 More4 +14E +14 More +1
4 Film +1Comedy CentralQuestQuest RedTLC
alibiTCM Movies3 FilmWGold
RTE One +1HGTVFashionTVGinx ESports TVCBS Drama
CBS JusticeCBS RealityDiscoveryDramaEden
The BixMagicKissGame ToonKerrang
Film Arthouse BoxFast and Fun Box HDFashion Box HDDocuBox HDCrime Investigation +
C ExtraBIX HitsFree SportsEuroSport 1Eurosport 2
Sky Sports RacingNewstalkRTÉ 2fmRTÉ GoldRTÉ Jr
RTÉ Lyric FMRTÉ PulseRTÉ Radio 1RTÉ 2XMToday FM
Animal PlanetIDSky History HDSky HistoryYesterday
Food NetworkDiscovery HistoryDMAXDiscovery TurboDiscovery Science
National GeographicNat Geo WildCBBCCBeebiesCula 4
nickelodeonRTÉ JrTRTÉNick JrBaby TV
CartoonitoNicktoonsBoomerangCartoon NetworkRTÉ News
BBC NewsEuro NewsCNNFrance 24 Bloomberg TelevisionAljazeera
TRT WorldDail TVOireachtas TVSeanad TV-

The table includes payable add-on channels. Further details can be found at www.eir.ie/tv.

What Optional Eir TV Extra Channels Are There?

If you have a particular interest or feel that the base package alone may not fully satisfy your TV needs, Eir TV currently offers three additional add-on packages to further expand your experience, they are:

  1. Racing TV
    Priced at €29.99 per month, this addition adds horse racing from all 61 Racecourses across Ireland and the UK.
  2. Eir TV Extra
    Currently listed at €9.99 per month, this package acts as a supplement to the existing entertainment and kids options by expanding the number of available channels.
  3. Multiroom
    At €9.99 per month, per room (to a maximum of two rooms), this service adds an extra Apple TV device (the set-top box through which Eir TV is provided) to your service. These can be connected to TVs in other rooms to save any squabbles over the TV remote.

Can I cancel Eir TV add-on channels?These add-on channels run as 30-day contracts. If you wish to remove these from your list of active services, you should contact Eir TV customer support. If left, these products will auto-renew at the end of each 30-day term.

Is There an Eir TV App?

image of a mobile phone

There certainly is. The Eir TV App is available on both Android and iOS devices. By downloading this app, you will gain access to all of the channels included in your package, giving you the ability to watch while you are out and about. Currently, the Eir TV app is rated at 3.7 out of 5 on the Apple App store, yet on the Google Play Store, it is being rated quite poorly, with many customers citing system issues and glitches.

One feature that users may find frustrating, is that the Eir TV app allows for only two devices to be registered at any one time. If you wish to register more, you will have to remove a prior device, and such a change can only be made once per month. This could prove tricky for households with multiple mobiles, tablets, and TVs. To make this change, complete the following process:

  1. Log into your My Eir account
  2. Select 'Manage Eir TV' from the 'more' menu at the top of the page
  3. Remove the device that you no longer desire to be connected to your account, and click yes to remove the device'
  4. After removal, your new device will automatically connect on the next login attempt

Don't break the bank!Be careful of data charges if you download or stream shows without a wifi connection! These services tend to be quite data-heavy and can eat up your allowances quickly if you download away from a broadband connection. Our guides to travelling abroad and VPNs will help you learn how to keep connected and manage your data while on the go.

How Can I Access the Eir TV Online Player?

For those who would prefer to sit back and watch Eir TV from their computer or laptop, their Online Player is just the thing you need. Simply head over to the Eir login page, and enter your standard Eir login details, the same place for your My Eir account and Eir Webmail.

Once logged in, you can view upcoming programmes, set programmes to record, watch catch-up TV on selected channels, access the Eir TV guide and otherwise get ready to relax to some quality shows.


What's the Difference Between Eir TV and Eir Vision?

question mark

Many of us are familiar with the term "Eir Vision", and it can be easily misunderstood as another way of speaking about Eir TV, but this wouldn't be strictly correct. While Eir Vision has been provided to Irish households for many years, as of mid-2022 this service is being phased out. This means that existing Eir Vision customers will either need to transfer their services over or potentially close their accounts.

While this can sound worrying, ultimately this is a very simple upgrading of service, which will enable the customer to interact with their Eir package with greater ease, and enjoy additional new features. A few examples include:

  1. Being able to control your TV via the Siri Live Tune feature within the Eir TV app
  2. A streamlined and simplified Eir TV guide and channel listings
  3. Keep up to 500 recordings

It is recommended to use the Eir TV contact number sooner rather than later to ensure the seamless transition of your eir plans, and avoid any loss of service.


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How Do I Set Up Eir TV?

To set up your Eir TV, you first need to pair your television set with the Apple TV box. Here are the steps to follow to do just that:

  1. You first need to ensure your Apple Tv box is updated and running on the tvOS 14.3 or later.
  2. Pull the battery tab on your Eir TV remote.
  3. Approach the remote to your Apple TV box (8 to 10 cm away) and press any button on the remote
  4. If there is no response, you will need to press the "Menu" button and hold for five seconds.
  5. A confirmation message will appear on your TV once the two items are paired.

That is it! Now you can start enjoying all your channels and don't forget to use the Apple TV box to record your favourite programmes!

Eir TV Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need fibre to run Eir TV?

Yes. Eir only offers fibre and part-fibre broadband services. As Eir TV is only available to Eir broadband services, this means that a fibre connection is mandatory to utilise this product.

Are there any hidden catches with Eir TV?

While there are no hidden catches, it is important to check your policy information to understand what will happen to your prices and plan once the initial contractual period expires.

For instance, Apple TV + charges €4.99 per month after the free trial expires. Now Sports also comes under this umbrella, offering an initial 50% discount for the first four months. After the four months expire, this service auto-renews at full price, going from €19.50 to €39.00 per month.

On the theme of auto-renewals, the Eir TV and broadband bundles themselves are also subject to such clauses. For instance, the €49.98 per month package maintains its price for the initial 12-month term, however, once that term is exceeded, it increases to a whopping €85.98 per month!

Price Increase for Eir TV and Broadband!Eir has recently announced the details of their annual price increase. Take a read through our Eir price increase article to see if you will be affected.

Is the Eir TV and broadband installation simple?

Eir TV itself is a self-installation service. This means that your device will be posted to your home, along with a set of very simple instructions to guide you in setting it up. Engineer installation is not required or included in this service, but can be added for €69.99.

What is the Eir TV contact number?

Like most modern businesses, Eir has a multitude of methods with which you can get in touch. Here are the numbers relevant to TV and broadband.

Eir TV and Broadband Contact Details
Eir DepartmentEir TV and Broadband Contact NumberOpen Hours
Broadband, Mobile Broadband TV, Tech Support1901Mon-Sat 8 am-8 pm
Customer Care1800 242 556Mon-Fri 9am-6pm,
Sat and Bank Holidays 10 am-5 pm
Broadband, TV, Home Phone+353 1 766 2599Mon-Sat 8 am-8 pm

If you would like to know additional ways of how you can get in contact about Eir TV or Broadband, check out our simple Eir contact page.

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