Glowpower is the latest Irish energy supplier to enter the market and currently offers electricity-only tariffs. The provider markets itself as bringing new innovative thinking into the stale Irish energy market. Glowpower looks at developing new forms of technology, investing in new systems and customer thinking processes.

Glowpower Ireland Synopsis
Fuel types: Electricity  Claim to be innovative
Customers: Unknown  Electricity only
Electricity sources: Gas, renewables, and coal   Poor customer reviews

About Glowpower

Glowpower started trading in November of 2019 and is therefore still very new on the Irish market. The company was established by Orson Gilmore and Brett Harmon, who hale from Australia and have 30 years of combined experience in the energy sector.

There is still very little information about this provider; we will continue to update this page as more details become available. In the meantime, read on and discover more about Glowpower and what they can offer Irish customers.

Glowpower Electricity Rates and Tariffs

electricity bill with money

The Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) calculations take the national annual average kWh electricity usage of 4,200 kWh. Calculations of discounts are against the Glowpower standard tariff. Prices are updated as of October 2021 and include the VAT.

Glowpower offers three electricity tariffs:

  1. Glowpower Standard Tariff
  2. GlowWelcome
  3. Glowpower Smart Standard

We analyse each one below to make it easier to compare Glowpower with the best tariffs from other providers in Ireland.

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Glowpower Standard Tariff

Contract duration


24hr unit rate


Electricity discount


Urban 24hr standing charge




There are very few motives to consider Glowpower standard tariff as it comes without any discounts. All energy suppliers provide standard tariffs you default to if you are out of contract and no longer entitled to discounts.

Although standard tariffs without discounts are obviously more expensive, they carry no exit fees and no contract duration. You, therefore, get the flexibility to switch to another provider or contract at any time.


Contract duration

1 year

24hr unit rate

26.74c (incl. discount)

Exit fees


Urban 24hr standing charge


EAB (year 1)


The GlowWelcome plan is uncommon in Ireland in that it offers substantial discounts on the standard rates, yet it is still a variable rate which means your price can change at any time. The discount applied on the Glowpower standard unit rate for electricity is approximately 23.5%.

Although your price is not a fixed rate for the year, you are stuck with the tariff for the year. Should you decide to leave the GlowWelcome plan in the first year of the contract, you will need to pay a €50 exit fee. To receive the discount, you must sign up for online billing and pay via Direct Debit.

Glowpower Smart Standard

Contract duration


Unit rate

Day unit rate 27.12c

Night unit rate 20.26c

Peak unit rate 30.56c

Electricity discount


Urban Standing charge




A smart meter (RM106) is required to take advantage of the Glowpower Smart Standard offer. You will also need confirmation from ESB Network that the CTF value of your smart meter aligns with the provision of Interval Data. This process can take up to 40 days.

Typically, the smart standard tariff hours are divided into the following times:

  • Day rate — from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Night rate — from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.
  • Peak rate — from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For the Glowpower Smart Standard plan, you will have to sign up for direct debit payments and online billing. Doing so is quite normal with most energy providers to get the cheapest rates available.

It is also important to note that once you change to a smart tariff, you cannot go back to a non-smart tariff.

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Glowpower Best Tariffs

We summarize below the various Glowpower tariffs to determine which may be the best offer for you.

The Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) calculations take the national annual average kWh electricity usage of 4,200 kWh. Calculations of discounts are against the Glowpower standard tariff. Prices are updated as of October 2021 and include the VAT.

To calculate the EABs for Glowpower Nightsaver rates, we’ve assumed at least 25% of the household’s energy consumption will take place at night, although you would usually need to shift a higher percentage of consumption to night time in order to make any significant savings.

Anyone who has a Nightsaver meter or is thinking about having one installed may find our Nightsaver guide helpful.

Glowpower Electricity Rates


Unit Price

Day Unit Price

Night Unit Price

Standing Charge


Yearly Average

Cheapest Offer?

Yearly Average with Discount

Urban 24hr









Rural 24hr









Urban Day/Night









Rural Day/Night









Glowpower Exit Fees

Looking at the above pricing summary for Glowpower tariffs, it is clear the GlowWelcome plan offers the most savings regardless of your location or meter type. As previously mentioned, this plan has a fairly standard exit fee of €50 if you end your contract before the end of the 12-month period.

The other two Glowpower plans do not have any exit fees and therefore allow you to change with no penalties or exit fees.

Does Glowpower offer Gas Rates?

No, Glowpower does not currently offer gas tariffs, but after contacting the company for comment, they confirmed they are considering adding gas and solar panels to their offering in the future.

Glowpower Fuel mix

Our sources reveal that Glowpower energy is mainly gas (45.3%) and renewables (37.7%). The renewable energy mix is much lower than the all-island average of 54%. Let's hope that over the coming years, Glowpower will increase its use of renewable resources for the production of energy.

It is also surprising to see such high use of coal and peat as well in their fuel mix given the push for renewable energy in Ireland.

Glowpower Reviews

As Glowpower is such a new company, there haven't been many reviews left for the provider. At first glance, the company's rating seems quite poor, keep in mind customers tend to write reviews when displeased with a provider rather than when they are pleased. The low quantity of reviews received can also make the results a little skewed. We look at the results for Glowpower on the two main review websites in Ireland.

Glowpower Reviews
Reviewer Rating Details
Trustpilot ⭐⭐ People are unhappy with their estimated bills and high prices.
Google Negative feedback about Glowpower prices and slow to resolve issues.

Glowpower reviews on Trustpilot

On the customer review site Trustpilot, Glowpower has an average rating of 2.1 out of five stars. Of the 36 reviews left by Glowpower customers, 75% scored the supplier as bad. Only 20% of customers rated Glowpower as either good or excellent.

The customers who left negative reviews for Glowpower often said they disliked paying for estimated bills and felt prices were too high.

“... I have three accounts with Glow Power For the past two years and the estimated units billed this year has been all of the place And the rates have increased by 50% during the 12 month contract renewal period...”

Mark Fleming Trustpilot review

The customers who left positive reviews for Glowpower have had a very different experience. Quoting being happy with the pricing, service, and bills. Again, with so few comments, it is difficult to paint an accurate picture of the provider's services.

Glowpower reviews on Google

On Google, customers have marked Glowpower with an average rating of 1.2 out of five stars from a total of 25 reviews. This is an even smaller sample of opinions compared to the Trustpilot website. The results align with the comments left on the Trustpilot website. Only two people rated Glowpower as average or good. The rest of the customers on Google ranking the provider as poor.

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Glowpower Login

laptop open for login session

As it is the case with many electricity suppliers nowadays, Glowpower offers an online login facility to its customers named “My Account”. If you are an existing customer, you can access your Glowpower login by registering first on the provider's website.

To register, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your customer number.
  • A valid email address.
  • A password of at least 8 characters with at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one symbol.

You can find your customer number in your welcome letter and at the top of any bills you have received from Glowpower.

Note that it is possible to pay your Glowpower bill online without having to register with Glowpower's “My Account”.

Glowpower Contact Information

There are several ways to contact Glowpower. You can contact them in writing, by telephone through their customer service line (Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm), or through an online contact form on their website.

The great thing about their customer service number is that it is a local number, not a LoCall or an 1850 number.

Meaning that you don’t need to worry about racking up extra charges on your mobile phone bills, as often 1850 and LoCall numbers are not included in the “free minutes” of mobile tariffs.

Glowpower contact details


01 9609690

Email Address

Mailing Address

Glowpower Lts,

20 Harcourt Street,

Dublin 2.

To use the online contact form option, just go to the Glowpower website and click on the "Contact" option from their menu. A contact form will appear on the bottom right-hand side of the page. You can then enter your name, email address, and the details of your query. Once you have entered the information, click on the 'submit' button, and a customer services consultant will respond to you.

Glowpower FAQs

How do I submit a meter reading to Glowpower?

It's important to submit your Glowpower meter readings regularly to ensure accurate billing.

You can submit your Glowpower meter reading in the following ways:

  • Online — You can submit meter readings via your Glowpower online account, simply called "My Account".

  • Via email — To submit your meter reading via email, address the email to Besides the meter reading, you should also include your name and MPRN in the message.

  • By phone — Simply call Glowpower on 01 9609690. In addition to the meter reading, you will also need to give your name and MPRN.

If you need help to take the actual meter reading, check out our dedicated meter reading guide.

How do I switch to Glowpower?

Switching to Glowpower can be done so either online or over the phone in a matter of minutes. To find out how much you can save by switching to Glowpower, you can also call us here at Selectra on 12 678 669.

You'll need the following details on hand to switch to Glowpower:

  • Your MRPN and/or GPRN. These can be found on your electricity bill.
  • A current meter reading.
  • Your bank details.

Does Glowpower do Pay As You Go?

No, Glowpower Ireland currently does not provide Pay As You Go (PAYG) services to the public.

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