Broadband Supplier Reviews: Scores, Resources & Info

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If you are on the hunt for a new provider, knowing the experiences of the general public can be a great help in guiding your choice. Who has the best broadband reviews, what is Trustpilot Ireland, and why do reviews matter? Read on to find out.

Why Are Broadband Reviews Important?

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Money is tighter than ever, which means that we need to be careful where we invest it. Most companies will boast about how they are dedicated to delivering a quality product alongside outstanding customer service, but when you take them up on their offer, your experience falls short.

Review sites offer a way to see past marketing campaigns and buzz-word filled slogans, and give you a glimpse into what the life of their customers is really like without having to risk splashing your cash and not getting what you paid for. Considering that most broadband companies commit their customers to a fixed-term contract of up to two years, this information can be invaluable in your resource planning and long-term stability.

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Why Write a Review?

On the other side of things, if you are already a customer, why bother to write a review when you can either contact your supplier or just carry on as normal if everything is going well?

  • Help a company improve
    Criticism or complaints don’t have to be seen as negative in all cases. Feedback on things that didn’t go well helps a company to understand what happened, and improve their services.
  • Encourage communication
    Service providers can be slow in getting back to their customers. Large companies have dedicated teams monitoring these channels to quickly acknowledge feedback and provide support. Perhaps reviews being publicly visible helps…
  • Give praise where praise is due
    If something goes well, why not recognise this? A little positivity goes a long way, and staff members may also be rewarded if they exceeded your expectations.
  • For your own benefit
    Some companies encourage their customers to leave reviews, be they good or bad, with the offer of incentives or discounts.
  • Finally, to inform the public
    If you have an experience that you feel the public should be aware of before they join, be it good or bad, this will help other people make their decision.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might consider leaving broadband reviews, and whatever your purpose might be to leave one, some good will likely comes of it, either in the form of service improvements, product guidance, or to encourage communication.

Where Are the Best Places to Look for Reviews?

Now that we know the values of reviews, where can we find them? In this, search engines are your friend. Often simply inputting your supplier's name, followed by the word ‘reviews’, is a simple enough method to bring up a myriad of results. Many pages will be independent websites (much like our own), but there are also a few big names that you should recognise such as:

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  • Trustpilot Ireland
  • Google Reviews
  • The Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store

Out of these options, the most commonly known and used medium is that of Trustpilot Ireland. Trustpilot allows customers to leave reviews of their experiences for free, though you will need to create an account.

Be careful to make sure that you are using the Trustpilot Ireland site rather than the UK. Some companies have a page for each country, so you could find yourself reading reviews left from users abroad rather than local to you. That being said, some companies also only use a single universal page, so you may need to search around a little to make sure you are in the right place.

A final review option is probably the oldest method: word of mouth. Check with your friends, family and neighbours about whose service they use, and how they feel about it. This is particularly important for companies that have variable services or only operate within limited regions.

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What to Watch Out for When Checking Reviews

So now we know the why and the where, but what else should we be cautious about when browsing reviews?

  • Invited reviews
    Customers who have been invited to leave a review may be incentivised to leave a positive one. This could distort their overall score to something unrealistic.
  • Unclaimed profiles
    Sites like Trustpilot Ireland allow companies to create and manage their profiles (claimed profiles). However, the public can also create profiles regarding the company (unclaimed profiles). These are not owned by the business but may still gather many reviews.
  • Highly situational or subjective reviews
    Reviews can come in all forms, some of them highly unusual or opinionated. Read between the lines and take a moment to understand in real terms what has happened and if the review is fair.
  • Does the company respond?
    All companies (in theory) wish to do their best for the customer. Does the company maintain a presence on the page, reply to reviews, and seek to rectify issues? We’d hope so, but if they don't, this could be indicative of their customer service values.

Overall, the best analytical tool at your disposal is your judgement. Review mediums necessarily tend to garner more negativity than positivity. A person is much more inclined to complain if something goes wrong, rather than praise if something goes right, so try not to let the review scores sway you entirely, but instead use it as one of the many decision making factors in your search.

Which Companies Have the Best Broadband Reviews Ireland Offers?

Onto the juicy bit, which broadband provider has the best reviews? The below review scores have been accumulated from Trustpilot Ireland, and Google reviews for eight of the most popular broadband providers in Ireland. The Trustpilot reviews pages relate to their Irish service specifically, rather than international pages. This is to ensure that the score is relative to your local market.

Broadband Provider Reviews
Company Trustpilot Ireland Reviews Review Volume Claimed/Unclaimed Google Reviews Review Volume
Eir (Eircom) Reviews 1.3 out of 5 490 Claimed 2.8 out of 5 266
Vodafone Reviews 1.3 out of 5 1,420 Unclaimed 3.4 out of 5 253
Three Broadband Reviews 1.3 out of 5 798 Claimed 3.8 out of 5 8
Virgin Media Reviews 1.2 out of 5 449 Unclaimed 1.6 out of 5 413
Sky Reviews 1.4 out of 5 260 Unclaimed 1.8 out of 5 504
Pure Telecom Reviews 2 out of 5 246 Claimed 3 out of 5 412
Imagine Broadband Reviews 4.3 out of 5 2,968 Claimed 3.5 out of 5 317
Digiweb Reviews 4.7 out of 5 3,868 Claimed 3.8 out of 5 62

Data correct at date of publication: 20/05/2022

From the data gathered via both Trustpilot Ireland and Google Reviews, we can see that we have two clear winners: Imagine Broadband Reviewsand Digiweb Reviews. You might be surprised to see that the larger international have rated poorly overall. This may be due to them having a more expansive service covering many products such as broadband, mobiles, TV packages etc, but not deploying unique pages for each product.

This can result in non-specialist pages receiving reviews for a product that is not relevant to your search. While you will still get a greater understanding of the general public experience with the company, you should browse through the submitted reviews to find ones that are relevant to your product of interest, rather than taking the overall score to heart.

Smaller companies such as Pure Telecom, Imagine Broadband and Digiweb tend to focus on a smaller selection of products, meaning that their reviews tend to be more relevant to broadband and that their teams are also more likely to be dedicated specialists rather than generalists, resulting in a more knowledgeable and professional service.

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Broadband Review FAQs

Can I leave complaints on Trustpilot?

Yes. Although it is generally faster and more efficient to get in contact with your service provider through one of their main communication channels. Not all providers maintain an active presence on their review platforms, so this should only be used as a supplement rather than your only method of raising the issue. These can also be raised through the ComReg complaints process in certain circumstances.

What shouldn't I do when posting a review?

As reviews are publicly visible, you shouldn’t:

  • Post sensitive data such as your address or contact details
  • Avoid posting your account number
  • Under no circumstance should you post your personal financial information
  • Avoid using profanities or writing in a language that could be seen as aggressive or abusive (These reviews can be removed depending on the platform's policies)

What other metrics can I use to check if a company is right for me?

  • Cheapest prices
  • Bundle offers
  • Fastest speed
  • Local availability
  • Open hours
  • Contact options
  • Billing choices (prepay or bill pay)
  • Range of services
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