Vodafone Reviews: Is Vodafone Any Good in Ireland?

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Unfortunately not many broadband providers have a try before buy scheme so knowing what the customer experience is beforehand can be tricky. One of the best places to go is to review websites to find out others’ experiences. In our Vodafone review guide, we’ll walk you through the customer experience from two major review sites!


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Is Vodafone Any Good?

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Vodafone is a household brand that’s present in many countries in Europe and around the world. In Ireland, Vodafone has over 2.4 million customers supplying both mobile phones and broadband with a variety of add-on services with their Vodafone TV packages. Vodafone has been in Ireland since 2001 and is one of the largest providers with around 33.6% of the market share in 2023 according to Comreg’s Quarterly Key Data Report.

Quick Vodafone Pros and Cons


  • Trusted brand
  • No yearly price increases
  • Various broadband and mobile deals
  • Great coverage


  • Problems with customer service
  • Expensive
  • Inconvenience caused by service distruption
  • Sometimes poor download speeds

What Are Vodafone’s Advantages?

As a larger broadband provider, Vodafone has a number of advantages for customers over the competition. Let’s have a look at the major pros to being a Vodafone customer:

  1. Trusted Brand
    Since Vodafone is a large multinational company, there is a lot of support and investment in all its branches across the globe. This means Vodafone quite often can offer good prices as well as stability for its customer base.
  2. No Yearly Price Increase
    With Vodafone broadband deals, there are no yearly price hikes that are common with broadband contracts when they come to an end. After you’ve finished your contract, you’ll be allowed to leave without penalty but also without paying more.
  3. Broadband and Mobile Bundles
    Since Vodafone is a major mobile provider as well as broadband provider, you’ll be able to find great bundles to save as much as possible with them. Often you can add a SIM only contract for very little extra on your broadband package. This means you can have a Vodafone bill pay phone on a discount.

What Do Vodafone Customers Complain About?

As well as positives, there are also negatives to contend with when it comes to Vodafone reviews. Many customers have had problems with contacting Vodafone customer service when it comes to getting their problems resolved and some have had complaints about the quality of the broadband connection or their broadband going down.


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What Are the Vodafone Reviews on Trustpilot Like?

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Trustpilot is always a good platform from which to start when you’re hunting for reviews. Since every customer can give a rating and comment on their experience, you can benefit from what people have actually been through when it comes to the Vodafone review. Remember though that the reviews on Trustpilot represent individual experiences that might be different for you.

What Do Trustpilot Reviewers Like About Vodafone?

Generally, customers have been pleased with the level of service they’ve received when it comes to their broadband and their Vodafone mobile. Many customers have been very happy with the coverage as well:

I have part fiber DSL connection with vodafone for over a year now, it is extremely reliable :). Operates slightly above 80/20 vDSL capacity, great pings ca 10ms (important factor: my fiber box is just 300m away from my apartment). In fact much more reliable than fiber connection I had from VM. Excellent P/V plus they offer extra rewards prizes, so really best P/V on the market. I was considering moving to fiber, but this connection is so reliable I don't know if I'd see any difference really

Peter W on Trustpilot, 28/09/2022

Other customers have also been really pleased with the customer service they’ve received both in shops on over the phone:

Ok so I have been with Vodafone Ireland for nearly 10 years. There have been a lot of ups and downs during these years, but I found a superstar customer care agent, Joey, such an experienced and caring agent. Solved all the small issues i had regarding my upgrade. Now this is what i call a 5 star customer service. And with this kind of treatment, this will definitely keep loyal customers like myself in the business.

Lutchmee Annunto on Trustpilot, 28/03/2023

What About Vodafone Complaints on Trustpilot?

Of course, there have also been some negative comments about Vodafone from people who have worse experiences. One of the main complaints has been about poor customer service and mobile broadband connection:

Awful customer service, bought the 5G mobile broadband router. Terrible download speed. Took at least 10 phone calls and multiple trips into the shop to cancel the contract and return the router within the 14 day return window. We were meant to get fibre internet with Vodafone, which I absolutely will not be doing now. My husband and I depend on a good internet for work and Vodafone service has been appalling. I would not recommend.

Edel Kelliher on Trustpilot, 22/07/2023

This is also reflected elsewhere with customers having problems when they go abroad and want to use their mobile service outside of Europe with data roaming:

Definitely have the best coverage in Ireland and maybe even europe. But travel anywhere outside of Europe and they are awful costwise. I have topped up by nearly €70 in 10 days and I have barley used my phone, I have zero credit. I also can't seem to place calls even though I have gone through all the settings checks. I am sure most chat staff are plesant however it seems like they turn off the chat whenever they feel like.

Lauren Weldon on Trustpilot, 20/06/2023

How Does Vodafone Do Overall on Trustpilot?

Overall, Vodafone scores 1.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Out of 1,736 reviews, around 90% awarded the company 1 star and only 6% gave it 5 stars. Generally speaking, broadband companies and other utilities providers tend to do very badly on review sites so it’s important to take reviews with an pinch of salt.


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What Are the Vodafone Reviews on Google Like?

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Google also has a vast collection of reviews when it comes to different broadband providers. Google provides ratings from 1 to 5 stars and allows customers to write a comment about their experience. However, there’s no one unified shop for Google reviewers since they usually review individual shops. For this guide, we’ve taken the reviews from Vodafone Ireland’s corporate office in Dublin.

What Do Google Reviewers Like About Vodafone?

Many reviewers on Google have been happy with the customer service they’ve received in the shops from Vodafone customer care agents:

Thanks to the helpful staff in the Vodafone shop in Donegal Town for taking the time to help my wife with her communication problems and helping her pay her bill. It ain't  easy for us oldies.

George Doherty on Google, Jan 2023

This has been echoed by other customers who have interacted with the customer chat when trying to sort out their phone’s mobile data:

I screwed up because I didn’t know to turn off data before trying to add a data add on and their chat support fixed me right up. Amazing customer service for a telecom company!

Lesia Payne on Google, July 2019

What About Google Complaints About Vodafone?

Again, like with Trustpilot, there have also been complaints about Vodafone when it comes to their broadband service:

Very poor quality service from Vodafone. They disconnect my internet on a whim when I don't owe them any money and trying to get it restored is a nightmare.  I would not recommend this company to anyone

Adrienne Cullen-Morgan on Google, July 2023

This has also been reflected in how customers have had problems getting their services up and running in time:

Without any phone or broadband service for a month now. Calling every day and receiving the promise of an engineer visit which never occurs. Juggling between departments. Shocking customer service. Avoid.

Fogarty's Thurles on Google, May 2023

How Does Vodafone Do Overall on Google?

Overall, Vodafone scores 3.6 out of 5 on Google. Out of 302 reviews, the majority are also negative however there is a sizable chunk that are more positive. It’s important to keep in mind however that these reviews don’t necessarily reflect every customer experience since Google takes reviews from individual shops as well.

What About the Vodafone App Reviews?


Vodafone also has a My Vodafone app to allow customers to manage their account all from their phones with their Vodafone login. The app is available from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and has relatively higher reviews over their main company reviews. On the App Store, the app scores 4.5 out of 5 whereas on the Play Store it is slightly lower with 2.9 out of 5. Most customers are frustrated with the functionality but appreciate having the app to use to check their bills.

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