Eircom: What Is Its Role in the Telecoms Market?

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Eircom network for mobile

Though Eircom and Eir are owned by the same entity, Eircom has another role besides providing broadband. Since Eircom was the state-owned telecommunications company in Ireland, Eircom also provides the network that many broadband providers use. In our Eircom guide, we’ll walk you through Eircom’s role in the telecoms market.

Who Are Eircom?

Eircom Limited, commonly also known simply as Eir, is a popular mobile and broadband company based in The Republic of Ireland. This company can trace its roots back to 1983, when it was founded as Bord Telecom Éireann (meaning Telecommunications of Ireland) when it was the nationalised telecoms operator, before being privatised in 1999 and becoming Eircom Limited.

Are Eir and Eircom the same? Eir and Eircom are the same company. Eircom Limited trades as Eir for all its operations in Ireland and is the umbrella company for its different subsidiaries such as Eir Mobile, Open Eir, Eir Business NI, Eir TV, and Eir UK, as well as Eir's TV services. It can get confusing since they seem to come across as different companies but they are all the same.

Eir also owns and operate the telecoms infrastructure in Ireland, so many other broadband companies use the same network as Eir to provide their customers will broadband. Companies like Virgin Media for example use their own separate network from Eir.

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How Big Is Eircom in Ireland?

Eircom at one point grew to have around 13,000 members of staff, before shrinking to its current 3,473 employees, spread between their offices, network management, and customer support departments. Despite this staffing contraction, Eircom still maintains its title as the largest telecoms operator in Ireland, while also having the biggest fixed-line telecoms network which is used by many other telecoms companies within the Republic.

Does Eircom Operate in Other Countries?

Beyond Ireland, Eircom also offers its services to the commercial markets of the UK. Providing a range of broadband and network packages across various diverse industries through FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises), FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) and legacy-based services such as ADSL. Broadband aside, Eircom has also branched out into the mobile, SIM card, and TV package markets, making them a truly versatile and comprehensive company.


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Who Is Eircom Broadband Network Competition?

Though Eircom has the largest and most well-established networks within the Republic of Ireland, that is not to say that they are without competition. Aside from Eircom Broadband, there are eight further large competitors, along with numerous small-scale specialists who specialise in providing services to rural or broadband-black-spot areas. Their main competitors are:

image of document with text and wifi symbols

Though this may give the illusion of having a good degree of choice in who you take out your services with, many of these providers and connection types are still dependent upon regional availability. This means that though you may for example wish to take out a service with Virgin Media, if they do not have the lines in place to service your area, this would not be possible.

There is also a great deal of variety in terms of the types of packages that they can offer. While some companies may simply offer broadband-only, others such as Eircom can offer bundled packages of broadband, mobile contracts, tv packages and additional services at a discounted rate. It is well worth considering what services you use in your household and look for a provider who can service all of your needs, have your bills in one place, and save some money.

What Are Eircom's Best Broadband Packages?

Eircom offers a range of packages and bundles to suit the needs of every home. Below we are a few examples including Eircoms cheapest and fastest broadband, along with their cheapest and best joint broadband and TV bundles.

Eircom Broadband Packages
Eir Broadband Plan Monthly Price Speeds Up To Contract Length
500 Mb Broadband €34.99 500 Mb 12 Months
1 Gb Broadband €44.99 1 Gb 24 Months
500 Mb Broadband & TV €49.98 500 Mb 12 Months
1 Gb Broadband & TV €54.98 1 Gb 24 Months

Source: Eir
Last Updated: 08/03/2023

All joint broadband and TV channels allow their customers to enjoy over 50 channels not available on traditional Saorview, unlimited streaming, and Amazon Prime video included. Well worth the investment.

What Are Eircom Open Eir Networks?

Eircom runs the broadband infrastructure for its telecoms network and its fixed fibre network is the largest in Ireland, connecting over 500 cities, villages and towns, by over 13,000 kilometres of cable. Other providers, known as Other Authorised Operators (OAOs), can apply to use the network to provide their customers. Eircom operates over several forms of fixed-line networks, including NGN Core, NGA Fibre Broadband Network, and the Open Eir Ethernet services.

image of wifi router surrounded by network related symbols
  1. NGN Core (Next Generation Network)
    NGN typically consolidates several networks that were traditionally designed for independent and different services, into one core transport network. This allows for the streamlining of service changes, and the implementation of a relatively universal data exchange system.
  2. NGA (Next Generation Access Network)
    An advanced fibre-based network that successfully delivers very high speeds to subscribers through optical cables (or equivalent), supports a variety of digital services and has a significantly higher upload speed than traditional broadband networks. Over 750,000 homes and businesses use this service.
  3. Open Eir
    The service available for businesses via Eircom Broadband across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


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What Is a Fixed-Line Network for Eircom?

Originally, the landline network was simply a circuit-switched telephone network, through which those who had access to telephone lines could connect and make calls. Over time this network has developed along with advancing technologies to facilitate the use of IP (Internet Protocol) services, carrying both data transfers and Voice-over-IP services. A fixed-line network has competition from mobile broadband, SIRO and satellite broadband.

image of a golden globe interconnected by dots

How Does a Fixed-Line Network Work?

Though the definition of what a fixed-line network is can vary, as a rule, the modern term generally refers to all wired networks that are used for data and voice communications. The line itself acts as a cable connection between the customers and their service provider, enabling them to connect to internet services or make traditional landline calls. This form of network can be further divided into access, and core networks. Currently the most common fixed-lined is a fibre-optic connection.

Access networks by the vast majority use most of the copper paired wires in the overall network, ensuring that individual terminals connect, while core network lines utilise a high bandwidth resulting in a higher data transfer rate, and shorter download times to enable computers to connect efficiently. Core networks utilise both copper cable along with both fibre optics and wireless radio technology.

How Can I Find Out What My Local Speeds Are?

When searching for internet deals, be it for domestic or business usage, it is important to understand what speeds you actually need, and what speeds are possible for your property. On average, most broadband providers can offer speeds between 24 Mbps, and 150Mbps. Let’s take a look at a few examples to give you an idea of what you might need.

image of weighing scales witha cross and tick at opposite sides
  1. 5 Mbps
    5 Mbps is recommended for basic Netflix streaming
  2. 10 Mbps
    A minimum of 10 Mbps is sufficient for one person to reliably work from home, depending on the nature of your work
  3. 25 Mbps
    25 Mbps is ideal for light use with two devices (social media, light video watching, internet browsing
  4. 25-35 Mbps
    25 to 35 Mbps is advisable for online gaming
  5. 100 Mbps
    100 Mbps is sufficient for businesses of up to 10 users at any time
  6. From 300 Mbps
    Medium to larger businesses should avail of services of a minimum of 300 Mbps, or to have multiple networks throughout the premises to spread the usage load.

Should I Go with the Fastest Eircom's Package?

While it can be tempting to simply go for the fastest package, as we have mentioned earlier, just because you have purchased the fastest or best package, doesn’t mean that you will receive the fastest speed. Local networks are restricted by service availability and their connections. This means that if you purchase a package with a 100 Mbps download speed, but your network is only capable of a maximum of 25 Mbps, then you will only receive a maximum of 25 Mbps.

How Do I Know If My Home Supports My Chosen Speeds?

Though service providers are largely obligated to ensure that the product that they are providing meets their contractual agreements with individuals, this may not be possible if your network cannot support the speed you have purchased. Before completing your purchase, always use an internet speed checker such as the one we have on our Eir/Eircom Broadband page to understand what is possible for your property and purchase a product within that speed range.


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What Is Eircom Webmail?

Eircom webmail is a dedicated email service available to all Eircom (Eir) customers. This facility allows users to safely receive and send correspondence in the form of emails and documents, much the same as other email providers. This facility was provided free of charge, however, as of early 2020, a €5.99 monthly fee was introduced for the service, with an additional increase in July 2021 bringing the monthly subscription fee to a whopping €9.99 per month. This has naturally been received poorly by Eircom customers, with many others seeking an alternative company to work with.

How Do I Used My Eircom Webmail Login?

To access your emails, simply access the Eircom webmail login portal, and input both your email address, and your password. If you are having difficulty in correctly completing the Eircom webmail login process, select the "Trouble logging in?" button to be taken to a multi-step guide to retrieving your details. Once you have clicked this, you will have to complete several steps, including:

  1. Inputting your username, and selecting what you wish to reset (email, web space, dial-up access etc)
  2. Select your reset code option (email, text, call)
  3. Once you have received your code, input this, and set your new password
  4. Confirm your change request

You should not have regained access to your Eir webmail login details, and account. If you are still having difficulties or have further queries, use the contact details in our next section to get in touch.

What Is the Eircom Contact Number?

image of two speech-bubbles

Importantly, whether you are looking to query your account, change services, sign up, or even cancel your Eircom broadband or product, you need to know what your contact options are.

What Are Eircom's Residential Eircom Contact Details?

Residential Eircom customers have an even greater variety of options depending on the product you wish to enquire about, and the department that you need to contact.

Eircom Contact Details - Residential
Contact Method Contact Details
Eircom Broadband, Tech Support and TV 1901/+353 1 766 2599 (From Abroad)
Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
Mobile Top-up 1740
Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
Mobile Prepay 1747/+353 1 430 7066 (From Abroad)
Monday to Friday 9am-6, Saturday 10am-2pm
Mobile Billpay 1905/+353 1 430 7085 (From Abroad)
Monday to Friday 9am-6, Saturday 10am-2pm
Age-Friendly Care 1800 252 252
Monday to Friday 10am-4pm
Residential Sales 1800 773 729
Monday to Friday 9am-7, Saturday 9am-5:30pm
Business Sales 1800 242 556
Monday to Friday 9am-7, Saturday 9am-5:30pm

In addition to these telephone and email channels, Eircom is also active on both Facebook and Twitter. These channels regularly publish customer service updates, product availability and changes, FAQs, and are available as a further support option for their customers.

Is There an Eircom Contact Number for Businesses?

Business customers who have the OpenEir service will be pleased to know that once they have completed the customer application forms and created a contract with OpenEir, they will be assigned a dedicated accounts manager who will be their primary source of contact, and available to call directly. If you are not yet a customer or need to contact a specific department, there are a range of email addresses available, as shown below.

Eircom Contact Details - Business
Contact Method Contact Details
Existing Customers/Order Queries and Faults [email protected]
New Customers [email protected]
Marketing [email protected]
Contractor/Builders/Planning a Home [email protected]
Infrastructure Damage Reporting (Storms, Accidents) 1800 245 245

Eircom Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for Eircom Webmail?

As with all companies, Eircom is experiencing an increase in operational costs. In order to continue providing its extensive range of services well, it has decided to make its email facility a monthly paid service. Users of Eircom are not obliged to take out this service, and it can be cancelled at any time by simply ceasing to pay the monthly fee, as the contract is a monthly rolling as opposed to yearly subscription.

How good is Eircom?

This would depend upon your metric. While Eircom reviews on Trustpilot are relatively poor at only 1.3 out of 5, they do offer one of the most comprehensive broadband, TV and mobile services in Ireland. Additionally, their network is very well established, and stable. Eircom maintains its position amongst the largest five telecommunications providers in Ireland, and is certainly worth consideration for your household needs.

Why did Eircom become Eir?

The Eircom brand name has existed from 1999, and rebranded to Eir in 2015 in order to modernise the brand image, and separate itself from association with past financial difficulties. This rebranding cost the company in the region of €15 million, including changing the designs on its vehicles, uniforms and changes to over 2,000 web pages.

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