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Sky has long been associated with extra TV channels in Ireland, but did you know they do landline services and broadband as well? Read on to find out more about the origins of this familiar company, and what they can offer customers today in terms of broadband and entertainment.

About Sky

Sky Ireland is the Irish subsidiary of Sky Limited. Sky Limited is a British media and communications conglomerate with headquarters in London and operates across the UK as well as European countries such as Austria, Italy, Garmany, Spain and Switzerland, in addition to Ireland.

The origins of the Sky brand name came about through Satellite Television Ltd. which was set up in 1980 and pioneered early satellite TV, initially testing transmissions via the Orbital Test Satellite to Malta. In 1984 the Satellite Television Ltd was renamed to Sky Channel, and upon the addition of other channels, became the Sky Television Network.

Sky Television then merged with one of its competitors, British Satellite Broadcasting, in 1990 and the merged company was initially named BSkyB. The two companies which merged, Sky Television and British Satellite broadcasting, had been struggling financially at the time and the newly formed BSkyB company didn’t begin to turn a profit until 1992.

After acquiring stakes in other European satellite TV broadcasting services, BSkyB renamed the company to Sky plc in 2014.

Sky in Ireland

As a subsidiary of the greater Sky Limited family, Sky Ireland provides broadband  TV and telephone (landline) services to the Republic of Ireland. Although initially more well-known in Ireland for satellite television channels (which were launched in 1998), offers such as unlimited broadband have recently propelled Sky Ireland into the public eye.

The company's Irish headquarters are based in Dublin and growth of the Irish base for Sky has seen Sky Ireland employee numbers climb to 900.

Sky’s market offering: is it any good?

As other Irish telecom providers do, Sky provides TV options, broadband and landline offers, but unlike other providers, has no mobile phone offering. This means that if you’re looking for a true all in one solution, Sky may not be the provider for you. However, if high-quality TV channels, watching films and/or sport is your thing, Sky Ireland could be a good fit.

Below we speak more about the individual deals available for broadband, landline, and TV, and in our article on Sky package deals (coming soon) we’ll go into the various combined deals on offer.

Sky broadband offers

Checking out Sky’s broadband offers is a bit more difficult than you may think as searching for information on the Sky site can keep redirecting you to the UK version. However, if you’re diligent and keep plugging away, you’ll get to the bottom of what Sky are offering to broadband customers.

If you’re looking for broadband-only, then you’ll find Sky’s simple offer easy to compare to other broadband deals, with just one broadband-only offer starting at €35 a month for unlimited usage and up to 100Mbs speed. 

Sky landline offers

Breaking away from other Irish telecom providers somewhat is Sky’s landline standalone landline offering. If you have an existing landline connection you can add the Sky Talk Anytime deal for just €7.50 a month and get free landline calls to anyone in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland all day long, plus free calls to 20 other countries.

However, if you don’t have a landline deal in place and are not making a ton of international calls, the deal may seem a bit pricey as you’ll need to pay line rental fees of €30 a month in addition to the Sky Talk fee of €7.50.

Sky TV offers

In order to take advantage of all the TV channels Sky has on offer, you’ll need to sign up for one of their packages and get the Sky Q box installed. Sky TV packages start from €35 a month, which will net you 40 extra channels for your TV viewing pleasure.

There is also a whole host of other add ons such as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, kids TV channels etc. We’ll be examining exactly what’s on offer more closely in our Sky TV guide, coming soon!

Sky mobile offers

Unlike other broadband and television service providers in Ireland, Sky does not currently offer any mobile contract, handset or sim-only options. 

Does Sky provide services for businesses?

Sky does provide business services in Ireland, albeit more limited services than with Sky UK Limited, for example, Sky Ireland doesn’t offer any business broadband packages at present.

Sky Ireland’s business services are limited to television at present, providing TV packages for pubs, hotel bars, clubs, and retail outlets. 

Sky Ireland reviews

A gold globe with many broadband connecition points marked on a map

On the review website Sky has 65 reviews with a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars. While this cannot be considered a positive rating, it is somewhat on par with ratings for other broadband and television service providers in Ireland.

Customers who were displeased with Sky cited:

  • Issues with cancelling contracts
  • Difficulties getting in touch with the company
  • Issues with engineers not showing up for installation appointments

On the other hand, satisfied customers spoke about very fast broadband speeds, cheaper broadband prices than other competitors, and respectful customer service agents. Where customers experienced issues with their Sky set-top boxes, there were quickly and easily replaced for free.

Work at Sky Ireland

If you’re interested in working at one of the biggest names in television and broadband in Ireland, you can check out available vacancies on the Sky Job search website. The website also highlights the many onsite perks of working for Sky, including a varied lunch menu, an onsite gym, and a comfortable relaxed working environment. 

Interested? If you’ve yet to finish your studies you could check out the Sky internships, work experience and apprenticeship programs, as well check out the graduate program if you’ll be finishing university soon.

If you’ve already finished your studies and are ready to go, check out the information on reviews of working at Sky in Ireland below to check whether the company would be a good fit for you. Then, simply head to this page and enter Dublin as the search location in order to see any available vacancies for Sky Ireland.

Working at Sky Ireland reviews

Of all the glassdoor reviews for working with Sky, 41 pertain to the Dublin branch, and the overall rating for working there is 4.2 out of 5 stars. Over at Sky Ireland managed to score 3.2 out of 5 stars.

Negative points raised by present and past employees of Sky Ireland were that there is no free employee parking (an expensive issue in Dublin), sales executives sometimes had to work weekends, and that there were some issues with management.

On the other hand, employees were very satisfied with the employee discounts, the benefits, and the work atmosphere. Holidays and time-off were frequently mentioned with employees satisfied with both the amount of time off as well as the way it was managed.

Contact Sky Ireland

Sky Ireland does not have its own dedicated website, but rather a subset of the general Sky website. This means that it is quite difficult to track down contact information specific to the Irish branch of the company, but here at Selectra we’ve done the needful and have come up with the goods.

Below you’ll find all the ways you can contact Sky Ireland, including social media channels. For urgent queries or due to customers’ personal preferences, we recommend contacting via the phone. However, on occasion, there may be a long waiting period to get through to a customer service representative.

In this case, we recommend sending a message via Facebook as responses tend to be quite fast. Sky Ireland customers can also contact Sky by logging into their online account or through the MySky app, using the messaging service which is available 9 am - 7 pm, 7 days a week.

Contact Details
General queries 0818 762 917
Sky customer service 0818 500 376
Text message 086 1803135
Head office 0818 719 819
Facebook Sky Support
Address Level 5, 1 Burlington Rd, Dublin, D04 RH96, Ireland
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