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Unlike many energy providers in Ireland, Electric Ireland provide online login account services for both PAYG and credit meter/smart meter customers. This should definitely be a plus for PAYG customers who have previously been somewhat left out in the cold, unable to simply log in and view their account history and details.

Why register for an Electric Ireland online account?

Although you are in no way required to, the advantages associated with having an Electric Ireland online account are many. With one simple login you can:

  • Pay bills online
  • Set up Direct Debits
  • Submit meter readings
  • Get an online billing discount (usually grouped with a Direct Debit discount)
  • Monitor your energy usage
  • Manage your Electric Ireland rewards
  • Top up your SPAYG (Smarter PAYG) meter

We recommend registering for the account to avail of the online billing discount (and to save the trees!), and to be able to access your billing information anywhere. Having all your bills in one place also makes it much easier to see how your energy usage is evolving.

Do you live in Dublin or Cork and want to have a Smarter PAYG meter installed? Check out your city's page for more information so that you can start topping up via your online account!

How to register

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If you are a credit (standard type) meter customer, you can register for an online login on the Sign Up page. Information you will need to enter includes:

  1. Account number
  2. Last six digits of MPRN/GPRN
  3. Email address
  4. Phone number
  5. Date of birth

You’ll then need to accept the terms and conditions and confirm that you are the account owner.  It would be a good idea to have a bill handy as it contains most of the important information you will need in order to register.

Your account number should be at the top of any Electric Ireland bill or in your welcome pack.

Your MPRN and GPRN are your meter point reference number (electricity) and gas point reference number, and can also be found on any energy bill (not just an Electric Ireland one). You only need to enter one number (e.g. either your MPRN or GPRN, but not both), if you are a dual fuel customer the other number will automatically be added to your account. This means you will be able to access all your gas and electricity information in one place.

If your account is a joint account with more than one account holder, please note that you will only be able to register the account under one email login. You will later be able to change the email address associated with your account by logging in and clicking on the “My Profile” tab at the top of the page, selecting “Edit My Profile”, entering the new email address and saving it.

Your date of birth is required as it is one of the pieces of information that can be queried in order to establish your identity, on the phone to customers service for example.

When you submit the registration form, you will receive an email straight away with a temporary password you can use to log in. Note that you should change your temporary password to one that is easier for you to remember, ideally after logging in for the first time.

The temporary password or any link to set up your password initially sent, will only work for 24 hours, after which if you have not logged in you will need to register again.

How to log in

A screenshot of the electric ireland account login page

If you have a credit meter (normal “dumb” meter), to log into your Electric Ireland online account, simply head to the login page and enter the email address and password you chose when registering.

Are you an Electric Ireland PAYG customer? If so, you can either head to the login page and click on the “PAYG Customers: Login Here” button, or go directly to the PAYG Login page. Once on the PAYG log in page, enter either your email address or user name, and password.

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Frustrated trying to log in with no success?

Call one of our knowledgeable energy advisers to sort out your energy account.

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I’ve forgotten my password

Credit meter customers: If you should find that you can’t remember your password, then click on the “Forgot password?” link in small white font underneath the green “Login” button, or jump directly to the Password Reset page and enter in your email address.

PAYG customers: If you have forgotten your password, click on the blue “Forgot my password?” link underneath the login section, or jump directly to the PAYG Password Recover page.

In both cases, you should then receive an email with a link that you need to click on in order to reset your password and restore access to your account.

If you continue to experience difficulties with logging in or your password, we would recommend getting in contact with Electric Ireland customer service.

I can’t see my account details in the browser

You should be able to log into and view your Electric Ireland online account through the majority of browsers, but if you experience any difficulties we recommend downloading and installing any of the following recommended browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Note that you will only be able to see pdf files from your account (e.g. your bills) if you have the Adobe Reader app or extension correctly installed

App login

Unfortunately, Electric Ireland is one of the few energy suppliers that do not provide an app that has the same functionality as their online login account. Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of such apps (such as the SSE Airtricity app) receive negative reviews, so you might as well log in through the online version after all.

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Stuck logging in?

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