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Do you need help topping up your Electric Ireland prepayment meter? In this guide, we break down all the Electric Ireland top up methods so that you can choose the best way to pay for your energy.

How do I top up with Electric Ireland?

There are four Electric Ireland top up methods. These include the following:

  • At your local shop
  • Online
  • Via text message
  • Via the Electric Ireland app

If you experience any Electric Ireland top up issues, your best bet is to contact Electric Ireland’s customer service.

Note that if you are an Electric Ireland PAYG customer with arrears or debt, 25% of all Electric Ireland top ups will be allocated towards paying off the balance. This means that if you should top up by €10, for example, the actual amount credited to your meter will be €7.50.

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Top Up at Your Local Shop

Using your Electric Ireland top up card, you can top up at any Payzone Outlet, An Post or Postpoint Agent. It's the same for PrePayPower, Pinergy, and Electric Ireland customers.

When you’re topping up at one of these locations, you must bring your Electric Ireland top up card. You should have received this card when you signed up with Electric Ireland.

To top up, simply hand the card over to the cashier and specify the top up amount (in multiples of €10). The minimum top up amount is €10 and the maximum is €100. If you have a smart meter, the cashier will swipe your card and it will automatically top up. We advise that you keep your receipt until you have verified that the Electric Ireland top up has gone on your meter.

If you have a standard PAYG meter, the cashier will give you a 20-digit Electric Irelad top up code, which you will need to key into your meter when you get home. If you lose the code, return to the shop where you topped up. The code will be issued again for free. You can also call Electric Ireland on 1800 372 372 to get the code. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Top Up Online


If you have a smart meter, you can top up online via the Electric Ireland website. Unfortunately, customers that have standard PAYG meters can only top up at Payzone outlets, An Post or Postpoint. Note that although you will top up through Electric Ireland’s portal, the transactions will actually be handled through Payzone.

One big advantage of having a smart meter is that you can schedule your Electric Ireland top up. This would enable you to top up for the month on payday, for example. Another advantage is that you can set your meter to top up automatically when the balance hits a certain threshold. This option removes the hassle of worrying about your balance running low and getting disconnected or running into emergency credit.

To top up online, simply go to the Electric Ireland homepage and click where it says "Online Services" in the top right corner. Select the option that says "Pay As You Go Top Up & Login". To top up now, you will need to enter the following details:

  • Your keypad number
  • The top up amount
  • Your email address

To be able to schedule top ups, you will need to register for an account. This will require that you enter the following additional information:

  • Your name
  • Your mobile number
  • Create a password

Top Up by Text Message

It's easy to comple your Electric Ireland top up via text message. Once you've registered online with Payzone, you can top up your electricity meter by texting “EI top up (amount to top up)” to 53314.

Customers who have smart PAYG meters will have their Electric Ireland top ups automatically applied to the meter, while regular PAYG customers will need to input a code that they then receive by text.

Top Up with the Electric Ireland App


You can top up your smart PAYG meter with the Electric Ireland app. The app is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. The app has the same functionality as the online portal, and it will allow you to keep track of your Electric Ireland top ups.

Once you have created an account, you’ll be able to top up your smart meter, save your payment details, schedule top-ups, and set automatic top-ups.

You can also make a once off top-up from the app without logging in. Unfortunately, as appears to be the case with the majority of electricity and gas provider apps in Ireland, the app is rated poorly and customers have reported many issues with using it to top up.

If you find this to be the case, we recommend that you head to the Electric Ireland website and log in to your online account for all your top up needs.

In addition to topping up via the app, you can also manage your Electric Ireland Rewards points and get special discounts!

Electric Ireland Once Off Top Up

Electric Ireland also has a handy quick top-up option on its website in the section labelled “Top Up Now”. You can use this option without registering. You’ll need a keypad number (the number on the front of your smart PAYG card) and will have to provide your email address and the amount you wish to top up by (in multiples of ten).

You can also select the option for the browser to save your details, that way you won’t have to re-enter your information every time you need to make a once-off top up.

We recommend that you take a picture of your smart PAYG card or note down the number on it as soon as you get it. That way, if you misplace it you will still be able to top up while awaiting the replacement card.

Can you top up without a card?

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If you have a smart meter, you can top up without your Electric Ireland card. You can do so online, either by registering for an account or by performing a once off top up using your keypad number.

You keypad number is usually on the front of the card, but it can also be found on your In Home Monitor. Choose the Settings/Info option on the monitor and you will find your keypad number (19 digits) under Payment Card ID.

If you've lost your top up card, you can order a new one by contacting Electric Ireland on 1850 372 372 to receive a new one by post. You can use your keypad number to top up online in the meantime.

Do you live in Dublin or Cork? Find out more about SPAYG in your area with your city's Electric Ireland guide.

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