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Electric Ireland Rewards: All rewards & how to use vouchers

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Electric Ireland rewards is a popular loyalty scheme run by Electric Ireland to reward their customers (and encourage them to stay with Electric Ireland). Up until 2015 the scheme was known as “Electric Ireland powering rewards*”.

*Powering rewards customers who haven’t been online in a while can recover their points and account and access them through the Electric Ireland rewards login.

Why sign up?

A quick look at the benefits offered on the Electric Ireland rewards portal makes it clear that signing up is a bit of a no-brainer. In fact, the rewards are so well thought out that all things being equal, if the difference between Electric Ireland’s gas and electricity tariffs and that of another supplier is not that big (less than €100 a year), we would definitely swing towards signing up with Electric Ireland just to gain access to the loyalty scheme.

Rewards can be divided into three different sections:

  • Go
  • Get
  • Win

What is not immediately apparent from the homepage is that you can also register a SuperValu Real Rewards card within your Electric Ireland rewards account.


The Go section of Electric Ireland rewards includes discounts on hotels and holiday packages. In March 2020 the offer in this section was a 15% discount off any bed and breakfast bookings made through the Select hotels of Ireland website. This could certainly come in handy with the summer holiday period just around the corner, whether you’re planning a staycation or a jaunt to the other side of the island.


The Get section of the loyalty scheme webpage details offers discounts on products and services. There were seven offers when we had a look, featuring some sizeable discounts:

  1. A 30-day free trial of the Auro home workout app.
  2. 15% off your next Just Eat order via the app.
  3. 10% off magazine subscriptions, including Good Housekeeping, Red and GQ.
  4. A free 3-month subscribtion to the Mindfulness app.
  5. 20% off electronic SACKit products.
  6. 25% off online purchases of Lily O'Brien chocolates.
  7. 20% off Q-Park cark parks parking.

We can particularly see how the Just Eat and car parking discounts would come in handy. 


The Win section is pretty self-explanatory and offers tickets to events, and giveaways, as well as prizes. Personally, this is a big perk for us as who doesn't like the thrill of entering a competition? And when it's hassle-free, so much the better. Currently, there are three prizes up for grabs.

  1. A Lily O' Brien's shoe box hamper
  2. A SACKit WOOFit bluetooth speaker
  3. A €50 Peter Mark's voucher

Competitions also seem to be updated monthly, so if the current one is of no interest to you, the next one may well be.

How to register

If you’re currently an Electric Ireland customer, then you can simply join by registering online. You’ll need to enter:

  • Your personal details
  • Your Electric Ireland account number (can be found in the top right corner of your bill)
  • An email address

Enter your details, choose a password, accept the terms and conditions and confirm you are an account holder, and you’re ready to roll. Note that passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number and one letter.

It goes without saying that if you’re not an Electric Ireland customer, then you won’t be able to successfully apply for membership to the Electric Ireland rewards scheme.


Once you have registered for the rewards scheme through the Electric Ireland portal, you can then download the app through either Android Market or the Apple Store, and use the login details you specified when registering, or alternatively log in online via your Electric Ireland Account login.

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Electric Ireland Real Rewards

A blue voucher for €10 off electricity

Similarly to Bord Gáis who have teamed up with Tesco for their customer loyalty scheme, Bord Gáis Energy Rewards, Electric Ireland has also teamed up with a supermarket, SuperValu.

If you link your SuperValu Real Rewards card to your EI rewards account, you can earn Real Rewards points every time you shop at SuperValue or pay your Electric Ireland energy bills.

Free points!You will also get 250 free welcome points just for registering your Real Rewards card on your Electric Ireland rewards account.

To sign up to the SuperValu Real Rewards scheme, pick up a Real Rewards card in any SuperValu, register it online and then log on to your Electric Ireland rewards account. Navigate to the “Edit My Details” section and add your card.

After registering your Real Rewards card, you will automatically earn Supervalu points for paying your energy bill. Your Real Rewards card can be registered with up to two Electric Ireland accounts (e.g. your gas and your electricity accounts).

Once you have at least 250 Real Rewards points, you can redeem them on the SuperValu rewards website or via the Real Rewards app. For every 250 points, you earn €5. To redeem your points, enter your Electric Ireland Rewards account and select where it says “Redeem SuperValu Voucher”. Enter your voucher code in this page and the amount will be discounted from your next energy bill.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. You can only claim up to €10 off your energy bill within a 60-day billing period. If you are a dual fuel customer, this applies to each account registered with your SuperValu Real Rewards card. This could result in a potential savings of €20 each 60-day period, which is nearly €120 a year in savings.

Another non-Electric Ireland related ways to obtain SuperValu points is by booking or purchasing items from online partners (e.g. Getaway Breaks or eShops).

How do I get a SuperValu loyalty card?

SuperValu Real Rewards cards can only be obtained by requesting a registration form in-store. You can ask to sign up at the Customer Service desk, or cashiers will also ask you whether you’d like to sign up at checkout. The card is usually in a handy keyfob format so you’ll always have it with you, and it can be used at any SuperValu outlet.

How do I redeem my SuperValu points?

You’ll need to create an online account and register your Real Rewards card in order to go about redeeming your points.

How do I get SuperValu vouchers?

A shopping basket full of groceries and a sign saying free €5 voucher

Depending on the number of points you have collected, you can view which Money Back vouchers are available to you through your online Real rewards account or the Real rewards app. SuperValu also sends out Money Back vouchers three times a year, with values ranging from €2.50 to €80 depending on the number of points collected.

How do I use my SuperValu Electric Ireland voucher?

One of the most useful benefits to the SuperValu-Electric Ireland partnership is the ability to use your SuperValu Real Rewards points to obtain vouchers which can be used against your Electric Ireland energy bills.

You can convert 500 of your Real rewards points, or one €5 Money Back voucher, to get a €10 voucher code for Electric Ireland. Log in to your Real Rewards online account or use the app to convert your points.

Then head over to the Electric Ireland Rewards site and enter the 9-digit code from your voucher. The value of the voucher will then be applied against your next energy bill for the account you’ve chosen (gas or electricity). The discount will appear on your Electric Ireland bill as “Your Real Rewards Savings”.

Do you top up your meter? If you're an Electric Ireland pay-as-you-go customer, your voucher will automatically be applied to your meter. You should receive a confirmation via SMS once you redeem the voucher online.

How do I contact SuperValu?

If you have any issues with your logging into your Real Rewards account or are unable to register, you can call the dedicated helpdesk on 0818 22 00 88. You can also send an email to help@realrewards.ie or stop by the Customer Service Desk in any SuperValu store. If you contact SuperValu by email, you should receive a response within 24 hours.

Contact Electric Ireland Real Rewards

For any issues you have regarding your Electric Ireland Real Rewards points or login, you can contact them through social media, via an online form, or by telephone on 1850 372 372. If you'd like to contact Electric Ireland regarding any other matter unrelated to the Rewards scheme, you can find all the different departments and avenues of direct contact on our Electric Ireland contact page.

If you live in Dublin or Cork, you can also check out your city's page for more information about Electric Ireland in your area.

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