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Energia Cheapest Rates & Tariffs 2020

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Thinking of switching to Energia but finding it difficult to pin down information on accurate Energia rates? Or already with the company and interested in seeing how you can better your current tariff? Read on to find out more.

In this article, we'll cover current deals, the cheapest Energia tariff, offers for existing customers, Netatmo deals and Energia Fix Pay. For other information and reviews about the company check out our in-depth Energia page.

Tariff Types

Energia has some attractive deals for new customers, in addition to a €50 bonus for switching online. They have three different tariffs which make it quite easy to compare them to other gas and electricity providers.

Put simply the three tariffs available are:

  1. Dual fuel (gas and electricity)
  2. Electricity only
  3. Gas Only

Each tariff comes with attractive discounts. However be sure to pay attention to the fine print as these discounts are on the standard unit rates, not on the entire bill amount. You must also sign up to online billing and Direct Debit to receive the full benefit of each advertised discount.

Need help managing your account online? Head to our dedicated Energia login page for more information.

Understanding your energy bills can be confusing so at Selectra we’ve taken the work out of it and have tracked down Energia’s standard rates, and the yearly cost at the best discount (which is the dual-fuel tariff after switching online and opting for Direct Debit and Online, with €25 cashback).

Customers on an Urban 24-hour tariff who contract the Dual Fuel and cashback offer will enjoy an Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) of €1,338.78, compared to €2,000.68 on a standard tariff.

That nets you a massive saving of €661.90 and also highlights the importance of switching every 12 months to take advantage of the discounts offered to new customers by different energy providers.

Find out more information about different Irish energy providers on our providers' page, or check out our comparison page to see how their offers stack up.

Is your energy tariff too expensive?You can save hundreds of pounds on your energy bill just by switching supplier. Call us to see how much you could save on 1800 816 036 or get a free callback now.

Cheapest Energia Tariff

Electricity Pricing


Unit Price

Day Unit Price

Night Unit Price

Standing Charge


Yearly Average

Cheapest Offer?

Yearly Average with Discount

Urban 24hr






Dual Fuel + €25 cashback


Rural 24hr






Dual Fuel + €25 cashback


Urban Day/Night







Dual Fuel + €25 cashback


Rural Day/Night







29% Discount Electricity/Dual Fuel + €25 cashback


Gas Pricing



Unit Rate


Standing Charge


Carbon Tax kWh


PAYG Service Charge


Yearly Average Bill


Best Discount

Dual Fuel discount

Discounted Yearly Bill


Last Updated: September 2020

Dual Fuel rates

Contract duration

12 months

Electricity discount


Gas Discount



€1,338.78 (after €25 cashback and discounts)

With some of the most generous discounts we’ve seen, as well as the €25 cashback offer for signing up online, Energia’s Dual Fuel offer for new customers is our top pick of their tariffs. Remember that to avail of all the discounts, you must sign up online and choose Direct Debit and paperless billing. If you exit this tariff before 12 months you will have to pay a €100 exit fee.

Please note the €25 cashback offer is only applicable to dual fuel offers contracted online. If you’re contracting this tariff online you’ll need to use the promotional code “CHEAPESTFUEL”.

Looking for the best tariff on the market?Look no further! Our energy advisers can help you find the best offer on the market. Call 1800 816 036 or get a free callback now.

Electricity-only rates

Contract duration

12 months

Electricity discount


Gas Discount



€735.11 (after €30 cashback and discounts)

Another generously discounted rate. If you exit this tariff early you’ll be liable for a €50 exit fee. If you’re contracting this tariff online you’ll need to use the promotional code “CHEAPESTFUEL” in order to take advantage of this offer.

As with the dual-fuel offer, you’ll need to sign up online and choose Direct Debit and paperless billing.

Gas-only rates

Contract duration

12 months

Electricity discount


Gas Discount




Less impressive than the electricity offerings, but still with a sizeable discount of 12%, you don’t need a promotion code to sign up for this offer online.

Offers for existing customers

Existing customers can also benefit from discounts when they renew their contracts, 11% off electricity and gas for dual fuel customers, and 10% off for customers who use them for gas or electricity.

Existing customers should contact Energia in order to get the discounted rate on their renewal contract and note that as with the new customer deals, the discount only applies to the standard unit rate, not the entire bill.

Fix Pay

Energia also offers the possibility of making monthly payments towards your bills rather than receiving bi-monthly payments. How it works is that Energia analyses your monthly usage and then suggests an amount which you pay monthly.

You then pick the date that is most convenient for you to pay on (usually just after payday) and that’s it. Energia will then review your payments regularly and adjust them up or down as needed. If you pay too little, you’ll be contacted by them to adjust the amount upwards, and if you pay too much it will be refunded.

This option is really useful for spreading out your larger winter payments (especially for heating) over the course of the year. It also makes budgeting easier and removes the nasty shock of opening your bill during the colder months of the year.

You can sign up to Fix Pay online, or by calling customer services.

Energy bills too high?Our free service can get you a better deal in minutes. Call one of our trained advisers today to find out how much you could save. Call 1800 816 036 or get a free callback now.

Netatmo offer

As attractive as the gas and electricity offers may be, we highly recommend you also check out the Netatmo smart thermostat packages, which also offer great deals, and aren't as visibly promoted as other offers.

You’ll get the same €50 cashback, a free Netatmo smart thermostat and installation, and some decent discounts against the standard rates - 25% off for electricity-only customers, and 27% off electricity plus26% off gas for dual fuel customers. Note that there is no gas-only Netatmo package.

Find out more about the Netatmo Smart ThermostatIf you’re in the market for both a smart thermostat and a new energy provider, we recommend our in-depth article on the Netatmo thermostat, as well as our article comparing the best thermostats

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