Business Energy Providers in Ireland

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• Founded in 2014 in Ireland
• Supplies manufacturing and hospitality
• Renewable energy supplier
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• Largest gas supplier in Ireland
• Range of business tariffs
• Support for small businesses
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• Largest supplier in Ireland
• Business analysis tools
• Supplying over 100,000 businesses
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• Growing market share
• Electricity for both small and larger businesses
• Range of tariffs on offer
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• Major business gas provider
• Supplying all types of industry
• Supplying business LPG
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• Tailored solutions for businesses
• Supplying commercial real estate
• Wide range of business tariffs
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• Founded in 2012 in Ireland
• Supplying shops, restaurants and hotels
• Energy efficiency services
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• Pay-As-You-Go business
• Easy solution for businesses
• More control for budgeting
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• Part of the SSE Group
• Large stable provider in Ireland
• Energy management service
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