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PrePayPower (also known as Prepay Power) is a pay-as-you-go only provider which offers both gas and electricity. They have excellent reviews from customers who have been extremely satisfied with their customer service, but how easy is it to top up with them?

How to top up your Prepaypower account

There are four ways to top your Prepay Power account. Ways to top up include:

  1. Via their mobile app
  2. On their website
  3. In a shop
  4. By telephone

1. How do I top up via the app?

The Prepaypower top up app comes highly rated and can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple Store. The app enables you to:

  • Check your credit
  • Receive low-credit alerts
  • Set auto-top ups, on payday for example
  • Top up

You can enter your payment details and account number in order to register to top up from the app at the touch of a button, or select the “top up now” option from the home screen.

2. How do I top up PrePay power online?

Unlike with other providers’ online offerings for topping up, with PrePayPower, you must first make a once-off top-up, where your details from the top-up you have just made will be copied over and you can then opt into registering.

When you top up online with Prepay power, your Powercode (a 20-digit number) will be both texted and emailed to you.

You then simply need to enter your Powercode into your meter. If you have a smart meter (electricity only), your credit will be automatically topped up so there will be no need to enter the Powercode.

3. How do I top up in a shop?

The Payzone Logo

To top up in a shop, you can use your Prepaypower customer top up card, which you should have received upon signing up with Prepaypower. The majority of PAYG energy suppliers in Ireland also use the top up card system.

However recently Prepaypower also added the option to just show or tell your mobile number to the shop assistant, in order to top up.

Look out for the Payzone sign outside any shop or a Payzone sticker on the shop display window, and you will be able to top up there. You can also check the Payzone finder to see where you can top up nearby.

Note that you can still use your top up card if you prefer. If you would like to request one, you can use this form.

Hand your Voucher code top up card over to the cashier and request your top up, and pay by cash, credit or debit card. You should hold on to the voucher containing your top up code just in case.

However frankly, unless your wifi is broken and you’ve used up all your mobile minutes, we would imagine you would prefer to use the app to top up from the comfort of your couch.

Occasionally, some stores may charge you a surcharge for topping up. This is not permitted and you should report it online

4. Topping up over the telephone

Two red telephones

To top up over the phone you can simply call 1890 987 739 or 0818 287 287:

  • Monday to Friday from 8am - 9pm
  • Saturday 9am - 7pm
  • Sunday 10am - 5pm

The numbers above are dedicated top up numbers and as such you shouldn’t be shunted in with other customer service enquiries, meaning a faster top up time.

Prepay power once off top up

A screenshot of the once off top up and registering page on PrePayPower website

As mentioned above when discussing registering online for top-ups, the once-off top-up option is an integral part of Prepaypower’s offering - so much so that you cannot register without using the function at least once.

To make a one-off top-up simply:

  1. Enter the last nine digits of your account number (found on your PrePayPower customer card)
  2. Pick a top-up amount, from €5 - €175
  3. Provide an email address
  4. Provide a mobile number

Then opt in or out to save your card details in order to register, and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. You may then proceed to payment using a debit or credit card.

PrePayPower app and topping up

A screenshot of three different screens from the PrePayPower app

The Prepaypower app is available to download on Google Play and Apple Store. It has the same functionality as the online login, with the added benefit, as apps have in general, of being faster and easier to use - no more waiting for a web-page to load when your connection is weak.

There are also some well thought-out extras such as:

  • A “Speak Powercode” function that allows you to hear the numbers as you are entering them in.
  • A share function, where you can send a Powercode to friends and family at home if you or they need to top up quickly.
  • Receive alerts on your phone when your credit is running low.
  • The ability to set auto top-ups when the balance drops to a certain level of credit.

A lot of providers apps for topping up sound great but, in reality, don’t pass muster. The PrepayPower app has a respectable rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play, with happy customers saying it is really helpful for monitoring their usage and topping up, even when abroad.

However since the start of 2019 customers have complained that the app takes 12 hours or more to update your balance and that it auto-tops up by the previous top-up amount upon opening the app, even when permission hasn’t been given.

What will happen if I can’t top up?

If for whatever reason, you find yourself unable to top up, you will be offered €10 emergency credit amount when your balance goes below €3. The €10 emergency credit will then be deducted from your next top up.

Note that if you’ve been attempting to top up and have been experiencing technical issues, you should contact PrePayPower customer services.

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