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Selectra's editing team

  • Aaron Blankenship Aaron Blankenship

    Aaron Blankenship

    Content Writer

    Aaron has been with Selectra for over 3 years. He is well versed as an energy and telecom expert for both Ireland and the UK and specialises in energy compliance.

  • Allison Wall Allison Wall

    Allison Wall

    Content Writer

    Allison first began working at Selectra in 2019 as an energy advisor. She is well-versed in both the Irish & UK markets.

  • David Tait David Tait

    David Tait

    Content Writer

    David has worked at Selectra since March 2021 and is an expert on Ireland's utilities markets. He is currently working on the energy content and regularly contributes to the Selectra News section.

  • Denis Houde Denis Houde

    Denis Houde

    Content Editor

    Denis has been an Energy & Broadband Expert at Selectra for over 2 years and specialises in helping people navigate the Irish Energy & Telecom markets and save them money in the process.