Selectra's editing team

  • Content Editor

    Aprajita is a contributing Business Energy & Home Security Expert at Selectra. With a focus on sustainable energy practices and state-of-the-art security technologies, I offer valuable insights and solutions to create a greener and more secure environment.

  • Aaron Blankenship Aaron Blankenship

    Aaron Blankenship

    Content Writer

    Aaron has been with Selectra for over 3 years. He is well versed as an energy and telecom expert for both Ireland and the UK and specialises in energy compliance.

  • Allison Wall Allison Wall

    Allison Wall

    Content Writer

    Allison first began working at Selectra in 2019 as an energy advisor. She is well-versed in both the Irish & UK markets.

  • David Tait David Tait

    David Tait

    Editorial Manager

    David began his journey at Selectra in March 2021. With his expertise in various Irish utility markets, he has a strong focus on the energy industry. In addition, David is familiar with Irish broadband, waste collection, and security alarms markets. His well-rounded understanding of these sectors allows him to provide valuable insights and contribute effectively to the team.

  • Denis Houde Denis Houde

    Denis Houde

    Content Editor

    Denis has been an Energy & Broadband Expert at Selectra for over 2 years and specialises in helping people navigate the Irish Energy & Telecom markets and save them money in the process.