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Vodafone is an international telecom giant famous for being a large mobile network operator, but did you know that they provide broadband services and a streaming subscription service (Vodafone TV) as well?

Read on to find out anything and everything Vodafone Ireland related.

A short history of Vodafone

Vodafone has been around even longer than mobile phones, as part of a company called Racal which produced radar and electronics in Britain from 1950 onwards.

The actual Vodafone subsidiary of Racal was founded in 1983 and built Britain's first cellular network, launched in 1985. By the 90s Vodafone had branched out into acquiring other companies and growing partnerships worldwide.

In a hostile takeover which resulted in the largest merger in the world at that time, Vodafone acquired Mannesmann AG in 2000. Vodafone nearly doubled in size after the takeover, with the Mannesmann group then having 130,860 employees and a revenue stream estimated at about €23.27 billion.

Mannesmann AG was a German company that specialized in steel products, engineering, the automotive sector, and telecommunications. The telecommunications division, which was enjoying great success at that time, was absorbed into Vodafone while the other divisions were then resold to other companies after the deal.

Today, Vodafone is one of the largest mobile communication providers worldwide, present in 26 countries and with partnerships in an additional 55 countries.

If you are a Vodafone customer or are thinking of becoming one, you’re not alone as you’ll join approximately 640 million Vodafone mobile customers, 21 million Vodafone broadband customers, and 14 million Vodafone TV customers.

Vodafone in Ireland

Vodafone began its operations in Ireland by purchasing Eircell in 2001, the mobile provider division of Telecom Éireann. Eircell had previously begun operations in Ireland in 1986 as the Mobile and Broadcast division of Telecom Éireann.

After the sale, Eircell was initially known as Eircell Vodafone, until a rebrand in 2002 saw the name changed to Vodafone Ireland.

The company claims to have 90% 4G coverage in Ireland.

Numbers issued by Vodafone in Ireland initially all began with the digits 087, however now that customers can switch networks at will you cannot tell which network a person is with anymore by the prefix of their mobile number.

In 2009 Vodafone Ireland bought BT Ireland, thus leaping into the role of one of the primary broadband providers in the country.

Key Vodafone stats and figures

Vodafone stock price/Vodafone share price

Many Irish people hold shares in Vodafone Ireland and don’t even realise it. If you invested in Telecom Éireann back in the day, it may be time to get out those share certificates and dust them off.

Vodafone shares can be sold through a stockbroker, like any other share. However, the value of the shares depends on when you purchased them. Shares from before 2014 are reduced by nearly 45% due to a reorganisation of Vodafone shares upon selling US-based Vodafone interests.

This means that if you have 500 pre-2014 shares, you will actually hold 275 “new” Vodafone shares. You will then need to multiply your shares at the companies current trading price to figure out how much they are worth.

If you purchased your Vodafone shares after 2014, then you can directly calculate their value at current market value. As of October 2019, Vodafone shares were valued at €1.86 each.

Unfortunately, if your shares are from an original investment in Telecom Éireann, you will be making a loss, as the original Telecom Éireann shares were sold for €4.58 a pop.

Key Vodafone Players

Vodafone is managed by an executive committee, currently chaired by Nick Read as of September 2019. Aside from the chairperson, there are 13 more people that make up the committee.

Vodafone Ireland is under the charge of the CEO Europe Cluster, Serpil Timuray. Countries included in the Vodafone Europe cluster include Albania, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Turkey.

Vodafone’s market offering: is it any good?

Vodafone is currently one of Ireland’s largest broadband TV and mobile providers and has an expansive range of products to match.

Enter any Vodafone shop or check out the online Vodafone shop and you will find:

  1. Bill pay phones
  2. Pay as you go phones
  3. Bill pay plans
  4. Pay as you go plans
  5. Broadband
  6. Vodafone TV

It’s a pretty complete offering, however, you would expect to see some product bundles. A quick search through the website and the Vodafone shop page shows that there are some bundles, but the bundles' page is still under construction.

Vodafone broadband offers

a blue smartphone

Vodafone appears to have just one home broadband offer. An online exclusive offer is advertised where you can obtain fibre broadband for €25 a month for the first six months of your 12-month contract, pay from €40 after the first six months, and from €45 per month after the twelfth month.

There is no cap placed on broadband downloads, and installation is free. You can also opt to try out Vodafone TV and Vodafone Broadband Voice for b for the initial six months of the contract.

Vodafone mobile offers

As we mentioned before, when it comes to mobiles Vodafone offers:

  • Bill pay phones
  • Pay as you go phones
  • Bill pay plans
  • Pay as you go plans

Both the bill pay phones and pay as you go phones options offer mobile handsets at competitive prices.

Bill pay phones

Bill pay phones offer a wide variety of handsets which you purchase at one-off prices. The price you pay is linked to the value of the contract you sign up for. So, if you sign up for a tariff on the lower end of the scale, you’ll have to pay more upfront, and vice versa.

Pay as you go phones

Pay as you go phones are also available at one-off prices. While you can’t get the substantial discounts available to bill pay customers who sign up for more expensive contracts, there are special offers available where you get money off the purchase price by switching to Vodafone from a previous provider.

Bill pay plans

Bill pay plans advertise 5g plans (where available by location). When choosing a plan you can either get a SIM-only plan or a plan with a phone which ties into the reduced one-off costs for Bill pay phones.

All bill pay plans are for 12-month contracts with reduced rates for the first 6 months and include 4G or 5G plus data, and unlimited texts and calls. There is also a family tariff plan.

Pay as you go plans

Vodafone’s pay as you go plans are the same for both new and existing customers, although new customers who switch can get money off a new phone as well.

Customers can avail of either free Vodafone calls & all texts when they top up by a certain amount every 28 days, and free data as well if they top up by a higher amount. Those on the most expensive plan, currently set at €30 with a top-up required to maintain conditions every four weeks, will get unlimited calls to any network.

All plans come with mobile data included.

What is Vodafone TV?

Vodafone TV offers over 86 TV channels, as well as the option to add on “premium channels” such as Sky Cinema or BT Sport. The main package includes all the familiar channels such as RTE 1, RTE 2, BBC etc.

There is a current offer with Vodafone where you can get Vodafone TV for €25 per month for the first six months, and if you sign up for broadband you can try it out for free for the same period of time.

It’s a fibre-optic based TV service and installation is free. You will need the Vodafone TV box, unlike with online streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime video. However the addition of the box allows you to pause, record, rewind and store TV shows and watch Netflix.

There is also the Vodafone TV Anywhere app which is free for Vodafone TV customers to use and enable you to watch live TV while you are out and about.

Does Vodafone provide services for businesses?

Vodafone Ireland does provide services orientated towards businesses. Business customers can avail of the One Net Business package, Gigabit broadband, or individual business mobile tariffs.

The One Net Business package is a cloud-hosted communications package and comes with three levels; standard, professional and elite. It works to replace traditional call management systems and connect desk phones with mobiles, with everything hosted in the cloud of course.

The Gigabit broadband offers unlimited downloads at speeds of up to 1000Mbps across the board. There are then four plans to choose from, all priced at €25 for the first six months. As the plans increase in price, they can include unlimited national calls, unlimited mobile calls and unlimited international landline calls.

The Vodafone business mobile tariffs come in seven flavours, and all have serious amounts of mobile data included, starting from 10GB for the cheapest plan.

Vodafone Ireland Reviews

A contract with a magnifying glass over it

With 416 reviews for Vodafone Ireland on the Trustpilot.ie website, the company comes in with a score of 1.5/5. Unfortunately, almost 85% of the reviews were classified as “Bad” by Trustpilot. In general, the majority of Irish broadband and mobile service providers appear to receive negative reviews.

Customers who were not satisfied with Vodafone Ireland’s services spoke about customer service not being up to scratch and a lack of communication from the company regarding cancelling contracts, as well as issues with billing and broadband installation.

On the other hand, customers who were happy with their Vodafone experiences detailed great experiences with staff in Vodafone shops, easy painless signup procedures, fast broadband speeds and efficient technical support.

Work at Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone Ireland employs more than 10,000 employees across various sectors and holds a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating on Glassdoor Ireland.

Some negative points that employees mentioned were long working hours and targets that could be difficult to achieve, as well as a lot of internal politics and difficulties communicating with the different Vodafone entities.

However, many reviews were overwhelmingly positive and mentioned highlights to the working environment that included:

  • A focus on work-life balance
  • No overtime
  • A pleasant working environment
  • Benefits including an on-site gym, pension, phone, parking etc.
  • Subsidized canteen with healthy food

Vodafone careers

Vodafone has a dedicated careers section on its website which includes:

  • Testimonies from current employees
  • Information about Vodafone Business Digital Sales (located mainly in Dublin and Valencia)
  • Current vacancies
  • Vodafone’s graduate programme
  • Vodafone internships
  • Vodafone Future Jobs Finder
  • Vodafone’s ReConnect programme

Testimonies cover the experience of three Vodafone employees and the Business Digital Sales section focuses on current vacancies in those areas, providing further testimonies and many sales-specific positions.

The current vacancies page is displaying 18 jobs available in Ireland as of October 2018, however, you are also able to search international vacancies from the same page.

The Vodafone graduate programme lasts for 18 months and offers two-three rotations through different teams in either the commercial stream or the technology stream.

Graduates can apply to the programme in September, applications will be evaluated and interviews began in November, successful applicants will attend a Vodafone experience day in January of the following year, and the programme starts the September of the year after application.

Vodafone’s internships are aimed at current undergraduate students who are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year, and take place during the summer. Internships last from between 3-6 months, are in seven different departments, and are paid and may include perks such as free event tickets.

The Future Jobs Finder is a useful career tool for people who are interested in a career in the digital industry but aren’t sure which role matches their skillset. It covers roles as diverse as app developers, visual designers, game testers, and mobile architects.

Last but not least, the Vodafone ReConnect programme is aimed at getting experienced people who have been on a career break for up to ten years (minimum of one year’s break), back into the workforce.

The programme includes regular Vodafone positions that have extra support for the first six months, which can include flexible working conditions.

Contact Vodafone

If you need to contact Vodafone Ireland you can use the numbers below. Vodafone’s head office is located in Leopardstown, Dublin. For written queries, you can send a letter to Vodafone Ireland, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, Ireland.


Landline number

Mobile number

Vodafone mobile customer care

01 203 8232


Vodafone landline and broadband enquiries

1800 800 020

1800 800 020

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