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Virgin Media exploded on to the Irish mobile scene several years ago and now offer broadband, mobile handsets and sims, landline, and TV streaming, as well as several attractive packages and bundles.

But who is the company and is it worth switching to them for your telecom needs? Find out as we take an in-depth look at the company and what it can offer to customers in Ireland.

A short history of Virgin

Although many people associate the Virgin brand with Richard Branson and assume that he also owns Virgin Media, that is not in fact true. Richard Branson is the license holder of the Virgin brand but retains just a 2% share of Virgin Media.

Virgin Media has its beginnings in the UK when NTL and Telewest merged together in 2006 to form NTL: Telewest. In the same year, NTL: Telewest then purchased Virgin Mobile UK and signed a deal with Richard Branson to licence the Virgin brand for the business. The company then rebranded and launched as Virgin Media in 2007.

Since 2013, Virgin Media is part of the world’s largest TV and broadband company, Liberty Global plc. If you haven’t heard of Liberty Global that’s probably because it tends to offer its services under local brand names, but make no mistake, with over 22 million customers in Europe, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Virgin Media in Ireland

Today, Virgin Media is one of the largest landline service providers in Ireland. Liberty Global bought NTL Ireland in 2005, thereafter trading under the name UPC. In 2006 Chorus joined NTL to form Chorus NTL, later renamed Chorus i.e., and then UPC Ireland.

In 2015 UPC Ireland bought out the TV3 group for the princely sum of €80 million and rebranded soon after in October 2015 to Virgin Media Ireland.

Virgin Media’s market offering: is it any good?

As one of the market leaders in telecoms in Ireland, you would expect a complete offering from Virgin Media, and they don’t disappoint. The range of products you can buy or contract from Virgin Media includes:

  1. Broadband
  2. TV packages
  3. Mobile phone handsets
  4. Sim-only mobile plans
  5. Smart home products
  6. Bundles

There doesn’t seem to be any PAYG mobile offers, however, the 30-day contract option with Virgin Media Mobile should be a suitable substitute. The bundles on offer include broadband, a landline package and Virgin Media TV without mobile included, and you can also add on mobile sims among other products on offer.

Virgin Media broadband offers

Virgin Media has four broadband packages on offer, and to top it off the company was awarded an Ookla speed test award in 2018.

The four broadband packages range in price from €44 to €59 a month and from 250Mb to 500Mb broadband. Three of the packages are 12-month contracts while one is a flexible 30-day contract, useful if you’d like to try before you buy. 

The 12-month contracts include Smart Wifi, and for Virgin TV customers there is the added incentive of a free Virgin Media TV Anywhere Sports pass, plus a free Google Home Mini.

Virgin Media mobile offers

Many people may not be aware of the fact that Virgin Media was the first company to launch a virtual mobile network. The advantages of being with a mobile virtual network operator typically tend to be that it can offer you significantly lower prices as it doesn’t need to recoup any initial investment in infrastructure.

What is a virtual mobile network?A virtual mobile network is operated by a company without its own physical infrastructure. The company then provides services by “piggybacking” off the network, wires, fibre optic and bandwidth of other mobile service providers.

As with most mobile phone providers in Ireland, Virgin Media provide handsets and plans, sim-only plans, and handsets without plans.

Phones and plans

a blue smartphone

Unusually in this day and age, Virgin media will give you a phone for free with certain levels of their phone and plan contracts, including such big-ticket handsets as Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones. Not all handsets are free, some carry upfront fees, but you are certainly spoiled for choice.

Plans and handset bundles are available from €10 to €45 per month for the first five months of a 24-month contract, rising to between €30 to €65 thereafter.

Sim only plans

There are only two Virgin Media sim-only plans, which simplifies things considerably. You can either opt for a monthly plan for €15 per month or the Virgin Mobile Unlimited plan which costs €5 per month and €25 a month after the first five months. Both plans are 30-day contracts which can be cancelled at any time.

Mobile handsets

If you already have a mobile contract or PAYG plan and are happy with your current mobile services provider, you may still want to have a look at Virgin Media’s handsets on offer. All Virgin Media phones come unlocked

Depending on the price of the phone you may not have to pay any upfront cost, although newer high-end handsets such as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max come with a hefty €449 upfront payment. You can they pay off the remaining cost of the phone in 24 monthly instalments of between €5 - €40.

What is My Virgin Media?

My Virgin media is the name given to the online account login for Virgin Media Ireland. You will first need to register for an account online, or you can use the Social Sign-in option. With Social Sign-in you can use existing Facebook or Twitter accounts to both sign-up and log in.

The handy thing about a My Virgin Media account is that you can see all your accounts and payment information in one place.

Accounts are separated into two categories under your Virgin Media online login:

  1. TV, broadband and home phone.
  2. Mobile.

The reason being that the above categories are associated with two different account numbers. More on My Virgin Media with our My Virgin Media guide (coming soon!).

What is Virgin Media TV?

Virgin Media’s TV service is currently the largest digital cable TV provider in the Republic of Ireland. Virgin Media TV is fully interactive and allows customers to:

  1. Stream TV both at home and on-the-go via the Virgin Media set-top box.
  2. View live and on-demand programming.

There are currently two 12-month contracts on offer for Virgin Media TV:

  1. Mix TV (from 50 channels and up).
  2. Full House TV (from 100 channels and up).

There is also a 30-day contract for Freedom TV, which has 22 TV Channels and may suit those who are looking to try out Virgin Media TV before committing to a 12-month contract, or those living in short stay or temporary accommodation.

A 30-day contract could also suit students who typically only stay in accommodation during the university year and return home or travel during the summer period. We’ll go more into depth and what Virgin Media TV can offer you in our Virgin Media TV guide (coming soon!).

Does Virgin Media provide services for businesses?

Yes, in fact, there is a Virgin Media branch dedicated to only providing services to business, the aptly named Virgin Media Business. It offers packages for small businesses, medium businesses, enterprises, and the public sector, and promises to tailor solutions to businesses’ needs, rather than give a “hard sell”.

For Virgin Media Business purposes, small businesses are classed as less than 20 people, medium from 20 to 250, and enterprise is more than 250 employees.

Services which businesses can contract through Virgin Media Business include:

  1. Broadband and phone line
  2. Wifi
  3. Business mobile

Broadband and phone line

Virgin Media’s broadband and phone line packages start from €45 a month and have speeds of between 100Mb to 400Mb.


Virgin Media provide WiFi services that companies can then offer to their customers on-site, starting from €30 a month.

Business mobile

On offer from Virgin for business is a range of plans from unlimited international plans to shorter-term mobile contracts.

More on the nitty-gritty of all Virgin Media’s Business offerings in our Virgin Media Business guide (coming soon!).

Virgin Media Ireland reviews

A contract with a magnifying glass over it

Virgin Media Ireland have only a small sample of 99 reviews on, and come in at 1.3 out of 5 stars. Of the reviews, 88% were judged “Bad” by Trustpilot. In fact, the majority of reviews for Irish broadband and mobile providers seem to be poor across the board.

Negative points related to Virgin Media which customers mentioned included billing issues, low quality customer service, a lack of response to emails, and slow broadband speeds.

Satisfied Virgin Media customers cited excellent customer service in Virgin Media stores, quick and easy broadband installation, and good value for bundles such as the Horizon Max, especially when compared to other providers’ offers.

Work at Virgin Media Ireland

If you are interested in working with Virgin Media Ireland you might also be interested to know that they have a 3.2 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor, and a 3.7 out of 5 rating on

Employees who were dissatisfied with working at Virgin Media mentioned some of the possible cons as:

  • Low wages and commission.
  • A poor relationship working with Virgin Media UK representatives.
  • A large turnaround of employees, particularly in sales.

On the other hand, many employees were happy to work there and cited some of the positive points of the job as being:

  • An inclusive environment.
  • Good management.
  • A strong benefits package.
  • A positive and social work culture, with an active social club.
  • Extra benefits such as discounts on broadband and mobile services.

If you feel that a career with Virgin Media might be for you, read on to the next section.

Virgin Media careers

There is a dedicated careers section on the Virgin Media Irish website, which details some of the benefits of working for Virgin Media, such as an informal dress policy and working environment, which redirects to the Liberty Global employment website.

Some examples of jobs on offer (in November 2019) include 13 jobs of which just one was temporary, in Ballymount, Eastpoint, Goldenbridge and Limerick. Categories Virgin Media were hiring for in Ireland included Customer service agents, analysts, researchers, IT support technicians, project managers and engineers.

Contact Virgin Media

Contacting Virgin Media appears to be a relatively straightforward task, with a variety of Virgin Media contact options available. You can check out the options below to make sure you don’t waste time being transferred between departments and can simply get put through to the correct person on the first try, or alternatively:

  • Use Virgin Media’s online chat option.
  • Contact Virgin Media Ireland through any of its social media channels.

Particularly if you are at work or in another situation where you can’t easily make a call, and would like a faster response than via email, social media channels can net you a result quickly as they are usually staffed by different employees to the customer service telephone channels. 

For example, Virgin Media’s Facebook messenger channel is labelled as very responsive and will typically respond instantly.

Virgin Media Facebook     Virgin Media Twitter     Virgin Media Youtube     Virgin Media Instagram

General queries via Whatsapp


Existing Customers

01 2458000 (landline) or 1908 (mobile)

New customers and enquiries

1890 940 070

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Complaint contact form

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