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Panda (also known as Panda Green or Panda Greenstar) is an Irish waste management company. Panda belongs to the Panda group, which is also the parent company of the energy provider Panda Power. The Panda group has been operating in Ireland under various guises, for close to 30 years.

The difference between Panda and other waste companies, is that Panda waste management is committed to recycling for both households and businesses. If that’s not enough, they also provide skip rental services where they recycle 100% of the waste in the skip. Panda is well viewed in the Irish community, as its tagline indicates, it’s “an animal for recycling” and often collaborates with local companies on other green initiatives.

Greenstar, another well-known waste-recycling company, also falls under the Panda group umbrella. Panda don't see environmental waste management as an add-on to their operations but as an integral part of everything they do.. For example, in May 2019, Panda offered to recycle all election posters free of charge, a welcome measure against the unpopular posters and their impact upon the local environment.

Customers who are already with Panda for waste management can get €40 a year off their bin bills if they switch to Panda Power for gas and electricity. If you're not already a Panda Power customer, check out our Panda Power Reviews page to see if you should switch.

MyPanda and the Panda app

A screenshot of the Android app for Panda waste

Panda Waste have an app available on both Android and the Apple store. Reviews for the app are relatively high in comparison with ratings for other service provider apps, at 4 out of 5 stars for Android and 3.7 out of 5 for Apple. The app provides the same services as MyPanda (which is the online login system accessed from the Panda website), including:

  • Reminders the night before bin collection day
  • The ability to pay invoices
  • Account management
  • Bin weight history

It also goes without saying that using paperless billing via the app or My Panda (the online version) is more environmentally friendly and very much in keeping with the Panda ethos. Users of the app were particularly enamoured of the bin reminder service. Some unhappy users cited that payments would appear on the online login section of Panda’s website before they would appear on the app.

Waste calendar

To find out your waste collection calendar, simply log in to MyPanda and check your collection dates. As above, Panda Waste will send you reminder messages the night before pickup, but it never hurts to plan ahead, particularly if you are going to be away.

Panda bins: What can I put in them?

A blue compost bin full of fruit and vegetable waste

It is extremely important to separate your refuse properly. Putting the wrong item in the wrong bin not only causes extra work when it comes to separating and sorting everything, but it can also contaminate items which have been correctly recycled (e.g. damp rotten vegetables in a cardboard and paper bin). You can also be fined between €10-25 for putting the wrong type of waste in the wrong bin.

However we’re well aware of the fact that recycling can get confusing once it gets beyond simple glass/paper/organic bins, so have a look at the information below to help make panda waste collection easier for everyone. Do remember that items for recycling such as plastic containers and tin cans, should be clean and dry. If the item you are looking to throw away is not on the list below, then it doesn’t go in your Panda waste bins.

  • Black bins (household waste):
  • Aluminium
  • Animal waste
  • Ashes
  • General refuse
  • Hoover dust/contents
  • Nappies
  • Netting (from onions/tomatoes/oranges etc.)
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic food wrapping
  • Brown bins (composting):
  • Food (cooked and raw, kitchen scraps, out of date food without packaging etc.)
  • Tea bags and tea leaves
  • Bones (from meat, poultry etc.)
  • Glass clippings, plant trimmings, leaves, cut flowers, old plants
  • Green bins (dry recycling):
  • Plastic containers (drink bottles, cleaning bottles, tubs from butter yoghurt and salad, fruit and vegetable trays, milk cartons, soap or shampoo bottles)
  • Tins and cans (from soup, pet food, drinks, canned food, etc.)
  • Letters, brochures, cardboard, egg boxes


Two hands cupping the a globe of the world

Panda has some interesting partnerships which enable it to provide a wider range of services to its customers, beyond energy and waste management.

McBreen Environmental

Panda has a partnership with McBreen Environmental, through which it can organize drain cleaning and unblocking. McBreen Environmental’s head office is located in Cavan but its services are available nationwide. The company has some pretty solid reviews on Google, with 4.3 out of 5 stars and the majority of customers hand out 5 star reviews for speed and excellent customer service.

A1 Skips

If you live in Leinster, you can arrange for a skip through Panda’s sister company A1 Skips. If you’re wondering what the advantages are of using A1 Skips instead of a different company, in keeping with Panda’s green mentality, none of the rubbish in the skip will be sent to a landfill. Instead, it will all be recycled or reused.

Panda Energia agreement

In March 2019 Panda and Energia signed an agreement whereby from June 2019 Panda will provide Energia with a massive 70,000 tonnes of organic waste per year. This waste will then be used at Energia’s new bioenergy plant in Huntstown, Dublin.

Waste charges controversy

Two green bills and some coins

Despite being well viewed in Ireland, Panda also has some skeletons in the closet. They became the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons in 2018 when they introduced waste charges. This was in response to issues generated by the Chinese government banning the import of recycled waste, and the government’s new policy of pay-by-weight pricing. Opponents of the new charges pointed out that introducing recycling charges could cause an increase in illegal dumping.

At the very least, consumers can be reassured by the fact that Panda committed to a five-year freeze on the recycling fees in 2018, and as such 2019 costs remain at 80cent per lift of recycling bin and 4.5cent per kilo of recycled waste, and will do until 2022.


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