€200 Electricity Payment to Fight Rising Energy Prices

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On 8 February 2022, the Government announced a series of grant schemes to help the population fight the rising cost of electricity prices. We take an in-depth look at one of these incentives, the one-off €200 electricity payment, below.

What is the one-off €200 electricity payment?

Bill showing rising price of electricity

In December of 2021, Cabinet approved a €210 million Scheme to help all households protect themselves against the rising cost of electricity.

Given the continuous rise of prices since then, the government announced in February 2022 that the amount has doubled to €200 per household.

Here are some details of the Scheme:

  • It provides a one-off €200 payment towards every household's electricity bill.
  • It’s for domestic electricity connections only.
  • This affects approximately 2.1 million homes in Ireland.
  • The scheme is called the ‘Electricity Costs Emergency Benefit Scheme’.
  • The scheme will be managed by Ireland’s National distributor, ESB Networks.
  • ESB Networks will make the payment to the separate energy providers.
  • These providers will in turn apply the credit to each of their customers.
  • The CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) will oversee the roll-out of the scheme.
  • The scheme applies to Pay-as-you-go accounts as well.
  • The programme does not apply to gas meters or gas accounts

When you consider the annual average electricity bill in Ireland sits at €1,196, this is a generous 17% discount for the year from the government.

Keep in mind this is a one-time offer for 2022 given the rising cost of electricity.

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Why did the government take this decision?

The continuous rise in the cost of living due to the rising electricity prices forced the government's hand to intervene and help its citizens.

As just about every dwelling is connected to the grid, this was the quickest and easiest way for everyone to receive some assistance easily and quickly.

Who is eligible for the one-off €200 electricity payment?

Every domestic household will receive a one-off payment of €200 for their electricity bill. This means if your dwelling is classified as farm energy or a business, you will not be receiving any assistance through this emergency initiative.

To add insult to injury for farmers, city dwellers with multiple homes may receive the credit more than once. They will be able to get the credit for every household they own or pay the electricity for.

How do I apply for the Scheme?

You do not need to apply for this scheme. It is to be automatically credited to your account via your electricity provider.

As ESB Networks manage the distribution of electricity to every home, farm, and business in the country. They will be in charge of ensuring that every domestic household receives the credit.

When will I receive the 200 euro payment?

To date, the government has only announced that the credit will be made in early 2022. No other details have been released about when this credit will be available.

It remains to be seen if ‘early 2022’ means sometime in the winter, spring, or summer months!

I want to switch providers. Should I wait?

No! Now more than ever there is a large discrepancy in pricing between energy providers. Currently, the difference between the most expensive electricity provider (Glowpower) and the least expensive (Flogas) is €1,880 a year!

Taking the time to see whether you are paying towards the lower or higher end of the spectrum is more than worth your while.

If you have never changed electricity or gas providers before, you can learn everything about switching in our complete guide.

You can also make it easy for yourself and call one of our energy experts for free to see how your current electricity tariff compares to the market.

Did you know? The CRU runs the ‘Switch-On’ campaign to encourage consumers to change providers every 12 months. The agency estimates doing so saves you €300 on your yearly energy costs.

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